Impaled Nazarene / Beherit ‎– Impaled Nazarene / Beherit

Vinyl, LP, Limited Edition, Unofficial Release, White Label, Red


A1 Impaled Nazarene Intro: Salve Satanas
A2 Impaled Nazarene Condemned To Hell
A3 Impaled Nazarene The Crucified
A4 Impaled Nazarene The Black Vomit
A5 Impaled Nazarene Morbid Fate
A6 Impaled Nazarene In The Name Of Satan
A7 Impaled Nazarene Crucifixation
A8 Impaled Nazarene Damnation (Raping The Angels)
B1 Beherit Grave Desecration
B2 Beherit Six Days With Sadistic Slayer
B3 Beherit Fallen Souls
B4 Beherit Sodomatic Rites
B5 Beherit Nocturnal Evil
B6 Beherit The Oath Of Black Blood
B7 Beherit Satanas


This is yet another bootleg containing the "Day of Darkness Festifall" live in Oulo, Finland, August 23rd, 1991. Limited to 200 copies on red transparent vinyl. Weird thing is that even though the Impaled Nazarene logo and track-listing are printed on the sleeve, on the oposite side, the Baherit logo is actualy a transparent sticker with black printing, and only the track-listing is printed on the sleeve itself! The labels on the vinyl are plain white. Tracks A4 and B7 are Sarcófago covers and track A7 a Deicide cover.