Richard Harris ‎– I, In The Membership Of My Days

ABC Records ‎– DSD-50159
Vinyl, LP


A1 Prelude 0:48
A2 I Am The Sea 3:47
A3 The Old House 0:41
A4 I, In The Membership Of My Days 4:23
A5 The Old House 2:00
A6 When The Fish Are Fished 0:15
A7 The Old House (Instrumental) 2:00
A8 My Sister Had A Dog 0:29
A9 I, In The Membership Of My Days 0:56
A10 I Ran Away 0:38
A11 The Old House 0:25
A12 Our Green House 2:41
A13 The Old House 1:20
A14 Limerick 245 0:53
A15 I, In The Membership Of My Days 0:42
A16 My Blood Reflects 0:51
A17 Spirit Of You 4:07
B1 Sundays Well 5:00
B2 The Old House 0:25
B3 On The One Day Dead Face Of My Father 2:22
B4 The Old House 1:20
B5 Before The Hired Spade 4:53
B6 The Old House 0:25
B7 I Saw Into The Grave Grave 4:42
B8 Requiem 1:18
B9 Time In My Bondfire 3:53
B10 My Young Brother 3:53
B11 The Old House 0:41
B12 I Don't Know 3:08



Recorded at Chappel Studios, London
Mixed at A&R Studios, New York, N.Y.

All poetry selections taken from the volume of poetry, "I, In The Membership Of My Days" by Richard Harris, published by Random House