Various ‎– Voices Of The Angels (Spoken Words)

Freeway Records ‎– FRWY 2-26
2 × Vinyl, LP, Album


A1 Charles Bukowski Jam 1:04
A2 Miles Ciletti Five Block Walk 2:05
A3 Garth Evans (2), Lisa Bloom (2) Brentwood Fever 1:24
A4 Dennis Cooper Hello In There 2:08
A5 Velvert Turner L.A. 0:26
A6 Cotton (7) Interview With The Outerview Of Whose View 0:54
A7 Bobby Issacson Scene Two Take Four Granted 0:20
A8 Pleasant Gehman Hard To Have 2:22
A9 Cole Ynda Manslaughter 0:24
A10 Dennis Duck Jody F. 29 1:30
A11 Danielle Sybil The Smog Pocket 0:15
A12 Dennis Dragon 25 Years At The Same Spot 2:40
A13 Drew Steele Progress 0:46
A14 The Miller Bros. Dog Shit Bay 0:39
A15 Scott Goddard Gay Boy 2:17
A16 Madeline Ridley The Valley Doesn't Exist Anymore 1:13
A17 Ivan E. Roth Mission Control Calling 1:42
A18 Russ Parr Big Black Car 0:24
A19 Dan Phillips (7), David Scott (17) Twisting & Kissing 0:48
A20 Walter E. Hurst Legal Rap 1:30
A21 Smith (30) Untitled 0:04
A22 Wanda Coleman Where I Live 3:59
B1 The Marina Swingers Casualfornia 1:50
B2 Louie Lista Albino Watermelon 3:39
B3 Dave Alvin Jayne Mansfield 0:26
B4 Tequila Mockingbird Mac Arthur Park / Punk View 0:14
B5 Walter Lacey Meatrack Man 2:40
B6 Tuff Muffin Beach Rebuttal 3:39
B7 Little Girls Untitled 0:05
B8 Monica, Harvey, Cecilia Demo Tape Hustle A.k.a. Total Blue Book D.b.a. Corned Beef On White, Mayo On The Side, Large Milk 0:16
B9 Smith Here Untitled 0:04
B10 Bruce Gary West San Fernando Valley Kid 0:52
B11 Lanny Waggoner Pico And Figueroa 0:15
B12 Toulouse Engelhardt, Jeff Brough Counter-Attack Action By Space Specialists/Oceania 2:14
B13 Kari Krome Love Butchers 4:00
B14 Sally And The Surf Tones Jump Into A Sea Of Blondes 0:14
B15 Gary Stewart (3) Mar Vista Man Speaks 0:10
B16 Eugene Daniel Talisman 0:58
B17 Leah Komaiko Watching Jeff Surf At The Beach 3:00
B18 Charles Dukowski* SWA Manifesto (A Work In Progress) 1:26
B19 Stella (47) Stray Pop With The Surf Punks, June 4, 1980 1:14
B20 Robert "Frizz" Fuller* Hills Of Covina 0:41
B21 Ned Wreck Featuring Elmer Conovitch Bad In Bed 0:46
B22 Tubesteak Of Malibu Pier Of Observation 1:22
C1 Danny Sugerman Night Games 2:40
C2 Barbara Linkevitch Devil Moon 1:07
C3 Jerry Dreva L.A. Art Scene 1:33
C4 Jane Bond And The Undercover Men* Rodney On The Roq 0:16
C5 Diana Waggoner Calle De Los Virgines 0:56
C6 Richard Meltzer Wednesday Is A Day For Baldies 3:47
C7 Jody Taylor Worth Of Blow Up* We're So Cool (Excerpt) 0:24
C8 Bobby Abrams Sunshine Woman 1:26
C9 Thank You (2) Untitled 0:04
C10 Reese, Nova, Senac N.E.L.A. 0:26
C11 Rosemary Renee Patronette*, Margaret Rochlin* Bus Stop Van Nuys Blvd. 2:19
C12 Chris D. Absinth History 1:24
C13 Marina Del Rey (3) Mud 1:17
C14 Gustave Ridley On Rodeo Drive 0:45
C15 Harriet Rochlin In The English Dept. 0:46
C16 Mary Lou Ynda Performance Art 1:21
C17 Harvey Kubernik*, Doug Moody Block Booking Studio Time On A Superman Level/No Car Rock 0:33
C18 Cheryl Smith Sure 0:54
C19 Blake Xolton Tantric Boogie 1:38
C20 Dave Alvin National City 1:34
C21 Phast Phreddie Zombies In Chinatown 4:32
D1 Geza X Another Grand Illusion Shot To Hell 4:49
D2 Bill Noland Kalimba 3:12
D3 Smith (30) Untitled 0:04
D4 Paul Body Pink And Black 0:50
D5 Joanna Spock Dean No Middle Initial 1:03
D6 Dr. Frank Stranges* Excerpt From Phenomenon 7.7 1:27
D7 BPeople Making Petrified Conditions Dance 2:05
D8 Ed Smith (2) Off Hollywood Blvd. 1978/Fantasy World 1:37
D9 Gerardo Velázquez, Bill Cline, Edward Stapleton Aztec Dilema, Embryo & Placenta, Quick View Of A Chemo-Bicameral Subruban Urchin, Falsetto Boy, Abduction 2:57
D10 Scott Goddard Playing Electronic Games In Pacoima With Heavy Pinball Damage 0:09
D11 Wanda Coleman Angel Baby 1:51
D12 Shredder (3) A Portion Of THe Flipside Magazine Editorial #29 0:13
D13 Patrick Joseph Di Puccio* The Forgotten Land 2:35
D14 Jill Amanda Martin 90024 0:45
D15 Harvey Robert Kubernik Queen Of Angels Product 0:56
D16 Kim Vincent Fowley* Hollywood Trash 5:15



This version in clear PVC sleeve with foldover cover inner.