Venetian Snares Vs. Stunt Rock ‎– Fuck Canada // Fuck America



Venetian Snares A Penis Is Just A Great Big Clitoris With A Piss Hole 2:55
Venetian Snares Bashing His Head 3:21
Venetian Snares Blister 4:00
Venetian Snares Let The Dog Out 2:00
Venetian Snares Gay 2:51
Venetian Snares New Panties 3:13
Venetian Snares I'm A Fucking Idiot 3:00
Venetian Snares Made Of Mark 3:21
Stunt Rock If Jesus Died For My Sins, Why Am I Filled W/Regret And Shame 4:01
Stunt Rock Girls Don't Like Me
Stunt Rock That Last Song Blew 2:31
Stunt Rock Fucking Child 4:02
Stunt Rock Production Delays 2:13
Stunt Rock My Age 16 Girlfriend 2:01
Stunt Rock Catchers Mit Pussy 4:02
Stunt Rock Eff This Noise 1:49


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May 16, 2011
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I like this cdr