Pendulum (3)

Pendulum (3)

Electronic (drum and bass) band originally from Perth, Australia, now based in the UK since 2003.

Pendulum (3) Discography


BBK002LP Pendulum (3) Hold Your Colour (Album) Breakbeat Kaos, Breakbeat Kaos BBK002LP UK 2005 Sell This Version
2564695661, 2464695661 Pendulum (3) In Silico (Album) Warner Bros. Records, Ear Storm, Breakbeat Kaos 2564695661, 2464695661 UK 2008 Sell This Version
none Pendulum (3) Live At Brixton Academy Warner Bros. Records, Breakbeat Kaos, Ear Storm none UK 2009 Sell This Version
5051865948827 Pendulum (3) Immersion (Album) Warner Bros. Records, Ear Storm 5051865948827 Europe 2010 Sell This Version

Singles & EPs

LPO009 Pendulum (3) Spiral / Ulterior Motive Uprising Records LPO009 New Zealand 2003 Sell This Version
BBK 003 Pendulum (3) Another Planet / Voyager (Single) Breakbeat Kaos BBK 003 UK 2004 Sell This Version
TYME 027 Pendulum (3) Back 2 You / Still Grey Timeless Recordings TYME 027 UK 2004 Sell This Version
BBK 009SCD Pendulum (3), The Freestylers* & Fresh Pendulum (3), The Freestylers* & Fresh - Tarantula//Fasten Your Seatbelt (Single) Breakbeat Kaos BBK 009SCD UK 2005 Sell This Version
BBK011, BBK 011 Pendulum (3) Slam / Out Here (Single, Maxi) Breakbeat Kaos, Breakbeat Kaos BBK011, BBK 011 UK 2005 Sell This Version
BBK008 DJ Baron* Feat. Pendulum (3) DJ Baron* Feat. Pendulum (3) - Guns At Dawn(12") Breakbeat Kaos BBK008 UK 2005 Sell This Version
none Freestylers Feat. Pendulum (3) & Sirreal* Freestylers Feat. Pendulum (3) & Sirreal* - Painkiller (Single, Maxi) Against The Grain none UK 2006 Sell This Version
RHLTD03 Pendulum (3) & Bulletproof Pendulum (3) & Bulletproof - Hardware Limited 03 (Single) Renegade Hardware RHLTD03 UK 2006 Sell This Version
BBK016 Pendulum (3) Hold Your Colour (Bipolar Vocal Mix) (Single) Breakbeat Kaos BBK016 UK 2006 Sell This Version
BBK020 Pendulum (3) Blood Sugar (Single) Breakbeat Kaos BBK020 UK 2007 Sell This Version
none Pendulum (3) Granite (Single) Ear Storm none Europe 2007 Sell This Version
WEA454 Pendulum (3) Showdown (Single) Warner Music WEA454 UK 2007 Sell This Version
none Pendulum (3) Propane Nightmares (Single) Ear Storm none Denmark 2008 Sell This Version
2564695318 Pendulum (3) In Silico EP (EP) Warner Bros. Records, Ear Storm 2564695318 UK 2008 Sell This Version
PRO17154 Pendulum (3) The Other Side (Single) Ear Storm PRO17154 Europe 2008 Sell This Version
PRO17173 Pendulum (3) The Tempest(CD, Mini, Promo) Warner Bros. Records PRO17173 UK 2008 Sell This Version
none Pendulum (3) iTunes Live: London Festival '08(6xFile, EP, AAC) Warner Bros. Records none US 2008
BBK 039 Pendulum (3) Witchcraft (Single) Warner Bros. Records, Ear Storm BBK 039 UK 2010 Sell This Version
WEA470T2 Pendulum (3) Watercolour (Single) Warner Bros. Records, Ear Storm WEA470T2 UK 2010 Sell This Version
none Pendulum (3) The Island (Single) Ear Storm, Warner Bros. Records, Ear Storm, Warner Bros. Records none UK 2010 Sell This Version
none Pendulum (3) Immunize(CD, Mini, Promo) Warner Bros. Records none UK 2010 Sell This Version

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September 20, 2015
Biggest trash in history - music for junkyards.


April 6, 2015
Pendulum is (or was) one of the biggest live acts that the world of electronic music has seen. Though their base was Drum & Bass and Jungle, their music evolves a lot in the years that they were releasing music. Including influences from Electronic Rock to Dubstep and from Death Metal to House, they were the live vision of musical evolution though their style was always unique. Their 3 albums are excelents though I would say that the best is Hold Your Colours just because it's (of the three) the one who has the most Drum & Bass feeling in it. In their second álbum, In Silico, we can find that Pendulum mixed DnB and Rock and 'Immersion' is their operture to other genres of electronic music. Seems like Rob (the head of the project) was bored of it and he wanted to do other things (Knife Party), the lives of Pendulum were so expensive for the whole team, they didn't make money of it and their live of Glastonbury in 2011 (they played before Beyonce for a crowd of kids) killed definitely Pendulum.

In the space of time between 2011-13 I wouldn't say anything about their comeback because I enjoyed KP. But seriously, now they need to come back. Rob said that the edm is dead and that he wants to produce dnb again. A new album of Pendulum for 2014-15 was announced, but then he started doing shitty progressive house. WTF. With KP, Rob & Gaz have few songs in three years when with Pendulum they doubled the number of tracks in the same period of time, and with Pend. the quality was far superior though the early releases of KP are good. Pendulum needs to come back again, I don't care if it's in 2016 or 2018 but it needs to return. They need to say goodbye to the edm shit and return to the true music.


November 19, 2014
very very exellent i love your style


December 2, 2012
This is the group that got me into Electronic Music, they mean so much to me, but I find it very sad that they are giving up and even worse... they started Knife Party.


January 4, 2009
edited over 5 years ago
Having read the two reviews previously posted on here, maybe it's by sheer coincidence that the positive review is based on the "older Pendulum sound," and the less-than-cordial review of last year may be based on the "newer Pendulum sound." Pendulum is not really drum and bass anymore (or at least by most accounts of present), there's nothing really established to call them, as they do really have their own sound now.. love it or hate it. Some say it's good, some say it's complete toss. I personally like some of it, but wouldn't really include much of the newer stuff in a drum and bass set/mix. I would include some. That being said, Pendulum has done a lot for the drum and bass scene in a relatively short period of time, and for that, they have a fan in me, even if they have moved on from the scene they seemed so well to fit in... that's the part that's a shame for me, not that Pendulum changed/progressed their sound, but their refusal to take steps back sometimes. The dubplate Ransom (and maybe even their new album) has promise, but already the haters have assessed that it will just be a re-hash of In Silico. We shall see, won't we?


July 11, 2008
I have to say, i do not think there has been any progression within the drum & bass scene for many years, and although Pendulum certainly sound "different" from most of the other dross out there, it has to be the WORST music i have ever had the misfortune of hearing. I'm so sorry to sound so negative, but this stuff makes me want to cry into my corn flakes. each to their own though i suppose...


March 17, 2004
Yeah man... itz ALL about the Pendulum. They have a very defined sound which is heavy-as with awesome touchings of synth. First tune I heard was "Vault", which, without a doubt is a Serious dancefloor anthem. Then came "Another Planet" and my god... when not in a club mashing' the floor away to this one, get yourself a gamecube, a copy of "Ikaruga", and play that game along to this tune... its like they were made for each other. Back to you, Still Grey and Spiral are all awesome too. I've loved dn'b for yonks but rarely do I go out and buy all of someones records at once... Love it guys, keep it up!!

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