Nevada (3)

Nevada (3)

Real Name:
Giordano Trivellato, Giuliano Sacchetto, FX (3), JQ Jay, Giovanna Bersola
Italian Eurodance act, mainly produced by Giordano Trivellato and Giuliano Sacchetto. They were later joined by Alex Baraldi.
The first single of Nevada was "Take Me To Heaven", released in june 1994 in Italy and later the same year in Germany. Giovanna Bersola and rapper FX (3) were on vocals.
Further singles "Make My Day" (featuring JQ Jay), "Don't U Bring Me Love" (1995) and "Feels Like Heaven" (1996) got lost in the saturated market of Eurodance.
The very last single of Nevada tried to surf on the Robert Miles wave with "I Dream Of You" in 1997. Ricky Romanini and Stefano Marcato were on the production team. But it didn't help and the project ended.

Nevada (3) Discography

Singles & EPs

POSP 229 Nevada (3) You Know I Like IT (7") Polydor POSP 229 UK 1981 Sell This Version
CON-089-MX Nevada (3) Take Me To Heaven (Maxi) X-Plode (2), Bellaphon CON-089-MX Spain 1994 Sell This Version
ISP 1270 Nevada (3) Make My Day (Maxi) Italian Style Production ISP 1270 Italy 1994 Sell This Version
ISP 1307 Nevada (3) Don't U Bring Me Love (Maxi) Italian Style Production ISP 1307 Italy 1995 Sell This Version
ISP 1329 Nevada (3) Feels Like Heaven Italian Style Production ISP 1329 Italy 1996 Sell This Version
ISP 1362 Nevada (3) I Dream Of You Italian Style Production ISP 1362 Italy 1997 Sell This Version

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