The Chemical Brothers

The Chemical Brothers

Tom & Ed met in history class at Manchester University in 1988. They started off as DJs known as "The 237 Turbo Nutters" (named after the number of their house on Dickenson Road in Manchester and a reference to their Blackburn raving days). They then opted for "The Dust Brothers" which they nicked from the L.A. producers of "Pauls Boutique" (as they thought they would never be famous). In 1995 they changed their name to "The Chemical Brothers" after the real Dust Brothers threatened to sue.

The Chemical Brothers Discography


XDUSTMC1, 7243 8 40540 4 5 The Chemical Brothers Exit Planet Dust (Album) Junior Boy's Own, Freestyle Dust, Virgin XDUSTMC1, 7243 8 40540 4 5 UK 1995 Sell This Version
CHEM1 The Chemical Brothers Dig Your Own Hole (Album) Freestyle Dust, Virgin CHEM1 Spain 1997 Sell This Version
7243 8 47610 1 1, XDUSTLP4 The Chemical Brothers Surrender (Album) Freestyle Dust, Virgin 7243 8 47610 1 1, XDUSTLP4 UK & Europe 1999 Sell This Version
8476102, XDUSTCD4 The Chemical Brothers Surrender(CD, Album) Virgin, Freestyle Dust 8476102, XDUSTCD4 Australia 1999 Sell This Version
XDUSTLDJ5 The Chemical Brothers Come With Us (Album) Freestyle Dust, Virgin XDUSTLDJ5 UK 2001 Sell This Version
none The Chemical Brothers Push The Button (Album) Freestyle Dust, Virgin, EMI none US 2004 Sell This Version
ASW 94158, 094639415823, D 171722 The Chemical Brothers We Are The Night (Album) Freestyle Dust, Virgin ASW 94158, 094639415823, D 171722 US 2007 Sell This Version
none Chemical Brothers* / Tracey Thorn Chemical Brothers* / Tracey Thorn - Do It Again / Raise The Roof(CDr, Promo) Virgin, Freestyle Dust none Sweden 2007 Sell This Version
6325302, 50999 6325302 3 The Chemical Brothers Further (Album) Parlophone, Freestyle Dust 6325302, 50999 6325302 3 South America 2010 Sell This Version
88697 96010 2 The Chemical Brothers Hanna (Original Motion Picture Soundtrack) (Album) Sony Classical 88697 96010 2 Russia 2011 Sell This Version
none The Chemical Brothers Don't Think (Album) Parlophone, Parlophone none US 2011 Sell This Version
none The Chemical Brothers Born In The Echoes (Album) Virgin EMI Records none Europe 2015 Sell This Version

Singles & EPs

CHEMSD1, 7243 8 92936 2 3 The Chemical Brothers Leave Home (Single, Maxi) Freestyle Dust, Virgin CHEMSD1, 7243 8 92936 2 3 Europe 1995 Sell This Version
WAP62, WAP 62 The Sabres Of Paradise Versus The Chemical Brothers & Depth Charge The Sabres Of Paradise Versus The Chemical Brothers & Depth Charge - Tow Truck Warp Records, Warp Records WAP62, WAP 62 UK 1995 Sell This Version
CHEMSTDJ3 The Chemical Brothers Loops Of Fury (EP) Freestyle Dust, Freestyle Dust, Junior Boy's Own, Virgin CHEMSTDJ3 UK 1995 Sell This Version
VJCP-15018 The Chemical Brothers Setting Sun (Single, EP) Freestyle Dust, Virgin VJCP-15018 Japan 1996 Sell This Version
XDUSTLPDJ 2 The Chemical Brothers Electronic Battle Weapon 1 / 2(12") Freestyle Dust XDUSTLPDJ 2 UK 1996 Sell This Version
CHEMST7, 7243 8 94734 6 9 The Chemical Brothers The Private Psychedelic Reel (EP, Single) Freestyle Dust, Virgin CHEMST7, 7243 8 94734 6 9 UK & Europe 1997 Sell This Version
CHEMSLH 5, 7243 8 94179 7 5 The Chemical Brothers Block Rockin' Beats (Single, Maxi) Freestyle Dust, Virgin CHEMSLH 5, 7243 8 94179 7 5 UK 1997 Sell This Version
ASW 6204 Chemical Brothers* Elektrobank (Single, Maxi) Freestyle Dust, Virgin ASW 6204 US 1997 Sell This Version
BEGINDJ 97 The Chemical Brothers Where Do I Begin(CD, Single, Promo) Freestyle Dust, Virgin BEGINDJ 97 UK 1997 Sell This Version
XDUSTLPDJ 3 The Chemical Brothers Electronic Battle Weapon 3 / 4(12") Freestyle Dust XDUSTLPDJ 3 UK 1998 Sell This Version
CHEMSD9, 7243 8 95999 2 3 The Chemical Brothers Let Forever Be (Single, Maxi) Freestyle Dust, Virgin CHEMSD9, 7243 8 95999 2 3 Australia 1999 Sell This Version
CHEMSDE10, 7243 8 96281 2 8 The Chemical Brothers Out Of Control (Single, Maxi) Freestyle Dust, Virgin CHEMSDE10, 7243 8 96281 2 8 Europe 1999 Sell This Version
7243 8 96549 2 9, 8 96549 2 9 The Chemical Brothers Asleep From Day / Music:Response (Single) Virgin, Freestyle Dust, Virgin, Freestyle Dust 7243 8 96549 2 9, 8 96549 2 9 France 1999 Sell This Version

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September 26, 2013
edited about 1 year ago
Hannah is their best work. That is all, I'm a hudge fan but Hannah is in a different league to all their other stuff. Modular heaven.


December 17, 2010
edited over 4 years ago
There is no reason to not like these guys. Disagree? Read on:

These guys have traversed so many sonic styles and landscapes, there's something for everyone. They invented the amazing genre big beat with the psychedelic, ground breaking Exit Planet Dust. They came back and perfected it with the dark, powerful Dig Your Own Hole. In terms of big beat, no one can top DYOH, not even the Chems. So when Surrender came along, (personally my favorite album) it threw the genre door wide open for the Brothers, setting them free to explore any music they wanted to. Over that threshold went Tom and Ed.

The first album sent back through that gate was Come With Us. It was an experimental bird, with music of every color, shape, texture. Push The Button was in the same vein, although more commercial, exploring many styles they never touched on before, often aided by collaborations, while still managing to stay true to their roots. I don't exactly prefer either of these albums Chems-wise, but they do have some extremely great high points. After those two hiccups - small as they were - came We Are The Night, a top notch, well polished, and very detailed dance album - that has to be their most underrated work yet. "Overproduced house music". Bah!

The culmination of these exploritative exploits came in the form of Further, their latest album released about six months ago. It's a lot more raw and unrefined than their most recent releases. But it's true Chemical Brothers. They went without any collaborations this time around - Tom actually sings on the tracks that have vocals (except Snow, where Stephanie Dosen provided her ethereal voice) - and it paid off. For the first time ever, we're hearing something once only found in their live sets: pure chemicals, nothing else. It's quite awesome.

Now that they've almost done everything (except maybe a polka album), what's the next step? It looks like a movie soundtrack, as The Chemical Brothers have finished recording the score to 2011 movie Hanna. I'm really anticipating this, director Joe Wright says it's "there's lots of bass, it's very loud." Don't know about you, but that sure gets me excited. This is something totally different for The Chems, which shows that they're just as excited about making music and that they're not going to stop innovating any time soon.

The trouble is that some people have difficulty accepting innovation. I can't believe how many comments, posts, reviews I've read saying "This is crap! Where did the block rocking beats go? I want another Dig Your Own Hole!". It's not going to happen. Sadly, Big Beat is dead, it's been gone for a decade now and I doubt it'll make a comeback anytime soon, as much as I'd love it to. But even if it was still going strong, I doubt the Chems would still be making it today. Their sound evolves, like all good artists do. They're explorers and pioneers and they write their own rules. So if you want more big beats, please don't call their new stuff 'crap'. You should go back and listen to some of the singles, b-sides, and better yet remixes from that era - they won't disappoint.

Tom and Ed have been recording whatever the hell they wanted to for eighteen years now, blowing the minds of partiers and intellectuals alike. And they know what they're doing. They can make you feel, dance, sing, and experience things only music can bring. So respect the bros. It Doesn't Matter whether you can't stand anything past Dig Your Own Hole, love what they did with Push The Button and We Are The Night, jam to their entire back catalouge like I do, or are totally new to their music, you simply have to hand it to these pioneers of music. They've done it all.

Love Is All!


November 3, 2010
they havent made good music since their kylie minogue remix, which was like 2003. nonetheless, they are still one of the greatest artists on the strength of their older tracks.


April 11, 2010
Which just goes to show how lazy I am.
I mean, how did I mis "morning lemon"???
as soon as I heard "leave home" on RDU I RAN to echo records and got the double gatefold immediately. I don't even think it was available on cd...

It's their best track. It had me locked.

Everything after is, well, it's ok. ok... sure it's good. but...

Ah, F))k it.

Morning lemon, is what I wanted. I didn't even know it.

But I do now.

I have converted. I am reborn.

wink's as good as a nod to a blind bat.


July 14, 2007
edited over 3 years ago
If there is one thing to learn from The Chemical Brothers it's that longevity in music requires a unique and evolving sound. None of their albums sound the same, yet if you were to play Exit Planet Dust to someone who only heard We Are The Night, they will probably guess it's still the Chems. It's their specific sound that sets them apart from hit single-driven producers. Even their singles are diverse; it's more common to see a b-side than a remix. After all this is said, DJs never shy away from playing classics like Hey Boy Hey Girl or Block Rockin' Beats. It just goes to show that they cover every basis; flowing yet diverse albums, club-ready singles, rockin' b-sides, whatever.

Exit Planet dust is dirty, mind-blowing stuff only to be amplified with louder drums and bass in Dig Your Own Hole, which is considered by many to be the pinnacle of their career. The Private Psychedelic Reel set the tone for their next album; Surrender. It's deep psychedelia at its prime, which at times seems reflective, and others mind blowing. Hey Boy Hey Girl will always be a great club tune, whether you heard it for the first or millionth time. Come With Us showcased all of the various styles the Chems excel at; chaos in the title track and My Elastic Eye, acidic tribal vibes from It Began In Afrika, the joyous house sound of Star Guitar, Beatles-like psychedelia in Pioneer Skies, the smooth melody of The State We're In and they really rock out in The Test. It's definitely their most varied album, which is probably why some people were disappointed with it. However, if you keep in mind how diverse it is, it's amazing how the same two guys made the whole thing. What an appropriate album to come before their greatest hits. Obviously with a duo like this, there is no way of cramming all of your best work on to one disc without chopping every track in half. It's cool that they put the tracks in chronological order, too. The two singles from the album are both very different. Get Yourself High made way for all future trippy hip-hop tunes like Galvanize, Left, Right, and The Salmon Dance. It makes one never forget that before the Chems released albums, these were the kinds of tracks they DJed with. The Golden Path made way for all of the deeper/emotional tracks found on Push The Button and We Are The Night. Also, the bonus disc for the limited edition is a great collection of some very rare tracks.

Push The Button and We Are The Night have very similar styles yet are two completely different sounding albums. The one thing that stands out for me in both albums is their ability to create purely instrumental tracks that are deep with emotion; they can make anyone feel something. Marvo Ging, a track written about a childhood friend who did magic tricks and called himself just that sounds like childhood innocence being captivated by something which isn't necessarily captivating. Surface To Air can bring a tear to anyone's eye. It slowly evolves from a mumbling intro to a beautiful display of instrumental harmonies, then abruptly ends. Although vocal, Close Your Eyes proves that they have an ear for talent as no one could have made that track amazing besides The Magic Numbers. The vocal harmonies mixed with the reflective percussion and dreamy synths can uplift anyone who listens. We Are The Night has become their go-to album for me. I can listen to it over and over without it getting repetitive. It starts with a filtered bassy vocal repeating, "There's no path to follow..." as it evolves into higher frequencies only to be cut off by a screaming synth that will stab your eardrums. As that synth slowly fades, the title track begins. We Are The Night (the track) encompasses everything amazing about The Chemical Brothers; it's like a best of album in 6 minutes. Saturate (Electronic Battle Weapon 8) is an incredible instrumental track. It starts soft, making you think it will be somewhat of a mellow house track, but it gradually intensifies, then stops, then gradually intensifies again. The second time around it stays and becomes something beautiful with desperately screaming instruments in harmony ever increasing in melodic emotion. Amazing.

2008 marked the release of their 2nd best of album, Brotherhood; 5 years after their first. This compilation features 9 of the same tracks from the first one, 4 newer tracks, and 2 completely new tracks; Keep My Composure (which can be heard albeit slightly differently on the Heroes soundtrack) and Midnight Madness (aka Electronic Battle Weapon 10). This collection makes a nice album to listen to as the tracks flow nicely from one to the other and aren't in any particular order. However, the bonus disc featuring all 10 Electronic Battle Weapon tracks makes this set awesome.

Further marks a first (and hopefully not the last) for the brothers; no featured artists. At risk of sounding ineloquent, holy shit was that ever a great idea! This album is bare-bones Chemical Brothers. It took a lot of balls to release something that has almost no pop appeal whatsoever. It is an incredible album. The fact that the special edition came with a DVD of accompanying visuals is a nice bonus as well and watching it really illustrates the cohesiveness of the album. Although inaccessible to the masses, Further is a modern underground masterpiece.

In 2011, they composed their first film score; Hanna. I watched the film at the theater and was actually quite surprised how amazing the score was even as a big fan of theirs. The tension and suspense on screen was amplified perfectly through their music. Incredible. I really hope they do more film scores. I don't care if it's for Twilight or something, I'll have to go see it. The soundtrack relase itself is a tad bit disappointing because almost every track leaves you wanting more since they seem cut short. As soon as a track starts getting awesome, it cuts into the next one. I swear they were longer in the actual film. I wish they would come out with extended versions of some of the tracks. That would be great.

No matter what syle they are currently exploring and evolving into, The Chemical Brothers always keep the same feel to all of their work. There is something about all of their tracks that sets them apart from any other musical act on the planet, yet they remain ever changing and their tracks never sound the same. It is simply indescribable how they manage to pull that off so well, but it's easy to figure out how they remained the top of their game and will keep doing so until they retire.


August 10, 2004
edited over 11 years ago
It all started in 1992, when "Song To The Siren" was produced and released - it was one of the first (if not THE first) big beat tunes in the world. It sounded very fresh at that time and it blew Andy Weatherall, Hacienda and many other clubs, people and producers away. As the time was passing by, they've started to become more famous - so that even the original stateside Dust Brothers realized that their moniker was being 'abused' by some newcomers from Manchester.
"Exit Planet Dust" was the beginning of a brand new chapter in music history. It was the music the world was waiting for - something that no one has ever heard before. However, it was "Setting Sun" that got everyone talking about Chems. Not necessarily their best track, but definitely their most popular. Shortly after its release, the demand for big beat was unbelievably high. Artists like Prodigy, Fatboy Slim, Propellerheads, Junkie XL, Lunatic Calm, Midfield General, The Crystal Method...and many many others have decided to work for the big beat audience.
Released in 1997, the Chemical Brothers' second album "Dig Your Own Hole" has launched big beat to a brand new level. It was the music you could hear EVERYWHERE - on radio, on TV and in movies.
A follow-up to "Dig Your Own Hole", "Surrender", has proven that The Chemical Brothers are always expanding their limits, producing new music, and never repeating themselves. The album was more chilled and the sound was more 'polished', compared to the raw and powerful sound of "Dig Your Own Hole". Needless to say, a lot of fans were put off by the album, but Chems have also gained some new ones.
Nowadays, The Chemical Brothers may not be as influential as they were before, but their music still oozes quality and perfection.

As a summary, I just wanted to say that if it weren't for The Chemical Brothers, the big beat wouldn't have been as popular as it was. The Chemical Brothers are related to big beat just like Kraftwerk are related to electro and like The Beatles are related to rock & roll.
I'm not saying that you must like their music, I'm just saying that you should at least respect them for what they have done. Yes, big beat is now dead. But it died around year 2000 - just when Chems have changed the music route, so maybe it really was them, who was the driving force?


August 21, 2003
Some people think the chem brothers are out of wack now that they are putting some modern sounds with their music but i disagree. The chemical brothers have never sounded better and they still are a groundbreaking group. Everytime you listen to a track you cant help but wonder how long it took these guys to find the perfect sounds to melt together the way they do. As long as they dont go the sad cassius or daft punk route they will always be the best.


May 15, 2002
Although I wish the Chems would go back and do more dark stuff like on Dig Your Own Hole, I still think they're good. At least they are moving forward, and are still making some very original tracks. But I do think the earlier stuff was much better. Especially a little known track called Morning Lemon - very, very tasty indeed.


May 15, 2002
the chemical brothers seem to become more and more aimed at whatever is popular, and not at whatever is good. the early chemical brothers work are very groundbreaking and very good, but when they released surrender something snapped, something went wrong, and now with come with us, the chemical brothers have completely lost it. it's a shame. they used to be good.

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