Dolly Dots

Dolly Dots

The Dolly Dots were a Dutch girl group that existed from 1979 to 1988.The group was formed in 1978 and consisted of two singers and four dancers, although all the members sang on different songs.
They were very popular in their home country The Netherlands, but also had success in Belgium, Japan and Turkey. The Dolly Dots scored many hits in Europe and beyond. The Group achieved platinum in Japan with the song ' Radio '. 'Leila (The Queen Of Sheba) was very popular in Turkey and Egypt. Their biggest hit in their home country The Netherlands was ' Love Me Just A Little Bit More '.
Anita Heilker left the group in 1985 because of her maternity.
In 1986, the Dolly Dots went to the USA to shoot "Dutch Treat", a comedy, but the film was not very successful. In 1987 the producers Stock Aitken Waterman, were asked to produce a song that had to be the breakthrough of the group and deliver them success in the rest of Europe. This plan did not succeed.
They split up in 1988.
On 20 july 2009 one of the members, Ria Brieffies, died of lung cancer at the age of 52.
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Dolly Dots Discography


2934 121 Dolly Dots Dolly Dots (Album) WEA 2934 121 Germany 1979 Sell This Version
28·3P-311 Dolly Dots American Dream (Album) WEA, WEA 28·3P-311 Japan 1980 Sell This Version
WEA 58.355 Dolly Dots P.S. We Love You (Album) WEA WEA 58.355 Netherlands 1981 Sell This Version
8207-L49911-L5002 Dolly Dots P.S. We Love You (Album) Sweet Donuts 8207-L49911-L5002 South Korea 1981 Sell This Version
24.0001-4 Dolly Dots Take Six (Album) WEA 24.0001-4 Germany 1982 Sell This Version
24.0249-4 Dolly Dots Display (Album) WEA 24.0249-4 Netherlands 1983 Sell This Version
240 379-1 Dolly Dots Dolly Dots In Concert - Live In Carré (Album) WEA 240 379-1 Netherlands 1984 Sell This Version
25RS-249, 206.847 Dolly Dots Thirst! (Album) Ariola 25RS-249, 206.847 Japan 1984 Sell This Version
407.450 Dolly Dots Attention (Album) Ariola, Ariola 407.450 Germany 1985 Sell This Version
258.087 Dolly Dots Dutch Treat (Album) Ariola, Ariola 258.087 Europe 1986 Sell This Version

Singles & EPs

2044 173, CAR 2037 Dolly Dots Rollerskating (Single) WEA 2044 173, CAR 2037 Germany 1979 Sell This Version
CARS 49591 Dolly Dots Radio / (They Are) Rollerskating Carrere CARS 49591 Sweden 1979 Sell This Version
100108 Dolly Dots Tell It All About Boys (Single) WEA 100108 1979 Sell This Version
2044 163, CAR 2027 Dolly Dots Radio (Single) WEA 2044 163, CAR 2027 Germany 1979 Sell This Version
2044 186, CAR 2050 Dolly Dots We Believe In Love (Single) WEA 2044 186, CAR 2050 Germany 1980 Sell This Version
006-64206 Dolly Dots The Dreammachine (Single) WEA 006-64206 Sweden 1980 Sell This Version
006-64109 Dolly Dots Hela-Di-Ladi-Lo (Single, Maxi) WEA, WEA 006-64109 Sweden 1980 Sell This Version
07·5P-175 Dolly Dots S.T.O.P. (Single, Maxi) WEA, WEA 07·5P-175 Japan 1981 Sell This Version
WEAN 18.473, WEA 18.473 Dolly Dots Leila (The Queen Of Sheba) (Single) WEA, WEA WEAN 18.473, WEA 18.473 Benelux 1981 Sell This Version
18.829 Dolly Dots P.S. (Single, Maxi) WEA 18.829 Netherlands 1981 Sell This Version
4055 Dolly Dots Crazy Situation(7", Promo, Single) Atlantic 4055 US 1981 Sell This Version
4012 Dolly Dots Keep On Doing It(7", Promo, Single) Atlantic 4012 US 1981 Sell This Version
0-89906 Dolly Dots Do Wah Diddy Diddy (Single, Maxi) WEA 0-89906 US 1982 Sell This Version
07·5P-208 Dolly Dots (Single) Sweet Donuts 07·5P-208 Japan 1982 Sell This Version
WEA 19.171 Dolly Dots Do You Wanna Wanna (Maxi) WEA WEA 19.171 Spain 1982 Sell This Version