Half Man Half Biscuit

Half Man Half Biscuit

Half Man Half Biscuit are a UK indie band from Birkenhead in the North West, active since 1983, known for their satirical and sometimes surrealistic songs. The band are huge fans of Tranmere Rovers FC, and once turned down the chance to appear on the Channel 4 80`s rock show The Tube, as Tranmere were playing that night.
The musical styles often parody simple popular genres, while the lyrics are dense with cultural allusions, usually (but not exclusively) UK popular culture. For instance, the interpretation of the title of the band's first album, Back in the DHSS (1985), requires three items of background information: that the Beatles wrote a song called "Back in the USSR"; that the DHSS was the UK state welfare agency, and that at that time unemployment stood at high levels.
The humour of HMHB draws on 1970s and early 1980s popular culture, and in particular children's programmes. Hence, HMHB 'borrowed' wholesale from Trumpton and turned a song about being the driver of a train into an ode to hard and soft drug use.


Neil Crossley (Bass, Vocals) 1984-Present
Nigel Blackwell (Rhythm Guitar, Vocals) 1984-Present
Ken Hancock (Lead Guitar) 1996-Present
Carl Henry (Drums) 1996-Present

Former Members:-

Paul Wright (Drums) 1984-1993
David Lloyd (Keyboards) 1984-1993
Simon Blackwell (Lead Guitar) 1984-1994
Ian Jackson (Lead Guitar) 1994-1996
Carl Alty (Drums) 1993-1996

Half Man Half Biscuit Discography


PROBE 4 Half Man Half Biscuit Back In The D.H.S.S. (Album) Probe Plus PROBE 4 UK 1985 Sell This Version
PROBE 8 C, Probe 8C Half Man Half Biscuit Back Again In The D.H.S.S. (Album) Probe Plus, Probe Plus PROBE 8 C, Probe 8C UK 1987 Sell This Version
PROBE8CD Half Man Half Biscuit ACD(CD) Probe Plus PROBE8CD UK 1988 Sell This Version
Probe 30 Half Man Half Biscuit McIntyre, Treadmore And Davitt (Album) Probe Plus Probe 30 UK 1991 Sell This Version
PROBE 36 CD Half Man Half Biscuit This Leaden Pall (Album) Probe Plus PROBE 36 CD UK 1993 Sell This Version
PROBE 41c Half Man Half Biscuit Some Call It Godcore (Album) Probe Plus PROBE 41c UK 1995 Sell This Version
Probe 45CD Half Man Half Biscuit Voyage To The Bottom Of The Road (Album) Probe Plus Probe 45CD UK 1997 Sell This Version
PROBE 46CD Half Man Half Biscuit Four Lads Who Shook The Wirral (Album) Probe Plus PROBE 46CD UK 1998 Sell This Version
PROBE 48CD Half Man Half Biscuit Trouble Over Bridgwater(CD, Album) Probe Plus PROBE 48CD UK 2000 Sell This Version
PROBE52CD Half Man Half Biscuit Cammell Laird Social Club(CD, Album) Probe Plus PROBE52CD UK 2002 Sell This Version
PROBE 57 Half Man Half Biscuit Achtung Bono(CD, Album) Probe Plus PROBE 57 UK 2005 Sell This Version
PROBE61 Half Man Half Biscuit CSI: Ambleside(CD, Album) Probe Plus PROBE61 UK 2008 Sell This Version
PROBE 65 Half Man Half Biscuit 90 Bisodol (Crimond) (Album) Probe Plus PROBE 65 UK 2011 Sell This Version
PROBE 71LP, PROBE 71 Half Man Half Biscuit Urge For Offal (Album) Probe Plus PROBE 71LP, PROBE 71 UK 2014 Sell This Version

Singles & EPs

PP21T, PP21(T) Half Man Half Biscuit Dickie Davies Eyes (Single) Probe Plus, Probe Plus PP21T, PP21(T) UK 1986 Sell This Version
TRUMX1, TRUMP 1. Half Man Half Biscuit The Trumpton Riots E.P. (EP) Probe Plus TRUMX1, TRUMP 1. UK 1986 Sell This Version
TRUM 1-7", TRUM. 1-7" Half Man Half Biscuit The Trumpton Riots(7", Single) Probe Plus, Probe Plus TRUM 1-7", TRUM. 1-7" UK 1986 Sell This Version
SFPSCD 057 Half Man Half Biscuit The Peel Sessions (EP) Strange Fruit SFPSCD 057 UK 1988 Sell This Version
PP 26 Half Man Half Biscuit Let's Not (Single) Probe Plus PP 26 UK 1990 Sell This Version
PP 28 Half Man Half Biscuit With Margi Clarke Half Man Half Biscuit With Margi Clarke - No Regrets (Single, Maxi) Probe Plus, Probe Plus PP 28 UK 1991 Sell This Version
PP30 Half Man Half Biscuit Eno Collaboration EP (EP) Probe Plus PP30 UK 1996 Sell This Version
PP31 Half Man Half Biscuit Look Dad No Tunes(CD, Single) Probe Plus PP31 UK 1999 Sell This Version
PP32 Half Man Half Biscuit Editor's Recommendation(CD, EP) Probe Plus PP32 UK 2001 Sell This Version
PP35 Half Man Half Biscuit Saucy Haulage Ballads(CD, EP) Probe Plus PP35 UK 2003 Sell This Version


PVC 1 Half Man Half Biscuit Back Again In The D.H.S.S.(VHS) Probe Plus PVC 1 UK 1987 Sell This Version