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Maximilian Lenz
Maximilian Lenz, the brother of Fabian Lenz (DJ Dick) was born on 4 March 1965 in Münster, Westphalia. Not only is he Germany's most successful and most popular DJ and avantgardist of the Raving Society, he is also the most innovative producer and co-founder of Berlin's Indie Dance label, Low Spirit Recordings.
WestBam is in fact the abbreviated form of Westphalia BamBaataa and derives from this artist's home state in Germany and his role model Afrika Bambaataa. 1983 marked the beginning of his DJ career in the Odeon Club in Münster. In 1984 he made a permanent move to Berlin which was still divided by the Wall. WestBam started as DJ at Berlin's famous Metropol and his sophisticated mixing techniques brought him fame far beyond the borders of the divided city. In 1985 WestBam worked with Klaus Jankuhn to produce his first 12" entitled "17" which was inspired by Paul Hardcastle's "19". In 1989 he made his first album "The Cabinet". This was the first DJ-concept album to be launched on the German market.

WestBam Discography


SF 57 Поп Механика* - Popularnaja Mehanika Featuring: Westbam, Курeхин* Поп Механика* - Popularnaja Mehanika Featuring: Westbam, Курeхин* - Live At Riga(LP, Album, Mono) What's So Funny About.. SF 57 Germany 1987 Sell This Version
SRB-T050 WestBam Westbam In Seoul (Album) Seorabeol Records Co. SRB-T050 South Korea 1988 Sell This Version
EFA 04261-08 WestBam Westbam (Album) Low Spirit Recordings EFA 04261-08 Germany 1988 Sell This Version
841 518-1 WestBam The Cabinet (Album) Low Spirit Recordings 841 518-1 Europe 1989 Sell This Version
D4-75755 WestBam The Roof Is On Fire (Album) TSR Records D4-75755 US 1991 Sell This Version
POCP-1184 WestBam A Practising Maniac At Work (Album) Low Spirit Recordings POCP-1184 Japan 1991 Sell This Version
523 299-1 WestBam Bam Bam Bam (Album) Low Spirit Recordings, Low Spirit Recordings 523 299-1 Germany 1994 Sell This Version
881226 154629 WestBam We'll Never Stop Living This Way (Album) Low Spirit Recordings 881226 154629 Germany 1997 Sell This Version
82876692612 WestBam Right On (Album) Low Spirit Recordings 82876692612 Germany 2002 Sell This Version
LS 87672015 WestBam Do You Believe In The Westworld (Album) Low Spirit Recordings LS 87672015 Germany 2005 Sell This Version
none Westbam / DJ Roland (2) & David Montecelo / Moám Feat. Alice* Westbam / DJ Roland (2) & David Montecelo / Moám Feat. Alice* - Don't Look Back In Anger / The Dirty Cha / Last Night In Paris(CDr, Promo) Warner Dance Labels none Sweden 2010 Sell This Version
06025 3734566 3 WestBam Götterstrasse (Album) Vertigo Berlin 06025 3734566 3 Germany 2013 Sell This Version

Singles & EPs

STD 4512 WestBamb* Presents Cowboy Temple WestBamb* Presents Cowboy Temple - 17(7", Single) S.T.D. Records STD 4512 Belgium 1985 Sell This Version
04288-70 WestBam Do It In The Mix (Maxi) Metropol (3) 04288-70 Germany 1987 Sell This Version
MS 04250 WestBam Disco Deutschland Low Spirit Recordings MS 04250 Germany 1988 Sell This Version
MAX 333 WestBam Monkey Say, Monkey Do (Maxi, Single) Dance Trax MAX 333 Spain 1988 Sell This Version
04255-02, 04255 02 WestBam Disco Deutschland / Monkey Say Monkey Do Low Spirit Recordings, Low Spirit Recordings 04255-02, 04255 02 Germany 1988 Sell This Version
04256-02 Westbam / Popular Mekanik* Westbam / Popular Mekanik* - Live At Leningrad (Single) Low Spirit Recordings 04256-02 Germany 1988 Sell This Version
CD SYR 06 WestBam Hold Me Back (Maxi) Swanyard Records Ltd, Swanyard Records Ltd CD SYR 06 UK 1989 Sell This Version
WHOS 15 WestBam Cold Stomper (Maxi) Low Spirit Recordings, Polydor WHOS 15 Belgium 1989 Sell This Version
889 909 1 Westbam Featuring Rhythum Asyllum Westbam Featuring Rhythum Asyllum - Cold Train (Maxi, Single) Low Spirit Recordings, Polydor 889 909 1 1989 Sell This Version
889 477-1 WestBam And Party (Maxi, Single) Low Spirit Recordings 889 477-1 Germany 1989 Sell This Version
EFA 04029-02 MS WestBam Der Bundespräsidenten-Mix / Der Pink Panther-Mix (Maxi) Low Spirit Recordings EFA 04029-02 MS Germany 1990 Sell This Version
CYGT 2 WestBam Saxophone Low Spirit Recordings CYGT 2 UK 1989 Sell This Version
SYDT3, SYD T3 West Bam* Alarm Clock / Hold Me Back (Maxi) Swanyard Records Ltd SYDT3, SYD T3 UK 1990 Sell This Version

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January 26, 2015
edited about 1 year ago
Well yeah, no doubt he's clever and godlike DJ and all, but there are few buts: he only cleverly manipulated the whole scene with such level that it should go down in music business primer books. The Mayday - yeah, awesome gathering, but the concept stolen from TEKNOZID. Germans should know better, but prior to Mayday DJ TANITH and folks did their thing, with Westbam stealing this concept, eventually commercialising it and consequently dooming the whole scene for moneygrabbing and nothing else. Since then DJs realised that these sort of parties will be the main cash cow in the future and the time for a messiah in the boots of Tiesto, Guetta or Bob Sinclair has come. There is a really solid german documentary WE CALL IT TECHNO! about the early rave scene in Deutschland (released 5 years ago give or take), look it up, really interesting.
Also what Low Spirit & Co did they turned their backs to some stronger sounds like Hardcore, resulting in Leathernecks (the legends Lenny Dee & Marc Trauner-Acardipane) project with their all time terror classic 'At War' (Low Spirit suck my coooooooock, f.ck your family f.ck your mother f.ck them aalllllll.. remember that funky song? ) although his own production around 1994 sounded something not too far from what can be described as 'rave' or 'happy hardcore'. Which brings me to my next point - his sound was cool, 1997 album was still interesting with the electro come-back but after that it's just pure shite. Just out of interest I fast forwarded his Gotterstrasse recently and wouldn't even be able to describe the typical listener who would honestly say he loves this sort of music. Would that be a mid-aged dude driving a car that looks like a penis? Or a student that didn't even bothered to look further than his iphone? Hell knows, my fantasy doesn't go that far. I think Maximilian Lenz will be remembered as Demis Roussos (R.I.P.) of techno.


September 19, 2012
Westbam is one of German techno kings. He is one of the creators of Mayday and he with Jankuhn are the heads behind many legendary techno/rave/house tracks. He has had doubtless a big influence to the genre dance music. Most here in Germany love him for his style.



April 5, 2006
edited over 9 years ago
Well, all the above is more or less true.


Westbam has developed a style which, IMO is one of the most - if not THE most unique style any techno DJ has ever created. His merge of 4/4 breakbeat with electro beats and rave RULES the big room rave like nothing else. You can send in any rockaholic dummy and he/she would most likely fall into the crowd and party with the rest.

Shure, it´s commercial. Sure there´s not a visible spot free from the logos os Playtation, Motorola, VIVA etc. But at least the money buys you technique better than anywhere else. The best sound, nice light and some visuals - when you compare it to, say I Love Tehcno, there is a long way to go for those Belgium promoters, when speaking in terms of a great setup.

Also I think that Celebration Generation and the whole album Right On are absoulutely AWESOME!!! Right On sounds like NOTHING else and is really a great work of techno art. Whenever I try and push "my" music to non-electronic people and I want to give them something besides DJ-sets, this is the only non-Underworld/Basement Jaxx/Fat Boy Slim/Daft Punk album they will listen to.

PS: He really should leave some of the scratching alone, but he´s a brilliant mixer. I have heard sets (fx Münsterland dec 2003) where he creates a great flow, using loops from the battlevinyl of the Right On and does some very nifty scratching too, creating new music from scratch, right there on the decks and efx. Very convincing, I didn´t know he had that in him.

Also the Mr X & Mr Y: Nite of the Tschuldigungs (only good work by those two) is one of my top-10 vinyls of all time!!!

Westbam is someone who it is easy to dislike, but he deserves some credit for his unique approach to techno and for doing great Mayday parties up to aprox 1998.


April 18, 2003
Westbam's great days sadly have passed.

Nowadays Mr.Lenz lives in a dream world, where he is the godfather of techno, whilst reality is a bit different...

For me he's has become too arrogant, too narcisstic. He did not recognize that "techno" has been sold out by some clever A&R guys and that he's willingly part of their greedy marketing campaigns.

He also should leave elbow scratching to those who are good at it ;)

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