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0 6700 30230 2 3 DJ Tiësto In My Memory (Album) Magik Muzik 0 6700 30230 2 3 US 2001 Sell This Version
AVICD60322/3 Tiësto* Just Be (Album) Magik Muzik AVICD60322/3 Taiwan 2004 Sell This Version
SMCD 090 Tiësto* Parade Of The Athletes(CD, Album, Mixed) Magik Muzik SMCD 090 South Africa 2004 Sell This Version
Magik Muzik CD 03RD Tiësto* Just Be (Remixed) (Album) Magik Muzik Magik Muzik CD 03RD Netherlands 2005
DJB078CD Tiësto* Elements Of Life (Album) Magik Muzik DJB078CD Scandinavia 2007 Sell This Version
Magik Muzik CD 12 Tiësto* Elements Of Life Remixed (Album, Comp) Magik Muzik Magik Muzik CD 12 Scandinavia 2008 Sell This Version
UL2082 Tiësto* Kaleidoscope (Album) Musical Freedom (2) UL2082 US 2009 Sell This Version
UL 2517-2 Tiësto* Kaleidoscope Remixed (Album) Musical Freedom (2) UL 2517-2 US 2010 Sell This Version
378 437-5 Tiësto* A Town Called Paradise (Album) PM:AM Recordings, Musical Freedom (2), Universal Music 378 437-5 Australia 2014 Sell This Version

Singles & EPs

XTC 018 DJ Tiësto The Tube XTC XTC 018 Belgium 1996 Sell This Version
RFT 003 Tiësto*, Montana* & Storm* Tiësto*, Montana* & Storm* - Gimme Some Sugar / Bleckentrommel(12") ReflecT Records RFT 003 Netherlands 1997 Sell This Version
XSF 001 DJ Tiësto Control Freaks XSF Recordings XSF 001 UK 1998 Sell This Version
TP9033MX DJ Tiësto Sparkles (Single, Maxi) Black Hole Recordings TP9033MX Spain 1999 Sell This Version
P2K 2001-1 DJ Tiesto* Theme From Norefjell (Single) Black Hole Recordings P2K 2001-1 US 1999 Sell This Version
Black Hole 110-5 Kamaya Painters / DJ Tiësto Kamaya Painters / DJ Tiësto - Endless Wave / Theme From Norefjell (Remixes) Black Hole Recordings Black Hole 110-5 Netherlands 1999 Sell This Version
none Coast 2 Coast Featuring DJ Tiësto Coast 2 Coast Featuring DJ Tiësto - Home(2xAcetate, 12", S/Sided) RGB Records none UK 2000 Sell This Version
ARM004 Armin van Buuren And DJ Tiësto Present Alibi Armin van Buuren And DJ Tiësto Present Alibi - Eternity (Maxi, Single) Armind ARM004 Netherlands 2000 Sell This Version
CVS001 DJ Tiësto & Armin Van Buuren Present Major League DJ Tiësto & Armin Van Buuren Present Major League - Wonder Where You Are? / Wonder? (Maxi) Black Hole Recordings CVS001 Netherlands 2000 Sell This Version
none DJ Tiësto Flight 643 (Maxi, Single) Magik Muzik none Netherlands 2000 Sell This Version
DOS 199 DJ Tiësto Feat. Kirsty Hawkshaw DJ Tiësto Feat. Kirsty Hawkshaw - Suburban / Urban Train (Single, Maxi) Magik Muzik DOS 199 Germany 2001 Sell This Version
Magik Muzik 800-5 DJ Tiësto Magik Journey(12", W/Lbl) Magik Muzik Magik Muzik 800-5 Netherlands 2001 Sell This Version
BATTLE 1 DJ Tiësto Battleship Grey(12", Promo) Nebula BATTLE 1 UK 2001 Sell This Version
BHMM 804-4 DJ Tiësto Lethal Industry / Suburban Train(12") Magik Muzik BHMM 804-4 Netherlands 2001 Sell This Version
0 6700 36327 2 0 DJ Tiësto Featuring Nicola Hitchcock From Mandalay* DJ Tiësto Featuring Nicola Hitchcock From Mandalay* - In My Memory (Maxi) Magik Muzik 0 6700 36327 2 0 Canada 2002 Sell This Version
VCRDDJ 103 DJ Tiësto Lethal Industry (Maxi, Single) Magik Muzik VCRDDJ 103 UK 2001 Sell This Version

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November 14, 2015
everyone whines about how good he used to be and how shit he is now

but go back and listen to his earlier stuff and it's just as repetitive and mediocre as the stuff he makes now. the thing is we're only just now noticing because of how fucking rich he has gotten.

in my opinion? he was always lazy and nothing has changed except now he isn't just djing small well known clubs but is djing huge festivals for thousands of dollars.


September 19, 2014
I am grateful to you, Tiesto.
Let me start by saying that the music you make nowadays is über crap and garbage - the lowest u can get!
But, thanks to your "hayday" productions, melodies & grooves, I am listening to cv313 today,
Enjoy the cash, bitches & coke .. haha


June 17, 2014
Tiesto is a Dj and Producer, he just goes the Mainstream way, whats wrong about this, everybody makes Money :-)
he has a perfect Marketing and he know to sell out his work, better give respect than hate, be realistic and take your emotions in the Garbage,
Techno Music is dead since 10 years, this is Money Music

Tiesto is a Money machine "Respect and Love" is the way to live


June 1, 2014
bad producer. electro-crap-star. maybe 10 years ago,he was ok (maybe not: ),but now... OMG. money money money!! yeah! fck trance !!!


December 12, 2013
edited over 2 years ago
When trance and techno began it was not only a musical movement, also ideological, one of the core ideas was to remove the ego from the performer (see rock) nothing more stupid than a rock band with a bunch of slaves worshiping them well, the idea of the dj was like in early disco, just someone playing music while people were the true protagonist having a good time, in other words, the people not the artist were central.

People like him and many others took good care of turning electronic music into the same shit as rock turned out to be, also musically wise most if not all dj superstars are lacking as well, GO UNDERGROUND to hear the true sound of trance and techno.


March 20, 2013
edited over 2 years ago
I don't get the hate for Tiesto.
How can you possibly hate him after all those wonderful tracks in the past and some recent ones?

Brilliant tracks now (new Tiesto 2009>):
Maximal Crazy, C'mon, Las Vegas, Kaleidoscope, Century, Young Blood remix, Feel It In My Bones

Brilliant tracks in the past (old Tiesto <2009):
Suburban Train, Adagio For Strings, Forever Today, Parade Of The Athletes, The Silence remix, In My Memory, Nyana, Theme From Norefjell, Traffic, Flight 643, Athena, Just Be, Elements of Life, Love Comes Again, Lethal Industry

And those are just from the top of my head.

Also, let's not forget the legendary compilation albums, like Magik and In Search of Sunrise.
Or his live sets, like his 2004 and 2008 DVD's. Perfect sets with cool side acts.

Of course he is very popular and famous now, so to some people he's automatically a sellout. Which is sad, because you have to appreciate an artist on the quality of music that he makes. And 90% of his tracks just are objectively good.

Some people hate him because he switched styles over the years. How can you blame him for that? He's in electronic music for 20 years now, and that music has evolved. He gets with the times, like all producers an DJ's should do.

Long story short, like an artist because of the music, not the person.


January 25, 2013
edited over 3 years ago
I TOTALLY AGREE WITH ColonelTirpitz...If us, collectors and “real” dance music listeners now a days always asking: WHY SOOO MANY SHIT DANCE MUSIC HAS BEEN CREATED BY NOW??? The unique reason are DJ´s like Tiësto,David Guetta, etc... They have been spreading shit music all over the world. And today it has been disseminate like a virus.

Eu concordo totalmente com ColonelTirpitz ... Se nós, colecionadores e ouvintes da “verdadeira” dance music, estamos constantemente se perguntando: PORQUE ESTÃO CRIANDO TANTA MERDA EM MATÉRIA DE DANCE MUSIC NOS DIAS DE HOJE?? A única razão são PRODUTORES E DJ´S como DJ Tiësto,David Guetta,etc,... que adoram espalhar este tipo de merda por todo o mundo. E infelizmente essa coisa está se espalhando pior do que vírus.


December 2, 2012
I don't like Tiesto for many reasons but that i will hold for me . No need for Dj's like Tiesto or David Guetta that think they know alot about Trance,Techno, and so on but in fact know yet so less !! The marketing/commercials dumped many famous Dj's that are more superior than these two so called artists.

Where are all those Dj's and those great famous labels nowadays ( those i will enumerate ) ? , are they dead or simply forbidden to do their work?!

- Adam Beyer
- Christian Valera
- Marco Bailey
- The Prodigy the '91-'98 era
- Lenny Dee ( before Thunderdome )
- Massimo Vivona
- Lady Dana
- Praga Khan
- and so on ....

And labels such as

- Bonzai Records
- Drumcode
- Suck Me Plasma
- Zyx Records
- Mokum Records
- and so on .....

Is the Electronic Music so sick ?! That nothing hooks up anymore
We had so many various styles in 1985 - 1999 , like Techno, Acid,Trance,Pshychedelic Trance (Goa) ,New-Beat, Drum and Bass.....
That even some of these famous styles became cheesy lately
Drum and Bass nowadays looks more like Techno ,Trance + all the time an awful female voice. Ed Rush come back with good stuff like in 1995-1998
Techno / Minimal or whatsoever doesn't sound like the very deep dark techno that made our stomach feel good with those hard beats, nowadays techno is more like cheesy trance+ again stupid awfull female voices or such

In my opinion is that those new Dj's should work again like the past with true valors, writing their music, making them, taking time, using vinyl is still to me the best .


December 30, 2011
edited over 3 years ago
I can understand why everyone hates Tiesto, but he's good at what he does. He started out in '99 and produced uplifting "trance" because that was the fad at the time. Then he moved on to vocal trance in the next few years. Then he started creating slower vocal trance with a bit of pop mixed in, like his Elements of Life album. Then he moved on to the newest fad, synth-pop and pop-house. And that's where he is today.

So he's good at being a mainstream DJ and producer. There'll always be people who enjoy that, so whatever. And plus, its not like any of you guys have anything to stand on because the Tiesto of old was pop-music as well, wake up, he has always had pop sensibilities in his music. He's always been a mainstream dance music producer. Before, he fit in the pop elements in a trance template, now he fits them in a house template. And I must say, pop works a lot better with house music than trance music. But nowadays half the people who listen to "trance" have no idea what trance really is and so they call commercial house music trance. I'm trying to figure out when trance music began to have a female vocalist singing about love in every song.


October 29, 2011
Tiesto has produced some of my favourite pieces of trance music, 2001 and earlier of course. Throughout 2000 and 2001, his production skills peaked with such immense tracks like SuReaL's 'You take My Breath Away' and Jan Johnston's 'Flesh', truly top draw trance.

I have no interest in him as a DJ now or then, but 2002 and after he lost his way and turned to male vocal trance, which was bland. Now he peddles such trash i cannot bear to listen.

I shall leave him be and remember him for the great tracks he has given the classic trance era, and the great labels he set up like ITWT & Black Hole - even though they are 70% trash now also.

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