Mirage (Russian: Мираж, Mirazh) were a 1980s Russian pop group founded in Moscow in 1987 by Russian composer/keyboard player Андрей Литягин (Andrey Litjagin). The original lineup of Mirage included Litjagin, lyricist Валерий Соколов (Valery Sokolov), guitarist Алексей Горбашов (Alexey Gorbashov), guitarist Сергей Проклов (Sergey Proklov), dancer Светлана Разина (Svetlana Razina) (also the girlfriend of Litjagin), vocalist Наталья Гулькина (Natalia Gulkina) and classically trained vocalist Маргарита Суханкина (Margarita Suhankina). Their music came at a time when perestroika was radically changing the Soviet Union and their energetic disco sound captured the mood and feeling of their generation.
Mirage borrowed their musical style from other disco groups of the time such as Modern Talking and Bad Boys Blue.
Gulkina and Suhankina shared vocals on the debut album "Звёзды Нас Ждут" ("The Stars Await Us"). However Suhankina was trying to become a professional opera singer and was reluctant to tour with the group. The group toured without her and sang to a pre-recorded tape featuring her vocals.
Following the success of the first album the demand for live appearances was high. Litjagin decided to create several "doubles" of Mirage which would tour different cities in Russia simultaneously and perform using pre-recorded tapes of the original studio vocals by Gulkina and Suhankina.
Financial and creative disagreements led to Gulkina quitting the group in 1988. Gulkina rightly felt that she should be allowed to perform under the name Mirage as she provided most of the vocals. However Litjagin and Sokolov disagreed and they retained the right to use the name Mirage. Gulkina went on to form a new group called "Звёзды" ("Stars").
The second album "Снова Вместе" ("Together Again") was released in 1989 and featured only Suhankina on lead vocals. The album was a greater success than the first and was greatly received. It featured some of the group's most well know songs including Music has connected us and Together again. Once again the group toured with dancers performing with pre-recorded tapes however the media soon realised that Suhankina was the real hidden vocalist and the group shamefully disbanded.
Many of the former members of Mirage have gone on to have successful solo careers in Russia. Suhankina now performs as a classical singer. Litjagin revived Mirage in 2003 with three new girls performing to remixed versions of old Mirage songs. The new project enjoyed limited success. The second revival was attempted by Gulkina and Sukhankina (the original vocalists of Mirage) in 2005, and it caused a serious conflict with Litjagin. As the project was quite successful, they've eventually come to terms.
In 2003 was created a new project called Мираж Junior with 4 girls as vocalists.

Мираж Discography


BC-225041-3 Мираж-2* Снова Вместе (Album) J.S.P. BC-225041-3 Russia 1994 Sell This Version
none Мираж Звёзды Нас Ждут (Album) J.S.P. none USSR 1987 Sell This Version
010 107-3 Мираж Dance Remix J.S.P. Company 010 107-3 Russia 1997 Sell This Version
010 191-2 Мираж Dance Remix J.S.P. 010 191-2 Russia 2000 Sell This Version
010 299-2 Мираж Не в первый раз (Album) Jam Group International 010 299-2 Ukraine 2004 Sell This Version
010 001-2, 010 002-2, 010 191-2 Мираж Greatest Hits Limited Edition(3xCD, Album) JAM Group International, JAM Group International, J.S.P. 010 001-2, 010 002-2, 010 191-2 Russia 2004 Sell This Version
KTL09-136 Мираж 1000 звёзд (Album) Квадро-Диск KTL09-136 Russia 2009 Sell This Version
UMGCD13-337 Мираж Отпусти меня! (Album) United Music Group UMGCD13-337 Russia 2013 Sell This Version


SZCD 0529-96 Мираж Greatest Hits (Comp) Союз SZCD 0529-96 Russia 1996 Sell This Version
010 224-2 Мираж Звездная Коллекция (Comp) J.S.P. 010 224-2 Russia 2000 Sell This Version
010 069-2 Мираж Избранное(CD, Comp, RE) JAM Group International 010 069-2 Russia 2000 Sell This Version
010 270-2 Мираж The Best Of Greatest Hits (Comp) Jam Group International 010 270-2 Russia 2002 Sell This Version
010 305-5 Мираж MP3 Jam Collection(CD-ROM, Comp, MP3) JAM Group International 010 305-5 Russia 2002 Sell This Version
KTL06-383 Мираж 18 Лет. Часть 2(CD, Album, Comp) Квадро-Диск KTL06-383 Russia 2006 Sell This Version
KMP06-391 Мираж 18 Лет MP3(CD-ROM, Comp, mp3) Квадро-Диск KMP06-391 Russia 2006 Sell This Version
KTL06-382 Мираж 18 Лет. Часть 1(CD, Album, Comp) Квадро-Диск KTL06-382 Russia 2006 Sell This Version
GCR 211 Мираж Grand Collection(CD, Album, Comp) Квадро-Диск GCR 211 Russia 2007 Sell This Version
KTL07-655 Мираж 18 Лет. Часть 3(CD, Album, Comp) Квадро-Диск KTL07-655 Russia 2007 Sell This Version
MIRAGELP 2 Мираж Солнечное Лето. Лучшие Песни 1987-1995(LP, Comp) Мирумир MIRAGELP 2 Russia 2013 Sell This Version
MIRAGELP 1 Мираж Музыка Нас Связала. Лучшие Песни 1986-1989(LP, Comp) Мирумир MIRAGELP 1 Russia 2013 Sell This Version


KDV06-387 Мираж 18 Лет (DVD-V, PAL, Comp) Квадро-Диск KDV06-387 Russia 2006 Sell This Version

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