Zvonimir Golob

Zvonimir Golob

Real Name:
Zvonimir Golob
Zvonimir Golob (Koprivnica, 19th of February 1927 - 1st of June 1997), Croatian poet.

After finishing his university studies in Zagreb, Croatia, he started the magazine "Krugovi" and parallely edited many other literary publications. He was one of the founder of the famous "Studio 64", which on the other hand founded and affirmed the "Zagreb School of Chanson".

Golob also published essays and translated literature and lyrics into many languages. He composed many chanson, wrote lyrics and recorded about 20 LPs and cassettes. He was also a passionate art-photographer. He once said: "I´m a man who writes about things he sees and hears....my songs are my soul".

Since 2003 a literary award is awarded honouring and bearing his name (The Zvonimir Golob Award). In June 2009 the "Festival of unpublished love poetry Zvonimir Golob" was founded.

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