Discogs Team: Meet Christian

Hi there! Welcome to the Discogs Team! Do you mind introducing yourself?

Hi there, my name is Christian. I’m the newest Community Support member here at Discogs. Until starting my job here I had lived in Washington State my whole life. I graduated from the University of Washington in Seattle a few years ago with a degree in Political Science.

Tell us a bit about your work background.

Like a lot of folks in my generation, my work background so far has not been related to my college studies. Unlike many in this situation though, I’ve been fortunate enough to find work within my interests. After graduating college I was working for a small startup in Seattle before eventually working for other companies like Nintendo, Amazon, and Wizards of the Coast. It was great working for some of these companies, but none compare to how awesome it is to work for Discogs!

When you're not working, how do you like to spend your time?

I’m a gamer so I’ll often be playing something while listening to music (Currently playing DayZ). I also enjoy listening to records, interacting with various online music communities, reading books/comics, and working on my little music blog. Usually anything I’m doing has music involved in some way!

If you had to choose an artist / release to listen to on repeat, who or what would it be?

This would easily be Madlib for me (as you may tell from my Discogs username & avatar). His music and mixes have spanned all sorts of genres, listening to his work on repeat would not get boring at all due to the great variety of releases available. James Pants is another I would choose as every release of his has a distinct sound of its own which I appreciate as well. Really most artists on Stones Throw I wouldn’t mind listening to on repeat!

Do you collect or create music? If so, tell us about it!

I’ve been collecting music in one way or another ever since I was a kid. Growing up I had a pretty big collection of cassettes/CDs before I eventually moved to MP3s like a lot of people out there. I started collecting vinyl around the end of high school and now have a collection of about 250+ records that will only continue to grow with time. I do not create music yet, but I hope to learn how to play the piano someday.

What are you looking forward to as you settle in at Discogs?

I’m really looking forward to getting to know the community here at Discogs and supporting you guys in any way I can! It is a great opportunity to work with the fine team here and with all of you who use this site and make it what it is.



  • Knusper2000 Knusper2000
    Hi - my name is also Christian :D
  • MJG196 MJG196
    My name is Michael and I am not a Christian.

  • MnF14 MnF14
    Welcome to the club!
  • valparaiso valparaiso
    My name is Christian too, so I was surprised to see this title "Discogs Team: Meet Christian". I thought I was invited to join the team...
    Anyway, welcome on board Christian!
  • Gerald.brewer Gerald.brewer
    Sorry, wasen't tring to be rude