Update to Mobile Site

Today we are shutting down the Discogs "mobile optimized" website. This was a slimmed down version of Discogs that you were presented with when using a mobile or tablet device. For example:

Old Mobile Site Old Mobile Site

We've been getting feedback that this "mobile optimized" site is actually not helpful and harder to use because not all information is there, and you have to tap to open each section. We are currently working towards a responsive website that will look good on all devices. That will be ready later in the year. But for now you will see the same website no matter what device you are using.

Please let us know if you have any feedback. thanks!



  • MonBienCherAmi MonBienCherAmi
    I'm glad to hear you're working on a better mobile site, but I'd like it better if you let the choice up to us meanwhile. Like offering to stay either on the mobile site or change for the deckstop site as other sites do.

    Also, while casual users will prefer a responsive / traditional mobile site, those who use it everyday will go for an app. I'm not saying you should choose beetween the two, the best would be to have both to me, because not all users are the same and some mid-range android phones don't have enough memory for more than 30 apps anyway.
    And who knows, maybe you could then come up with interesting new features that only could exist on an app. I'm thinking of the integration with the library you have over the iOS WhoSampled app for instance; the same could be used to look up for information on the artist you're listening to in a Discogs app.

    But maybe that's already in your plans... (?)
  • Barry_Xwood Barry_Xwood
    Oh I would LOOOOVE to have a Discogs app!! :)

  • tekkno-guy tekkno-guy
    A Discogs app would be great too! Thanks for getting rid of the mobile optimized site.
  • svend-g svend-g
    Great! the mobile site never really took off. Really looking forward to responsive website, and would prefer that to an app anytime. Unless , of course, if the app featured "Shazaam-it to wantslist" and barcode scan.
  • ctearpak ctearpak
    I have a Discogs app called Discollector up for iOS. It used the mobile interface for signing in. In glad that OAuth still works, but having to scroll all over the place is terrible for my users. Is there any way that the sign-in portion can stay mobile-optimized?? I can make a change to my app to point somewhere else, but this isn't great.
    Never mind the discogs app. I used the mobile interface as a shortcut so the mobile app wasn't an issue. Could you please put the link back so I can create a shortcut for my iPhone?
  • souther1280 souther1280
    There are issues with mobile apps, anyway. No, I am not
    going to receive any accolades for negatively criticizing
    all the "I" apps. Let me stop digging my own grave and say
    I definitely agreee with your decision to not have a
    mobile optimized site. Somebody said to me on the street
    "You have a PC? What is a PC for Pete's sake? I call it
    my refuge.
  • sauvageon27 sauvageon27
    good it was painful. thanks a lot for this, not everyone would have shutted it down, acknowledging the issues for the users

    "i recognize great leaders to their actions".

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  • Bizantino Bizantino
    Understand although it still functioned. Now though it's usefulness is even less.