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Suggest instrumental hip hop damonc1 damonc1 53 roggrogg roggrogg 1 day ago
DJ krush & Toshinori Kondo Mergi Mergi 1 Mergi Mergi 4 days ago
Looking for an all in one turntable. johnnypayne243 johnnypayne243 1 cadillacjamez21 cadillacjamez21 15 days ago
Best 2015 Album? OrionsLine OrionsLine 38 laugb2001 laugb2001 24 days ago
What about Queens hip hop group: Hellraisers MattCoops MattCoops 0 MattCoops MattCoops 26 days ago
IN SEARCH OF HIP HOP DJS FOR FESTIVAL IN EXETER lezzo13 lezzo13 7 lezzo13 lezzo13 about 1 month ago
50 Cent - Get Rich or Die Tryin' merge votes needed tjordache tjordache 0 tjordache tjordache 2 months ago
Best Way to Find out About New Releases? matt-the-rug matt-the-rug 1 jonas_dussell jonas_dussell 2 months ago
My hip hopp mix. jondavey jondavey 2 jondavey jondavey 2 months ago
Moka Only - Martian Xmas 2012 CD akaA3e akaA3e 0 akaA3e akaA3e 2 months ago
I hadn't realised how vibrant and busy the current british hip hop scene is ... jondavey jondavey 4 jondavey jondavey 2 months ago
Mantronix - Get Stupid Fresh PT2 jondavey jondavey 2 jondavey jondavey 2 months ago
Irish hip hop anyone ? jondavey jondavey 7 ravetothegrave ravetothegrave 2 months ago
Looking for a sample Madrib Madrib 1 ns0 ns0 3 months ago
DJ Signify boxcarprayers boxcarprayers 0 boxcarprayers boxcarprayers 3 months ago
Stereoboom Records CantSlowDownREC CantSlowDownREC 0 CantSlowDownREC CantSlowDownREC 4 months ago
pre-donuts airports airports 3 OrionsLine OrionsLine 5 months ago
Name poetic hip hop (maybe like jehst) damonc1 damonc1 16 DJONEOFAKIND DJONEOFAKIND 5 months ago
Guts - Hip Hop After All Charnley23 Charnley23 1 laugb2001 laugb2001 6 months ago
old school hip hop ravetothegrave ravetothegrave 2 ravetothegrave ravetothegrave 6 months ago
Scor Zay Zee - Aeon: Peace to the Puzzle. Duplos Duplos 2 Duplos Duplos 6 months ago
Great tune from Equipto / Bored Stiff laugb2001 laugb2001 0 laugb2001 laugb2001 7 months ago
Stedy Serv - ServFace - Hip Hop Album editkut editkut 2 smurkenator2 smurkenator2 8 months ago
Blown Celeb & Roc Holiday downloads everton1878 everton1878 7 everton1878 everton1878 8 months ago
Old school hip hop track id thingsstuff thingsstuff 1 humanagain humanagain 10 months ago