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new web to swap worldwide PUNK CDs javinnominioso javinnominioso 0 javinnominioso javinnominioso 10 days ago
Anyone wants to trade some extreme metal on vinyl? akselfs akselfs 0 akselfs akselfs about 1 month ago
Anyone wants to trade some extreme metal on vinyl? akselfs akselfs 0 akselfs akselfs about 1 month ago
seeking swap partner (looking for uk singles/7") Luettin Luettin 5 Luettin Luettin 2 months ago
Trading my New/Sealed cd s for vinyl Lp/7'' garagepunky garagepunky 0 garagepunky garagepunky 3 months ago
Looking to trade vinyl, I have some rare wax coyoteallosarus coyoteallosarus 0 coyoteallosarus coyoteallosarus 3 months ago
swap in Barcelona Spain from 05 to 08 of Nov. 2015 grandmarquis grandmarquis 0 grandmarquis grandmarquis 4 months ago
swap wellcome playmoretek playmoretek 0 playmoretek playmoretek 4 months ago
New Swapper here. Try me. Offers welcome on my Store or my Collection. No Pests. Earjerk Earjerk 0 Earjerk Earjerk 5 months ago
Swap in London - Disco, House, Techno Cichowlasm Cichowlasm 0 Cichowlasm Cichowlasm 5 months ago
Open for trades!! AnswerMe AnswerMe 2 AnswerMe AnswerMe 6 months ago
French i trade records cds and tapes : tek/acid/electro/hardtek/tribe/hardcore vdbdux vdbdux 2 vdbdux vdbdux 6 months ago
Well up for swap ravetothegrave ravetothegrave 1 musiclraider musiclraider 6 months ago
Rave tapes neville0987 neville0987 6 vdbdux vdbdux 6 months ago
Private pressing hair/heavy metal up for trade sayorisans sayorisans 0 sayorisans sayorisans 8 months ago
Shaun of the Dead (MONDO Strawberry Swirl Pressing /1000) + Hendrix (Newburycmx) JackThomas311 JackThomas311 0 JackThomas311 JackThomas311 9 months ago
near 2000 7" singles to swap - Disco,Pop,Rock etc. Luettin Luettin 0 Luettin Luettin about 1 year ago
How to swap wax without getting ripped off? BenProsser BenProsser 2 hootenanny hootenanny about 1 year ago
99 sealed copies of obscure Gangsta rap cd jazzbeets jazzbeets 0 jazzbeets jazzbeets about 1 year ago
Mix up Use Your Illusion bullwackie bullwackie 0 bullwackie bullwackie about 1 year ago
swap and trade vinyls zhocc zhocc 1 zhocc zhocc about 1 year ago
paintings for records? MadMan321 MadMan321 0 MadMan321 MadMan321 about 1 year ago
looking for swap/trade Luettin Luettin 1 Luettin Luettin about 1 year ago
Tape Trading riogrrrl riogrrrl 0 riogrrrl riogrrrl about 1 year ago
300+ items for swap la-voie-du-sabre la-voie-du-sabre 0 la-voie-du-sabre la-voie-du-sabre about 1 year ago