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API Announcements Staff vreon vreon 17 rodneyfool rodneyfool about 20 hours ago
Share Your Discogs App! Staff rodneyfool rodneyfool 39 AloneWithStrangers AloneWithStrangers 1 day ago
API Frequently Asked Questions Staff rodneyfool rodneyfool 0 rodneyfool rodneyfool about 1 year ago
Using discogs API with easytag iandidub iandidub 0 iandidub iandidub about 2 hours ago
Rate limiting changes: Communication PLEASE! Staff little_alien little_alien 3 rodneyfool rodneyfool about 20 hours ago
Getting images of releases Staff Strike26 Strike26 3 rodneyfool rodneyfool 3 days ago
Discogs xml dump importing to MySQL Strike26 Strike26 2 pault100 pault100 5 days ago
Looking for a programmer to write me a GUI to synchnroize Amazon vinylrecorddude vinylrecorddude 4 elstensoftware elstensoftware 6 days ago
Add Support to view all items for sale for a release phpfunk phpfunk 1 phpfunk phpfunk 8 days ago
Oauth - step 4 'Send a post request to the discogs access token URL' in ... thomasvdb thomasvdb 2 thomasvdb thomasvdb 8 days ago
Repeated Application Authorizations? Manys Manys 0 Manys Manys 11 days ago
Not receiving rate limit headers in response Staff wp-discogs wp-discogs 7 maitreya maitreya 13 days ago
Historical Market Data/Collection Worth via API Staff imjacobclark imjacobclark 1 rodneyfool rodneyfool 13 days ago
Invalid signature error on POST request to access_token ramones.teo ramones.teo 2 thomasvdb thomasvdb 13 days ago
Search result inconsistent kanwalh kanwalh 0 kanwalh kanwalh 16 days ago
API Image Server down ? Staff recordsale-de recordsale-de 3 eknudtson eknudtson 17 days ago
can't connect to API the past couple days Staff transcendev transcendev 9 jazzrocktv jazzrocktv 18 days ago
Monthly Data Dump 2016 Staff swenger swenger 5 makbo makbo 18 days ago
How do I authenticate a POST to the Discogs API with PHP / cURL XSVinyl XSVinyl 1 XSVinyl XSVinyl 19 days ago
Having issue using 'Edit a listing' with PHP client OmegaMusic OmegaMusic 2 XSVinyl XSVinyl 19 days ago
lost album art work fiddlers fiddlers 0 fiddlers fiddlers 19 days ago
No search results when using API mikael.stalvik mikael.stalvik 0 mikael.stalvik mikael.stalvik 19 days ago
image URL is empty Staff fredele fredele 4 simonheiss simonheiss 19 days ago
No Access Control Allow Origin header Staff mbrakken mbrakken 7 little_alien little_alien 20 days ago
Release count on label page differs from items in API response jweijde jweijde 2 jweijde jweijde 23 days ago