Essential Hardcore/Jungle/D&B On CD/DL

By Cesaro Cesaro
updated 2 months ago

classic Hardcore, Jungle & D&B compilations you must own on CD and available through HQ downloads, from underground pioneers that defined this golden era...

  1. LTJ Bukem - Logical Progression


    LTJ Bukem - Logical Progression

    great starting point to your drum n bass collection, its a must have with some of the all time best classics

  2. Blame - Logical Progression Level 2

  3. LTJ Bukem Featuring MC Conrad - Progression Sessions 4


    LTJ Bukem Featuring MC Conrad - Progression Sessions 4

    another great compilation from danny, this is a prime example of what conrad and bukem can deliver together, taking you on a journey with conrads oustanding MC'in on this.

  4. LTJ Bukem - FabricLive 46


    LTJ Bukem - FabricLive 46

    throughout the 2000's dnb has become a bit bleak, but this really introduces a great new sound from new and up coming artists in dnb, after all these years bukem still never fails to surprise with new innovitive sounds, still logically progressing...

  5. LTJ Bukem - Mixmag Live! Volume 21

  6. LTJ Bukem - The Rebirth

  7. LTJ Bukem - Producer 01

  8. PFM - Producer 02


    PFM - Producer 02

    if theres one name thats gets mentioned alot for being a pioneer in atmospheric dnb, its PFM, this compilation really is a must have, mike has to be one of the biggest legends in dnb production, very few dnb artists have a consistent production skill as mike did, especially on the good looking catalogue

  9. LTJ Bukem - Producer 05 - Rarities

  10. Seba - Producer 06

  11. Big Bud - Infinity + Infinity

  12. Various - Points In Time 001


    Various - Points In Time 001

    great series from a great label, good looking compiles all the original full length recordings with all the classics from its catalogue, great CD to own if you can't fork out all that money for the original pressings on vinyl

  13. Various - Points In Time 002

  14. Various - Points In Time 003

  15. Various - Hidden Rooms


    Various - Hidden Rooms

    nice compilation with a majority of tracks from the most revered artists in dnb scene such as source direct and photek, with works from their best era as sounds of life and studio pressure

  16. Various - Platinum Breakz


    Various - Platinum Breakz

    everyone will recognize some of these dark classics from of course metalheadz, a must have for any dnb listener

  17. Various - Platinum Breakz II

  18. L.T.J. Bukem* / MC Conrad - Promised Land Volume One


    L.T.J. Bukem* / MC Conrad - Promised Land Volume One

    2 CD compilation with a belter of a mixed CD from bukem and conrad on vocals, some of the best spacey dnb tracks you'll ever hear with conrad on full form

  19. Peshay & Slipmaster J - Promised Land Volume Three

  20. Splash - Babylon

  21. Various - Jungle Bizznizz Volume 1

  22. Various - Legally Stoned - A New High In Drum & Bass Volume 1

  23. Various - Breakbeat Massive

  24. Various - Blueprint (The Definitive Moving Shadow Album)

  25. Various - Storm From The East