Carrie Underwood as reviewed by FairfaxHS

February 8, 2016
This discography is missing her first three CDs, released before her major-label debut. Someone please fill in the missing data. Thank you.

Bob Dylan - Blood On The Tracks as reviewed by streetmouse

February 8, 2016
Without a doubt, his best body of work since Blonde On Blonde. But that doesn’t mean it’s like Blonde On Blonde, this record has a flavor all of it’s own. It sounds lighter, more musical, and if I may, there seems to be some theater here, as if many of the songs are actually mini movie scripts. Lyrically the songs are as tight as you will ever find, and the music is top notch, leaving nothing to be wished for. Dylan once said in an interview, that he never gives one hundred percent to a recording. It’s hard to believe that on "Highway 61," "Blonde On Blonde," or here, "On Blood On The Tracks," he’s not given more then one hundred percent. But then, he’d probably just smile and say, "Well you know, that’s how it goes sometimes." Which actually was his answer in the interview.

Bob has gone through some serious changes and his music sells a certain amount, to a certain group of people. He’s had trouble finding the younger audience as say, The Rolling Stones have. Many have been put off by several of Bob’s recordings where he has intentionally only put one good song on the album ... though that was at a time when he was very unsure of himself. But you have to give any man a break who has the ability to walk into a room and get the complete attention of twenty thousand people for ninety minutes ... that says something for sure. The good thing here is that there’s no filler, Bob seems to have found his lost footing and has given us a brilliant piece of work that will have to be reckoned with for years to come.

I realize this is difficult for many to understand, but Bob has a way of finding the core, and phrasing it perfectly, allowing the listener the privilege of feeling that they have discovered something, his music is almost interactive, which is what brought this man to the heights he’s achieved. Once you discover Bob Dylan, you’ll feel that he’s speaking directly to you and you alone. I can’t tell you what a great and personal feeling that is, other than to say that it’s what all great art should be. What I can tell you is that you will be more then pleased with this venture, it's timeless and could easily slide in between any of his releases. Discover it now, or take a second look and enjoy the day with Bob at your side.

Review by Jenell Kesler

Various - Big Hits Of Mid-America, Volume Three as reviewed by parkerplaysmusic

February 8, 2016
If you like some great Midwest punk rock, this is THE album for you!

Dalton & Dubarri - Success & Failure as reviewed by Toadspotter

February 8, 2016
edited about 2 hours ago
This is a great album to pick up for the cheap price. Unique blend of rock/funk/soul. All of the songs are unique and interesting from great heavy rock guitars to some good acoustic parts, good effects and keys parts. Its kind of like T. Rex meets Stevie Wonder with the upbeat vibe of both. D & D's best!

Jah Bunny - Dubbs International as reviewed by aux1dub

February 8, 2016
edited about 2 hours ago
Nothing to really note. Some decent tunes, but the dubbing is not very good whoever did it. Some decent riddims.

#5 on side B is the only standout for the great jazz piano.

頭脳警察* - 頭脳警察1 as reviewed by papaguagua

February 8, 2016
Very perfect reissue, the size of the outer packing a lot larger than general lp, printing was very nice.

David Sylvian - Dead Bees On A Cake as reviewed by papaguagua

February 8, 2016
Cover is very humble, only can be folded, lack of many pages than the original page.

Blur - Modern Life Is Rubbish as reviewed by john.noble.982292

February 8, 2016
Sound quality is very low on this pressing really need to turn up the volume

Boshetunmay - Signal as reviewed by electro-lagune

February 8, 2016
Boshetunmay is the goth rock project of brothers Harry and Witali Dercho. They present a fairly original sound on this recording not allowing their music to be easily compared to any other band before them.

While there is an apparent goth feel to the music with dramatic vocals and haunting orchestrated soundscapes, there is also fast paced guitar riffs and slamming drum beats giving a slight alt-rock edge to the music as well.

Some tracks are fairly straight forward and energy paced with mainly guitars and drums creating the sound, while others are more cold and dramatic with dark melodies and chilling atmospheres. Some tracks even offer up some electronic sounds and effects for a more technological layer.

This entire album is consistent with a polished recording quality to it. This is a talented act that should be signed to a major industrial/goth music label as opposed to being independently released. The band does a good job of contrasting the fast songs with the more melodic tracks giving enough variety to keep things interesting from beginning to end. I personally enjoy the tracks that feature a good helping of electronics the most, but there really isn’t anything I dislike here.

My only complaint would be that a lot of the songs do sound rather similar to each other. This is mainly due to Harry singing the same way on almost each and every track. I think in the future he should try new and different things with his vocals.

The bottom line is that this is a definite must for fans of goth music looking for something a little different.

Large Professor / Lord Finesse / Show & AG* - Get Off That Bullshit / No Gimmicks / You Know Now (Remix) as reviewed by good.shape.records

February 8, 2016
edited about 1 hour ago
this has the earliest demo version of large Professor's Gitofdat Bullshit available on wax (the same version featured on DJ Eclipse's Wild Pitch Blends). The versions featured on 'The LP' were redone versions.

Johnny & The Attractions - Let's Get Together / Cross My Heart as reviewed by collections

February 8, 2016
Deadly.... .... ... ... ... .... .... ... .

Autechre - Incunabula as reviewed by MiloPonsford

February 8, 2016
This has got to be one of the best albums of its kind. Some of the best production and sound to emerge pre-2000, still sounding superb, combined with such a great pressing makes this a real experience to listen too. Never going to regret selling a record more!

Ella Fitzgerald - Ella Fitzgerald Sings Songs From Let No Man Write My Epitaph as reviewed by bigbudukks

February 8, 2016
This pressing is superb. I'm playing it for the first time having just opened it minutes ago. I've never heard the first pressing but I would be willing to bet my retirement that this pressing would give the first pressing a run for it's money. Fortunately the music is very pleasing to the ear. Very romantic and full of yearning. I'd never heard Ella Fitzgerald's music before and this is an excellent introduction.

Haru - Haru as reviewed by RemixLover87

February 8, 2016
There is no Junior Mix on this CD displayed. The photo is false.

Iron Maiden - The Number Of The Beast as reviewed by cottonmouthVII

February 8, 2016
edited about 6 hours ago
No idea how any other presses of this sound, but I am shocked to see this version with almost a 4.9 rating. The sound quality is absolutely terrible. It's not even good for being a picture disc. The surface noise is severe and noticeable throughout the album. This is exacerbated by the mastering being very quiet and thin. About the only thing this is good for is the novelty of the artwork on the disc. If you want to listen to the album, steer clear of this version. Any other pressing, CD, or just an MP3 version will surely sound better. No idea why people are paying $40, $50 for this unless they want to frame it on their wall (which I've never understood personally as records are meant to be listened to). If I had paid for this I would be extremely disappointed, so I want to warn people.

Big Hair - Imagine Being Chased... EP as reviewed by soulboy1975

February 8, 2016
Best use of 'Plaistow Patricia' so far this century. At least 10 words must be entered. Please enter at least 1 more.

Merlene Garner - (It's Over) Casanova as reviewed by tedsmagroom

February 8, 2016
nice teen sound (It's over) Casanova flip written by Willie Nelson good country sound

Rob Andrews - Length & Strength as reviewed by blowie

February 8, 2016
NO reviews yet? Wicked jungle, as played by Donovan Bad Boy Smith at Dreamscape 11. Engineered by Optical around the time he was in the studio with Jumping Jack Frost to produce Burial. Great times for sure!

Gas Giant - Gas Giant as reviewed by orbs

February 8, 2016
Smooth and beautiful, this album is a diamond in the rough. All jazz and jazz fusion enthusiasts must hear!

Queens Of The Stone Age - Era Vulgaris as reviewed by loren.england

February 8, 2016
Vinyl pressing is inferior. Suffers from compression, sounds like it was mastered from MP3. It may not be a deal breaker considering it's a pretty noisy rock album. Some listeners may not require the highest fidelity to enjoy it. Having listened to it for years on CD and finally purchasing the vinyl release, the discrepancies are audible.

Max Richter - Sleep as reviewed by a-parasite

February 8, 2016
When I first got this about ten days ago, it sounded flat, with little appeal, not the sweeping emotional upheaval I'd come to expect from Richter. Then I figured out what the problem was: me. I was trying to listen to it as one would any normal album. This is not any normal album. The answer's in the title. It runs to 8 hours. When you lay you down at night, turn the volume down to just-audible and press play, then see what happens. The magic will reveal itself, in your dreams, in the liminal twilight between mind, dreams and sleep, conscious and subconscious. Then you will wake up as Dream 0 (Till Break of Day) enters its sublime final phase, and it will all become clear, and you will not be able to stop the dewy morning tears from rolling down your cheeks, from duct to pillow. Now I play it every night, and even have time for yoga at dawn before it ends. MasterMasterpiece.

We are in an age in which art, and therefore language, and therefore the world itself, is finally reaching new ways, new codes, new horizons. Max Richter's 'Sleep' is one such artefact.

Musicology - Musicology as reviewed by djwey

February 8, 2016
absolutely wonderful EP. telefone 529 & obsessed are both beautiful atmospheric trips.