Jethro Tull - Aqualung gothicturbines

September 2, 2015
edited 5 months ago
This album contains the biggest rock bloopers ever from a band that generally made sense and generally made brilliant music. This album is a strange effort-bearing a title that has no apparent relevance to the subject matter depicted on the album cover-a wandering hobo. The aqualung is a device that enables people to breathe underwater-invented around 1943 by Jacques Cousteau-and later named "the aqualung"-a name that is some kind of acronym for wealth in some circles-which is like saying this is the album that will enable us to go scuba diving forever kind of thing-an album whose title track contains several strings of nonsense lyrics-("they iced the clings onto his beard with screaming agony"-???? & "frilly panties running around in the sun"-again-????-) what total crappolla-and generally what you see when a songs lyric is not finished-released as a finished piece of 'art rock' and hailed as musical genius by progressive rock fans around the world. I think its a weirdly cheap effort from J Tull-a band that has proved itself capable of taking things to a whole new level rock wise more times than not. This album-stupid title aside isn't really a great Tull album despite the now "immortal" guitar solo on its bizarrely named title track. Its a half finished effort through and through-with songs that are little more than an ode to dark and sinister children's nursery rhymes from bygone times in England's dark & dirty industrial revolution days circa the late 19th century. England still has a very dark side to it and this album dwells too much in that unique form of oblivion that still can be found here and there in contemporary England. I don't buy that the title is a reference to TB. Thats like calling sloppy work brilliance when its not. About seven months after this album was released in 1971 Led Zeppelin released their seminal fourth album-with a cover also depicting a hobo-this time in a photograph. Oddly the J Tull cover was based on a photo taken by Ian Anderson's wife. I think that there was a puzzlement about that J Tull album and Led Zeppelin used the cover on their fourth album as if to say-????.

Jethro Tull - Aqualung Beggars_Trash

September 25, 2015

Well written. I think it's like drinking a whiskey. You'll like it or you'll like it not. Thank you for writing these words. I have learned much from you.

Jethro Tull - Aqualung Jerry_Cunningham

February 9, 2013
Does anybody know if the record was released in the original form (11 songs)on CD in Australia - CDP number?

Jethro Tull - Aqualung anthyxx

November 1, 2011
I've got the 1971 french rim pink island/chrysalis 630 2001,gatefold sleeve textured
matrix: 630 2001 1+ 380
630 2001 2+ 380
I don't know if it was a 1971 french first press.

Jethro Tull - Aqualung coremaker

December 9, 2011
Hi..I have a French copy, but that is on the Third Pink Design, with the White i letter
I have not heard of the Pink Rim/Palm three Island of a French copy
Is it possible to get a scan of the label ?

I also have 2 diffrent French copys of the Blue/White Chrysalis with Numbers CHR 1044 and 6307515
Also a French copy on the Green Chrysalis CHR 1044

Thanks coremaker