Mista Savona, Sizzla - Born A King

October 28, 2015
"Born A King", "Champion Sound"; Sizzla is magnificent at some tunes, but at too many tunes like "Set It Off" he f#cks it up completely. Lame lyrics that doesn't fit the energy of riddim. And he even can't keep his pace on that one. And, sadly, also that is classic Sizzla. The dumb way, amateuristic. Don't know how he went wrong for so long. Why at 39 yrs of age he keeps boasting these teenage lyrics as if he can't focus at bigger or higher topics. He doesn't sound as a father, leader, veteran. His timing distorts "Big Man Ting". His slackness doesn't sound honest no more, it has lost its impact, even from him. Then "Why Does The World Cry" shows his style depends too much on his licks and falsetto. Like too many tunes he has done the past 10 years. It doesn't show the great true singing he was once capable of. The production is up, Sizzla is lame, again, way too often.
A king has died, long time already.

Hawkwind - Kings Of Speed

September 21, 2015
Lemmy didn't write Kings Of Speed, but he did write Motorhead.

D'Angelo And The Vanguard (3) - Black Messiah

February 15, 2015
Shame. Still 13 people claiming the own it already. lol

Trio Los Panchos - Los Panchos Favorites

January 17, 2015
edited about 1 year ago
Incredible beautiful songs. Especially "No Me Offendas" and "Pobre Guajiro" are highlights. Heartfelt, natural and a direct delivery. This is the original trio and they sound like the sweet harmony they are. Recommended!

Sun Ra* - Lanquidity

December 18, 2014
Describe that sound, 'cause I don't hear a suspicious, really.

Light Speed Drivers - Rusha 002

November 26, 2014
edited about 1 year ago
Yea I have Kibra Hacha 002 as well as Smoke. Never knew Smoke was a collab. With who exactly?
But good to have it cleared out that this hasn't got a link with Curley.

Zenith - The Flowers Of Intelligence

November 12, 2014
Sow 3 jr later zie ik je reactie. Ik weet wie je bedoeld. Ik heb dezelfde naam en lange tijd ook dreads en kom net zoals je bedoeld uit Ehvn. Mr tis toch een andere. :)

Flying Lotus - You're Dead!

November 1, 2014
edited about 1 year ago
Bullshit. That's only if the space on the record is fairly used as so. On this release it's still densed up to the outer space on the vinyl. 12"s use the space and leave space between the grooves and fill up the platter.
The theorie you're putting doesn't fit this release unfortunately.

Sugar B - I+I Produkt

July 30, 2014
edited about 1 year ago
14 yrs after its release it still sound heavy, furious, tribal and meditative. You hear the soundystem culture through and through. The vibes are extremely dense and packed. Masterful work! Shame Sugar B released only so little.

Dubkasm - Victory!

July 28, 2014
BIG TUNE!! Strictly drum, bass and horns. Deep roots session and meditative vibes.

The Black Keys - Turn Blue

May 15, 2014
Only minor lines are visible. They don't show to have any information in them. But to be sure I put the needle in/on them, which felt a bit stupid. It would be cool, but it only made that terrible noise you'ld expect.

Hawkwind - Urban Guerrilla

April 19, 2014
Sold in The Netherlands as part of Record Store Day 2014.

Pepe Jaramillo - Mexican Magic

March 27, 2014
edited about 1 year ago
Small band playing very delicatly. They are simple songs, but nonetheless they all have a nice atmosphere. This record doesn't have a touristic approach, it all sounds down to earth. Yet skillfully.

Gregory Isaacs - More Gregory

March 24, 2014
Nice smooth roots reggae with an amazing tight band still sounding easy and loosely as can be. That's the power of the best reggae. Gregory breezin' on top with his distinctive voice and cool and catchy lyrics.

Morton Subotnick - Silver Apples Of The Moon

February 26, 2014
On wikipedia it says he was the first composer with electronic music that was commissioned by a record company.
Really? Look at: Kid Baltan - Electronic Music

Jimmy McGriff - Swingin' Organ Sounds

February 15, 2014
"I've Got A Woman" is a very cool exotic organ tune that rocks the sh*t out of floor.

Dennis Brown / Gregory Isaacs - Judge Not

February 3, 2014
Amazing! Dennis in his finest style possible. Pushing his melodical strength in soul felt spiritual directions over hard driven electronic drum patterns, deep basslines and a supreme hornsection. Gregory breezes a cool air out of your boxes as well.
Musical meditation for the nation!

H. Badings* - Philips Technisch Tijdschrift Jaarg. 19 (1957) No. 9

December 26, 2013
Together with the experiments and recordings from Kid Baltan these sounds are created in the laboratory from Philips in Eindhoven. And can be counted as one of the very very first adventures in electronic music. Talking 1957!

King Kong, King Shiloh - Ethiopian Dream

December 19, 2013
edited over 2 years ago
Mellow album as a whole, it doesn't get too urgent. The '2020' cut does push that stronger vibe. Tunes like 'Dem A Fake' and 'Seek Jah' are noteworthy as well. Lots of tunes King Kong sings with a quite modest voice leaving his distinctive sound out of the mix. It's good to hear him singing full out, but the tracks where he deepens his sound are the most valueble as always have been. The overall mix could've been thicker, is something I can't stop thinking when I hear these riddims. King Shiloh have an enormous deep roots sound, but although the melodies are well done it gets flat out a bit by the overall aproach. But know this project is filled with love from its creators.

Linval Thompson - Rocking Vibration

December 13, 2013
Strong tunes, great vocals. Though these album cuts suffer a bit of depth they have on the 12'' versions.

The Slits - Man Next Door

November 26, 2013
Man Next Door is originally by John Holt from 1971 called Gotta Get Away.
But Horace Andy's version has even more power.