Hi, welcome! I'm a buyer, collector, contributor, editor, seller and voter. :-) If you have any questions, send me a message and I'll try to answer, however, occasionally it may take awhile. I've had voting privileges since December 6th, 2010, (at that time I had 1,890 rank points and an average vote of 3.75 with 100 votes).

Audiophile, A collector of Albertan, Canadian, Celtic and Folk Music, Favorite music videos, Favorite songs, last.fm & Shipping terms

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Recommended Audio Software:
Accuraterip ~ Perfect DAE (Digital Audio Extraction)
AcoustID ~ Identify & Fingerprint Songs
Ampache ~ Freeware streaming music server
Audacity ~ Freeware audio editor & recorder
AudioShell ~ Freeware Win2K / XP audio tag integration
CUETools ~ Freeware cue file tools
DADA Auto-Rating For Foobar ~ Automatically rate your music
DRC (Digital Room Correction) ~ Advanced listening room equalization
Drupal ~ Website development platform
EAC (Exact Audio Copy) ~ Advanced freeware CD ripper
FLAC (Free Lossless Audio CODEC) ~ Open-source no loss audio file format
Foobar2000 ~ Advanced freeware audio player
Foobar2000 @ Customize.Org ~ Skinning Foobar
Foobar2000 @ Deviant Art ~ Skins & Themes
foo_discogs = Foobar2000 + Discogs ~ Advanced file tagging
freeDB ~ Set up freeDB access Search FreeDB
KeyFinder ~ Freeware analyzer determines musical key
LAME ~ Freeware mp3 encoder
Mp3tag ~ Freeware metadata tag editor
PlexTools ~ Plextor's CD ripper
RareWares ~ Freeware audio apps & CODECs archive
ReplayGain ~ Advanced gain equalization
ReplayGain & Foobar ~ Implement ReplayGain with Foobar2000
ReplayGain & Foobar under Linux ~ Implement ReplayGain with Wine & Foobar2000
RightMark Audio Analyzer ~ Freeware PC Audio Hardware Analyzer
Sound Hound ~ Name that tune
WinAmp Repository ~ NullSoft WinAmp file archive
Windows DirectShow Filters - Allows Windows to open FLAC & OGG files, freeware
Windows Discogs Gadget ~ Desktop Discogs search
WMP Tag Plus ~ Extends Windows Media Player tag support, freeware

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Audiophile Rock Album Reviews ~ Absolute Sound
Advanced music search ~ Amazon.com
Album artwork search ~ Albumart
Amazing album cover scans ~ Album Art Exchange
Audio forum and resources ~ Audio Asylum
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Balanced Interconnects - Properly connect your gear
Barcode Reader - Inlite Research
Beatles releases comparisons ~ BeatleDrops
Best selling albums ~ Wikipedia
Billboard Magazine Hot 100 ~ Wikipedia
Calgary Cassette Preservation Society ~ Local public domain repository
Canadian artists' discographies ~ Wikipedia
Canadian Folk ~ Last.FM
Canadian Folk Artists ~ Northern Journey
Canadian Folk Music Award Winners ~ The Canadian Folk Music Awards
Canadian Record Album Covers ~ The Record Project
Canadian Society for Traditional Music ~ Arranged by artist
Canadian Music Resources ~ Institute for Canadian Music
Canadian music search ~ Museum Of Canadian Music
Canadian music search ~ Amazon.ca
Cylinder, Disc and Tape Care in a Nutshell ~ The Library of Congress
Digital audio forum ~ Hydrogen Audio
Digital media primer for geeks ~ Xiph.org
Directory of music resources - Open Directory Project
Distortion and music ~ Wikipedia
Dynamic Range Database ~ Album List & Search
EAC set up ~ Hydrogen Audio
EAC gap settings ~ Hydrogen Audio
EAC Guides ~ Hydrogen Audio
EAC cue and log conversion ~ EAC Helper
Encyclopedia ~ MusicBrainz, The Open Music Encyclopedia
Foobar - Skinning Tutorial ~ DeviantArt
Genres - popular ~ Wikipedia
Golden Ears - Hearing Better ~ Philips
Hardware database & equipment resources ~ HiFi Engine
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Loudness War & Poorly Remastered CDs ~ Youtube
Lyric Search ~ Lyrster
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Musipedia ~ The Open Music Encyclopedia
Name of a song is unknown? ~ Name My Tune
Needledrops ~ 78 RPM Music Archive
Pink Floyd Discographies Page ~ Pink Floyd Archives
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Ratings ~ RYM (Rate Your Music)
Record Grades - Record Collectors Guild
Record grading 101 ~ Goldmine
Record labels ~ Wikipedia
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Record Store Search ~ Vinyl Hub
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Rocky Mountain Folk Club ~ Southern Alberta & Calgary Folk Music
Scanning tips ~ by Wayne Fulton
Shipping Info ~ Frank's Compulsive Guide To Postal Addresses
SPARS Codes ~ Wikipedia
Surround Sound Speaker Set-up ~ THX
Stylus maintenance ~ The Magic Eraser Method
Tagging songs by moods ~ Allmusic
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Top 100 Albums Of All Time (2013) ~ Dave's Music Database
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Vinyl Engine ~ All the information you need to get the best sound from your records
Vinyl Pressing Plants ~ Total Sonic Media
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YouTube Music Videos With Pictures - 9 steps ~ WikiHow

Current Audio Projects:
• Add collection to Discogs, RYM, MusicBrainz
• Scan missing artwork with a Plustek OpticPro A320 (looking for more effective imaging software)
• Finish an Aikido based pre-amp from Pearl Audio AKA Bill Perkins.
• Rebuild a pair of original Quad 57s and a mono 57 with two Quad tuners, a Quad pre-amp and two Quad II amps

My Hardware:
Altec 1569 monoblocks (highly modified)
Bill Perkins hand built PR-2 speakers
Krell KPS-30i
Linn Basik turntable with an Akito tonearm
M-Audio Audiophile 24/96
Meridian 101 Preamp
Nakamichi: BX-300, BX-125, CD-4 & TD-700
Pioneer DV-48AV DVD-A / MP3 / SACD player
Plextor 40/12/40A
Quad IIs, a 33 Preamp,a 303 Amp & a pair of semi rebuilt Quad ESL 57s
Quad Electrostatic Loudspeakers & Quad Today
Spin Clean Record Washer

Listening for alien DJs

"Censorship reflects society's lack of confidence" ~ Potter Stewart

About having the very last word. ;~)
Recent Activity
submitted Joe Nolan (3) - Goodbye Cinderella. about 8 hours ago
submitted Karla Anderson - The Embassy Sessions. about 9 hours ago
submitted Karla Anderson - Brand New Day. about 17 hours ago
submitted The Swingfield Quartet - Take Five - A Jazzy Coffee Break. 1 day ago
submitted Greg Paul (3) - Love Will. 4 days ago
submitted John Tesh - One World. 4 days ago
added Soulfood - Zen Lounge to their collection. 5 days ago
added Erroll Garner - Concert By The Sea to their collection. 5 days ago
added Anna Nalick - Wreck Of The Day to their collection. 5 days ago
submitted Cowpuncher (3) - The Brown Album / Call Me When You're Single. 5 days ago
submitted Gary Koliger - Loopsatively. 5 days ago
added Kitaro - From The Full Moon Story to their collection. 9 days ago
submitted Deborah Nyack - Unforgettable. 9 days ago
added Various - Classical Classics Volume II to their collection. 10 days ago
added Various - Holiday Favourites Volume 2 to their collection. 10 days ago
added Various - Smithbooks Holiday Favourites Volume 1 to their collection. 10 days ago
added Hans Zimmer - The House Of The Spirits to their collection. 11 days ago
added Various - National Lampoon's Animal House - Original Motion Picture Soundtrack to their collection. 11 days ago
added The Wilderness Of Manitoba - When You Left The Fire to their collection. 11 days ago
added Various - Women & Songs 6 to their collection. 11 days ago
added Annie Herring - Glimpses to their collection. 11 days ago
added Velvet Elvis - Velvet Elvis to their collection. 11 days ago
added Ashley MacIsaac - Fine Thank You Very Much - A Traditional Album to their collection. 11 days ago
added Supreme Beings Of Leisure - Supreme Beings Of Leisure to their collection. 11 days ago
submitted Kris Allen - Kris Allen. 11 days ago
added The Watchmen (2) - In The Trees to their collection. 11 days ago
added John Jones (4) - Rising Road to their collection. 11 days ago
added The Co-Dependents - Live Recording Event to their collection. 11 days ago
submitted Steve Pineo - A Perfectly Good Friendship. 19 days ago
submitted Gary Koliger - In My Dreams. 25 days ago
added Billy Cowsill* - Live From The Crystal Ballroom Calgary, AB July, 1985 to their collection. 25 days ago
added The Co-Dependents - Live At The Mecca Cafe Volume 2 to their collection. 25 days ago
submitted Various - The Ultimate Spring CD #3. 28 days ago
submitted David Lanz - Cristofori's Dream. about 1 month ago
submitted Big Sugar - Heated. about 1 month ago
submitted Various - Weird Nightmare: Meditations On Mingus. about 1 month ago
submitted Buffy Sainte-Marie - Coincidence & Likely Stories. about 1 month ago
submitted Cowboy Junkies - Black Eyed Man. about 1 month ago
submitted Cowboy Junkies - Lay It Down. about 1 month ago
submitted Mary Black - No Frontiers. about 1 month ago
submitted Ann Gray - A Twist In The Tale. about 1 month ago
submitted Richard Searles - Emerald Castles. about 1 month ago
submitted Los Lobos - La Pistola Y El Corazón. about 1 month ago
submitted Various - A Very Special Christmas. about 1 month ago
submitted Buddy Holly - The Best Of Buddy Holly. about 1 month ago
submitted Ruby Blue - Down From Above. about 1 month ago
submitted Michael Hedges - Taproot. about 1 month ago
added Giant Sand - Glum to their collection. about 1 month ago
submitted Tom Phillips (10) - Mr. Superlove. about 1 month ago
submitted Gaye Delorme - Rodeo Songs. about 1 month ago