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Full time record dealer and obsessive archivist, in alternating order of importance. Crossing many genres and (happily) have conquered none. Feel free to ask, inquire, comment, engage.

Record shows and fairs are a blast-- real people, real records, real deals, real time. And you don't sit in front of a screen for a change. Inquire or check these links :!/group.php?gid=152996232598

I sell PHYSICAL music and I DO NOT convert analog to digital (that means NO ripping tracks even if you offer to pay). If owning actual physical music is a burden for you, you are in the wrong place. Likewise, it's very difficult for me to listen to a record specifically for a buyer. I will do what I can, but there's only so many hours in the day.

Vinyl record culture (and audio-/videocassette) is explored in detail on my Instagram-- @DomCasualDiscos.

Blog based on classic record store label artwork (which is in dire need of update)... Check it out:

AS A DEALER: I strive for VERY ACCURATE descriptions and careful grading on my items for sale.
++As a rule, only SEALED records can be graded MINT. Additionally MINT records are ONLY those that are sure to be unplayed and show no signs of external damage. NM- is my highest unsealed grade.
++Grading is VISUAL unless noted.
++Over 2000 SEALED ORIGINAL items for sale and more on the way.
++I'm always adding releases to the Discogs database, scan through my items and you'll find some very obscure pieces, some unavailable elsewhere.
++Yes I love music, but hoarding or boasting is for the other guys. Over TWO THOUSAND of my items for sale are open to offers and the majority of offers are accepted.

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submitted Little Clint And The Gospel Extremes - Bells Are Ringing. about 12 hours ago
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submitted Basil Poledouris - Anvil Of Crom (Music From The Original Motion Picture Soundtrack "Conan The Barbarian"). 11 days ago
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submitted The Tony Pastor Show - Selections From The Album: Shakin' Up Vegas. 23 days ago
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submitted Diana (53) & Barry Heptone - Sang To Me. 26 days ago
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submitted Lance Luce - How Deep Is Your Love / More Than A Woman. 26 days ago
submitted Joe Tex - Love Shortage. 27 days ago
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submitted Reuben Howell - Constant Disappointment. 28 days ago
submitted Kathe Green - Beautiful Changes. 28 days ago
submitted Merle Haggard - My Farewell To Elvis. 28 days ago
submitted Various - Dancehall Reggaespañol. about 1 month ago
submitted Jigsy King - Dem Cant Whine. about 1 month ago
submitted Ambeleque - I Can't Let Go. about 1 month ago
submitted Chico (2) - No Evidence. about 1 month ago
submitted Shampayn & Skina (2) - Shorty. about 1 month ago
submitted Shadow (11) - From Me To You. about 1 month ago
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submitted Ghost (6) - She's All. about 1 month ago
submitted Monster Shack* - Do You Wanna Ride. about 1 month ago
submitted Monster Shack* - Fly Re-Mix. about 1 month ago
submitted Team Urban - Southern Boy. about 1 month ago
submitted King Wyre - Island Man. about 1 month ago
submitted Michael Sterling - What Do You Do?. about 1 month ago
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submitted Murphy's Law (2) - Murphy's Law / Back With A Bong!. about 1 month ago
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