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posted a review of Dust Club - X-One. 6 days ago
X-One (Dirty Face mix) is pure party-time Belgian Techno. Hard & aggressive, but also bouncy & fun.

The Original mix is just as bouncy, with the addition of very coarse 'ardkore riffs. Usually I'd love them, but to me they are too rough against the ... See full review
posted a review of QBass - Hardcore Will Never Die. 7 days ago
Raw as fuck, and unapologetic about that fact.

Proper '91 UK rave anthem.
posted a review of Peppermint Lounge - Perfect High. 9 days ago
Does anyone know when these blue labels were introduced? The WOM 12" label lasted 2 years as far as I can tell, and there are blue label variants of tracks from both those years.

Perhaps the blue labels are a later reissue series, maybe '85 or '86? Who ... See full review
posted a review of Lusine Icl* - Language Barrier. 9 days ago
A stunning album from start to finish. While it is Ambient, and yes you can play it in the background or when drifting off to sleep, it is actually lively & interesting enough to maintain your attention should you desire.

And there is plenty to find ... See full review
posted a review of Rodd-Y-Ler - Lifesigns. 11 days ago
Nurse's Alternative Solution on the '98 release is a very cool version, which you can't overlook.

The structure is that little bit ahead of the original mix, in that is sounds more in-line with '98-'00 Trance and less typical of the off-beat bounciness ... See full review
posted a comment on Go To - Girl Of The 80's. 11 days ago
Needs a reissue. Perhaps Dark Entries Editions?

. . . . . .
submitted Young Monday - Zaïre EP. 12 days ago
posted a review of Radio Cosmos. 14 days ago
A superb label, which really highlighted many cool artists from this very specific style of music.

As you can see, the label was very into 70's space design aesthetic (just check out the sweet sleeve for Split Dimension 1).

This is apparent to a degree in ... See full review
posted a review of Metapsychosis - The Oracle. 16 days ago
Clearly influenced by Apotheosis, this track is a very well produced play on the "opera vocal stabs over hard techno" vibe of the early 90's.

It's pretty intense stuff, definitely not for the minimal scene.

But for those who like it ... See full review
posted a review of Messiah - 20,000 Hardcore Members. 16 days ago
20,000 Hardcore Members has a vibe like the soundtrack to an Amiga game around 1991. Very raw & rough rave, not exactly what you'd call audiophile material.

That's part of the charm with early 90's UK Rave. Much like the late 70's Punk movement, it had ... See full review
posted a review of Various - Beyond The Threshold. 17 days ago
Untie Yer Mind is a really trippy track, but still with plenty of '91 'ardkore feeling.

It's got some LFO style bleeps & some spoken word samples which may make it sound '90, but the main riff is totally '91 and and it's a chunky one indeed!

The ... See full review
posted a review of Fazer - Tekknological Crime. 17 days ago
Definitely for the headstrong. Both sides are very intense oldschool techno rave, pumping and relentless.

Tekknological Crime is the main track, and my god it is psychotic. Many old rave tracks sound cheesy not because of the sounds used, but by the ... See full review
posted a comment on Various - Hohokum Soundtrack. 17 days ago
My copy sounds fine, a nice rich sound without any surface noise or pops.
posted a review of Cappella - U Got 2 Let The Music. 20 days ago
As with the majority of Media releases, there's at least 8 different mixes to choose from.

It's been well documented how successfully they capitalised on dance culture, and it's hard to blame them when their standard of music is so strong.

Whether you ... See full review
posted a comment on Chelsea Wolfe - Pain Is Beauty. 20 days ago
Stick with black vinyl if you want good sound quality. My copy is black and it sounds great.
posted a comment on Chelsea Wolfe - Abyss. 20 days ago
Any chance that this will be released on black vinyl? So sick of shitty sounding coloured vinyl.
posted a review of CLS - Can You Feel It. 21 days ago
The In House Dub is undeniably an oldschool rave classic, but give credit to the Blizzard mix as well.

It's kinda "Hard (Hip) House". A nice little rasping bassline runs under some hands-in-the-air piano, along with some pretty cool MC lines.

But yeah, ... See full review
posted a review of Tyrell Corp. - Running 2.0. 23 days ago
The Picotto remix is a fantastic, dark trip.

Hard, driving techno with very a very cool production. Mauro was on top form with this remix.

Funnily enough, if you play the b-side remix by Tom Wax at 45pm you get a great Happy Hardcore tune.

posted a review of Experimental Products - Glowing In The Dark. 24 days ago
I'd be very interested in hearing the sound quality of this compared to the tracks that were on Tracks To Glow In The Dark.

Can someone from VOD please assure us all that the master tapes were used for this transfer, and not low quality mp3 rips and / or vinyl ... See full review
posted a comment on Carol - Breakdown. 25 days ago
Will it be on 7" or 12"? Let's hope it's 12"!
posted a comment on Grauzone - Eisbær. 27 days ago
Film 2 is an absolute Techno beast. I don't mean early 80's Techno from the US, I'm talking full-on Dave Clarke style Techno from the mid-90's!

An amazing track.
posted a review of Experimental Products - Glowing In The Dark. about 1 month ago
Glowing In The Dark is undoubtedly a classic, but the b-sides are in my mind equally as good.

Love Changes has a distinct Italo vibe, with an irresistible chorus. Very cool, very sexy, very 1984 underground. There's none of the bombast you associate ... See full review
posted a comment on Nightmoves* - Transdance. about 1 month ago
No sibilance on my copy. Maybe check your stylus?
posted a comment on Todd Terje - It's Album Time. about 1 month ago
Not necessarily true, sorenfissure. Sure, you can sample new releases on artist's websites / download sites, but what about all those obscure old records?

Youtube is an incredibly valuable place to sample old records, thanks to people uploading ... See full review
posted a comment on Fierce Ruling Diva - Rubb It In. about 1 month ago
The vocals are sampled from the legendary "Dish Appella" (Loleatta Holloway) from My Loleatta.
posted a review of Cafe Society* - Somebody To Love / Knight Rider. about 1 month ago
Sadly the track Knight Rider is not a cover of the awesome 80's theme tune, but a rather generic Disco-Funk number.

Even still, you can't go wrong with the epic Bobby "O" inspired remix of Jefferson Airplane's Somebody To Love.

Buy this for the a-side, ... See full review
posted a comment on Various - 1970's Disco Hits. 2 months ago
Agreed. I've only heard the track Cool It, and that is clearly early 80's Hi-NRG.
posted a comment on Kai Tracid - Liquid Skies. 2 months ago
I guess it's a matter of opinion, but I think saxophones outside of Jazz sound either awkward or unbearably cheesy.

Kinda reminds me of 80's ads for female hygiene products...
posted a review of Henry Badowski - Life Is A Grand. 2 months ago
It's a really lovely LP. Badowski has a very distinct voice, which ironically cannot avoid comparisons with Syd Barrett.

This Barrett aesthetic is not just in the sound, but also lyrically. Badowski has a way of telling stories which have a very similar ... See full review
posted a comment on Rhythm Device - Acid Rock. 2 months ago
Spot on, mate.
posted a comment on Matt Berry (3). 2 months ago
Primarily seen as a comedy actor / writer for television, you could be forgiven for investigating his music with a sense of uneasy doubt.

However, once you realise that not only is he accomplished as an actor but also as a songwriter (fans of Snuff Box ... See full review
posted a comment on Kaleidoscope (2) - Faintly Blowing. 2 months ago
A quick look on Popsike will show that this release is worth a solid £750 in NM/NM.

The sales history here shows one reissue (I wish there was an option to alert Discogs of NAI post-sale), and another VG+/VG+ which, if the real deal, has landed someone ... See full review
posted a comment on Various - I Love Disco Diamonds Collection Vol. 50. 2 months ago
Wow, that's incredible! Very well spotted!
posted a review of Jean Michel Jarre* - Metamorphoses. 2 months ago
It's a very fine album which actually deserves a vinyl reissue (hello RSD?), but the eccentric ratings are probably due to a few factors...

For a start, the vocals. Yes, Natacha Atlas brings her stunning eastern promise to C'est la vie. And while there ... See full review
posted a review of Orkidea - Revolution Industrielle. 2 months ago
A very respectful remix of the Jarre classic, by one of the most respected Trance producers of the past 15 years.

Orkidea treats the melody with dignity, class & flair.

I really hope Jean-Michel has listened to this remix and decides to collaborate ... See full review
posted a comment on Various - ZYX Italo Disco Spacesynth Collection. 2 months ago
Some tracks are faded to fit the 1 hour 20 minute CD running times.

This destroys the point of having the tracks digitally.

Why not use 3 CDs like the other ZYX Italo compilations do? Failing that, just use less tracks.

Collectors would rather have ... See full review
posted a review of Juan Atkins - 20 Years 1985 - 2005. 3 months ago
I'm not too sure about the audio quality of this release. There seems to be drops in sound in places (listen to Cosmic Cars when the vocal comes in around 20 seconds), also vinyl rips?

Really? Vinyl rips?

I could do that myself. When I buy a CD / ... See full review
posted a review of Tech Man 1 - Vol. 4. 3 months ago
Keep On Pumping It Up is one hell of a hands-in-the-air track.

A thumping 4/4 rhythm drives along with euphoric stabs, and it's very unique. You can tell the obvious influence of Belgium, but the track still retains a distinctive US vibe.

Clean ... See full review
posted a review of Manya - Let Me Be. 3 months ago
A sublime remix by Agnelli & Nelson, showing very classy restraint considering the 1999 release date.

There are no massive riffs here, it's a very smooth track with an almost progressive construction. That's not to say it's not euphoric, far from it. ... See full review
posted a review of Klein & MBO* - Dirty Talk. 3 months ago
Absolute classic Italo Disco bomb! 1982, people. 1982!

Right up there in the all-time "best of Italo Disco" rundown.

posted a review of Carol & Snowy Red - Breakdown. 3 months ago
Incredible sound quality on this 12".

The remix version is awful though, incorporating a saxophone. It gives the track the totally wrong vibe, considering the minimal synth aesthetic of the original.

Not that it matters, that version is on the ... See full review
posted a review of M.I.K.E. - Turn Out The Lights. 3 months ago
Quintessential M.I.K.E.
posted a review of DJ Hixxy* & MC Sharkey* - Toy Town. 3 months ago
All hail the Happy Hardcore anthem!

There can be no other.
posted a comment on DJ Scot Project - FM (Feelin' Me). 3 months ago
Absolute classic.
posted a review of Fisher Project - I Get A Rush. 3 months ago
Yeah the Chab remix is outstanding.

He always had this knack of making Progressive sound energetic & exciting, which was often lacking in that style.

As usual, the vibe is incredibly dark & evil. As rrssage said, it's all about the bassline. It ... See full review
posted a review of Q-Tex - Equazion Remix EP. 3 months ago
Superb sound quality on these digital files.

Don't expect some loud-as-fuck, compressed "remasters" here. Full respect to Scott Brown for this.
posted a review of Arome - Visions Of Paradize. 3 months ago
The last of Scot Project's "Arome" project, and what a way to bow out.

Without a doubt one of his top-10 classics. It sits right up there alongside Hands Up and Overdrive.

Pure Hard Trance euphoria, right at the peak.

Listening to this music sober is ... See full review
posted a review of Artemisia* - Bits And Pieces. 3 months ago
Bits & Pieces is such a strange track to pigeon hole, given that is doesn't fit into any real style.

I suppose the closest thing you can get, around the '94 era, is "Happy House". That's not a style at all, but it's what everyone called this tune back ... See full review
posted a review of Choopie & Shmuel* - Sunrising. 3 months ago
Agree with the other reviewers, this is still a superb track and definitely one of the less-well known classics of the Trance "golden age".

It's appeal lies in its uniqueness. There's nothing quite like it. Dutch in structure, yet with a melody which ... See full review
posted a comment on Benny Benassi Presents The Biz (5) - No Matter What You Do. 4 months ago
Anyone else find that this Danish issue is totally brickwalled? The G&M Project remix distorts from the kick intro alone!