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Another CD slowly dying due to the infamous PDO CD rot... Needs a reissue (with the correct film soundtrack) now!
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posted a review of Tron (11) - The Germans Are Scum. 2 months ago
A staggering, incomprehensible, career-destroying release. With an offensive title and often equally offensive and insulting lyrics, why this album was released is a mystery. Now, there ARE some good ideas for songs lurking here, but they are buried ... See full review
submitted Tron (11) - The Germans Are Scum. 2 months ago
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submitted Wang Chung - To Live And Die In L.A.. 3 months ago
submitted L. Ron Hubbard - Is It Possible To Be Happy?. 3 months ago
submitted T.Rex* - Get It On. 3 months ago
posted a review of David Bowie - David Bowie. 3 months ago
An absolutely stunning remaster by Ray Staff. It's like hearing the album anew! A complete 'must have' for any Bowie fan.
posted a review of T.Rex* - Cockpit '71. 3 months ago
Great little collector's gem, ruined by the fact that it's a cheapo CDr...
posted a review of Marilyn Monroe - Diamonds. 4 months ago
Beautifully packaged and designed, no errors, accurate liner notes and no erroneous Sandra Dee track in sight! One of the very best Marilyn collections out there.
submitted T.Rex* - Cockpit '71. 4 months ago
submitted Tim Bowness - Stupid Things That Mean The World. 4 months ago
submitted RVSB - Nightlife. 4 months ago
posted a review of Grandmaster Flash - The Message. 4 months ago
A compilation SO riddled with errors it's just not worth bothering with. Track listing errors, titling errors and (worst of all) mastering errors. A dreadful, sloppy mess. Avoid and buy one of the other compilations instead.
submitted T-Rex* - The Very Best Of T-Rex. 4 months ago
submitted David Bowie - Low. 4 months ago
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