During the 90's active as one of the leaders of English written electrozine called Crewzine (also mail-order catalogue and cassette label) dedicated to genres like EBM, industrial, dark ambient, darkwave, synth-pop.... Now active as a big fan, collector, supporter, occasional hobby Discogs contributor and reviewer of CDs in ambient, tribal and deep space genre.

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posted a review of Michael Brückner - Eleventh Sun. 6 days ago
Michael Brückner "Eleventh Sun" CDr

German sound architect Michael Brückner, based in Mainz, certainly belongs to the most prolific artists within electronic subgenres with his really extensive discography counting, I believe, over 100 solo and ... See full review
submitted The Opposer Divine - Reverse//Human. 11 days ago
posted a review of Elrox Ambient Session - Tralfamadore. 13 days ago
Elrox Ambient Session "Tralfamadore" CDr

I remember well that day, November 10th, 2015, when two orders from Norway from two unknown projects arrived into my mailbox and graced my collection. Both absolutely new to me, now few months later, I can ... See full review
posted a review of In The Branches - Expanse Sessions. 20 days ago
In The Branches "Expanse Sessions" CDr

I still deeply treasure the day from the beginning of August 2015, when Roy Mattson turned my ears to this unknown solo ambient project hailing from Portland (thanks a lot, Roy!!!). August 6th was the day, when ... See full review
posted a review of Jaja (3) - Endless. 27 days ago
Jaja "Endless" CDr

German stargazer Jaja, with domicile in Köln, has been quite busy during 2015 with really gorgeous batch of pro CDr releases such as "Stellamare", "Endless" and "Starlight". Spacedrifting endeavors of Jaja started back in 2009, since ... See full review
posted a review of Super Fata - Structural Tendency. about 1 month ago
Super Fata "Structural Tendency" CD

Wow, where this project comes from? These were most likely my first words, when rather serendipitously encountering the soundworlds of Super Fata, a Norwegian project based in Oslo and driven by its sole protagonist ... See full review
posted a review of Steve Roach - Bloodmoon Rising. about 1 month ago
Steve Roach "Bloodmoon Rising" 4xCD

The whole odyssey started Steve Roach quite clandestinely back in the April of 2014, when recording a long-form piece for the first eclipse at April 15th. Then followed another three compositions with, in the meantime ... See full review
submitted Ascanio Borga - Altered States. about 1 month ago
submitted Julio Di Benedetto - A Tide Pool Of Memories. about 1 month ago
submitted Common Ground (14) - Common Ground. about 1 month ago
posted a review of Mathias Grassow - AeroAreA. about 1 month ago
Mathias Grassow "AeroAreA" 4xCD

"AeroAreA" is a monster 4CD Set by Mathias Grassow, released during July 2015 on prolific Russian GS Productions label in limited edition of 100 copies. This Moscow based label mainly focuses on styles such as black ... See full review
posted a review of Dirk Serries - Disorientation Flow. 2 months ago
Dirk Serries "Disorientation Flow" CD

Dirk Serries, the Belgian giant behind vanished vidnaObmana, is back with another spectacular chapter of his intriguing guitar drone magic. "Disorientation Flow" album, which is out since May 2015, is a follow-up to ... See full review
posted a review of Aglaia - Ephemeral Blue. 2 months ago
Aglaia "Ephemeral Blue" CD

After two albums released just before the Christmas 2014, "Primeval Nebula" and "Intangible Opacity", Aglaia's soundscape shaman Gino Fioravanti returns with another two new beauties, "Ephemeral Blue" and "Florealia Nocturna", ... See full review
posted a review of Steve Brand - Sanctuary. 2 months ago
Steve Brand "Sanctuary" 2xCDr

2015 is undoubtedly a very prolific year for Steve Brand, who has released so far four outstanding albums on his Pioneer Light Music label. "Sanctuary", being the third of them, is a double pro CDr album, which is out since ... See full review
submitted Elrox Ambient Session - Tralfamadore. 2 months ago
submitted Super Fata - Structural Tendency. 2 months ago
submitted Super Fata - Percipient. 2 months ago
posted a review of Frore - Cyclic Movement. 2 months ago
Frore "Cyclic Movement" CDr

Paul Casper from Virginia Beach, the sole protagonist behind Frore, remains united with Relaxed Machinery gang and his second album for this label, entitled "Cyclic Movement", is out since January 2015. Featuring attractive ... See full review
posted a review of Deborah Martin - Eye Of The Wizard. 3 months ago
Deborah Martin "Eye Of The Wizard" CD

Deborah Martin joined Spotted Peccary team in 1991, became partner/owner of this label and debuted on "Tracks In Time" label compilation with several collaboration and solo contributions. In 1995 her first album ... See full review
submitted In The Branches - Expanse Sessions. 3 months ago
submitted Jaja (3) - Endless. 3 months ago
submitted Jaja (3) - Starlight. 3 months ago
posted a review of The Gateless Gate - Сибирь Sibir. 3 months ago
The Gateless Gate "Сибирь Sibir" CDr

Canadian duo The Gateless Gate, comprised of Allister Thompson and Teri-Lynn Janveau, has released before six digital albums. Active since 2012, actually firstly as a solo project of Allister Thompson, while ... See full review
posted a review of Phobos (11) - Sector Four. 3 months ago
Phobos "Sector Four" CDr

Phobos is a pseudonym of UK based droneforger David Thompson, who is active on the scene since 2009, when his CDr debut "Darkness Within" was released on AmbientLive label. Since his second "Monolith" CDr, which was released ... See full review
posted a review of Darwin Raymond & Jacob Newman - Transitions. 3 months ago
Darwin Raymond & Jacob Newman "Transitions" CDr

Starting with Darwin Raymond, an Ohio based guitar-infused soundsculptor, I must say he is a brand new name to me, while his teammate in this project, Jacob Newman from Colorado, I noticed for the first ... See full review
posted a review of Oophoi* - Penumbra Recollected 3. 3 months ago
Oophoi "Penumbra Recollected 3" CD

Dennis Knopper, the driving force behind Dutch label Databloem continues in keeping alive the legacy of Gianluigi "Gigi" Gasparetti, The Lord of unfathomable drones, and persistently dusts off some rare, deeply ... See full review
submitted Aglaia - Florealia Nocturna. 3 months ago
submitted Aglaia - Ephemeral Blue. 3 months ago
posted a review of Julio Di Benedetto - Original Light. 3 months ago
Julio Di Benedetto "Original Light" CD

Julio Di Benedetto is a Floridian soundcarver, based on the Treasure Coast, who returns to a glass mastered format after 7 years, when his 2CD debut "Living At A Higher Frequency" was released through his Digital ... See full review
submitted Deborah Martin - Eye Of The Wizard. 3 months ago
submitted Steve Brand - Songs From Unknown Territory. 3 months ago
posted a review of Strom Noir - ΕΣΟΠΤΡΟΝ. 3 months ago
Strom Noir "ΕΣΟΠΤΡΟΝ" cassette

For this gorgeously looking release Slovak guitar dronescaper Emil Maťko aka Strom Noir has teamed with sympathetic Russian label ΠΑΝΘΕΟΝ, based in Yaroslavl and run by Tim Six. This label has quickly achieved its glory ... See full review
posted a review of Hakobune - All My Regret For Nothing Remembered. 3 months ago
Hakobune "All My Regret For Nothing Remembered" cassette

Wow, since I returned to reviewing back in 2010, this is the first time I will focus on a release available on a cassette format. Yes, except vinyl it seems like also this almost dusted format is ... See full review
posted a review of Steve Roach - Etheric Imprints. 4 months ago
Steve Roach "Etheric Imprints" CD

After triumphant 2015 releases such as nebulously embracing "Invisible" or spectacularly sparkling analog projects "Skeleton Keys", Steve Roach delves deeper into tranquilly enrapturing terrains, significantly marked by ... See full review
submitted Polygon - Sein Lernen Remixes. 4 months ago
submitted Steve Roach - Bloodmoon Rising. 4 months ago
posted a review of Markus Reuter, Zero Ohms - From Worlds Unseen A Light Yet Streams A Sound Replete. 4 months ago
Markus Reuter, Zero Ohms "From Worlds Unseen A Light Yet Streams A Sound Replete" CDr

This is the second collaborative effort, but first released on physical format, between respected German touch-style guitarist Markus Reuter and US woodwind wizard, ... See full review
submitted Robert Davies - Dwelling Place. 4 months ago
submitted The Winterhouse - Slow Awakening. 4 months ago
submitted Nunc Stans - Further Afield. 4 months ago
submitted Darwin Raymond & Jacob Newman - Transitions. 4 months ago
posted a review of Sean Washburn - Wave Mantra. 4 months ago
Sean Washburn "Wave Mantra" CD

"Wave Mantra" CD by American soundexplorer Sean Washburn, based in Maryland, was released on Swedish gterma label during the middle of April, 2015, but the story behind this album is much much older. As far I know, it was ... See full review
posted a review of Steve Brand - Second Spring. 4 months ago
Steve Brand "Second Spring" CDr

One of the most exceptional ambient soundforgers these days, Steve Brand, returns with his second 2015 album entitled "Second Spring". As usual for this Kansan maestro, the album is released through his own Pioneer Light ... See full review
submitted Phillip Wilkerson - Swiftly The Sun. 4 months ago
posted a review of Radiant Mind - Strands. 5 months ago
Radiant Mind "Strands" CD

Almost three years ago I reviewed debut CDr album of Radiant Mind, entitled "Sense", released on emerging US label Periphery, now active as Anodize (run by Darren Bergstein). Radiant Mind's driving force Robert Englis was at ... See full review
posted a review of Forrest Fang - Letters To The Farthest Star. 5 months ago
Forrest Fang "Letters To The Farthest Star" CD

As usual for this Chinese-American master of electro-acoustic world/ambient soundsculpting, it's almost impossible to list all the instruments he uses during the recording sessions in his Hangar studio in ... See full review
posted a review of Mathias Grassow & John Haughm - Auræ. 5 months ago
Mathias Grassow & John Haughm "Auræ" CD

After amazing collaborative debut "Mosaic", released during June 2012, German dronescaper par excellence Mathias Grassow and one of the driving forces behind acclaimed progressive US dark metal project Agalloch, ... See full review
submitted Symatic Star & String Theories (2) - Oscillation I. 5 months ago
posted a review of Time Being (2) - A Place To Belong. 5 months ago
Time Being "A Place To Belong" CD

Respected Floridian soundscaper Phillip Wilkerson joins his forces with crafted Spotted Peccary photographer, designer and composer Jourdan Laik, based in Wisconsin, to reactivate their Time Being project. Their notable ... See full review
submitted Chronotope Project - Dawn Treader. 5 months ago