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This is the earliest intelligible recording of the human voice: an historic 20-second version of "Au clair de la lune" made in April 9, 1860, 17 years before Thomas Edison invented the Phonograph.

Léon Scott patented his own invention (n°31470) under the name "phonautographe" on March 25, 1857.
The scientific principles of "phonautographie" was sent under sealed letter to Académie des Sciences on January 26, 1857 as an evidence of his invention.

Conceived as a stenographic device, the "phonautographe" recorded sound through a horn that focused the sound waves onto a membrane to which a wild boar's bristle was attached, causing the bristle to move and enabling it to inscribe the sound onto a lamp-blackened glass plate, later replaced by a lamp-blackened paper mounted on a drum or cylinder.

This device was not meant to, and could not play back recorded sound. It simply traced a visual representation of the sound waves that hit the bristle. It was not until 2008 that researches were able to re-create the sound waves that would have been used to trace the pattern in the soot.

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May 29, 2018
edited 10 months ago
It was interesting to read the history on this. Cool they were able to recreate the audio.

Also, this is objectionably the best music in the world.


June 16, 2017
edited about 1 year ago
I agree with "X-Vinylit" 3 say have this, but it is really impossible, "stop the mythomanes"
We know that there are mythomaniacs for others rarity on discogs, but we do not concretely prove it.
Whereas here we have an irrefutable proof.
I even have 2 records that are one of kind, And although there are obviously mythos say they have it,
It must give them happiness to make others believe a lie, or, to try to convince themselves of something, I know not, in any case it is pitiful.


April 22, 2017
3 people have this ? But there is only one copy in the world!


July 7, 2016
fucking massive tune! never leaves my record bag! always goes off!


May 1, 2016
edited over 2 years ago
wow this is awesome. But what is the 2009 verson?!


March 18, 2016

Very Cool! I'll keep my eyes open for this! Thanks for the info. Contributors!


March 23, 2015
The remastered version on 180g vinyl is superb. Look for the Japanese pressing.


October 1, 2012
edited over 6 years ago
This is the oldest recording of sound yes? Well i would love this although as its a cylinder i wont have anything to play it on but just for a keepsake id certainly want this. I bet the money it could fetch at all the leading auction houses worldwide would be phenomenal. I noticed they spoilt it by re releasing it again in 2009. Dont you just hate it when they do that!. Music or in this case, sound! is all a part of history so should stay as a part of history. According to Ogs no-one owns the original cylinder but 39 including myself want a copy. I bet there isnt enough to go around, maybe 38 will end up with nothing thats how rare this is. Id give anything for it!.


September 25, 2012
I remember when this jam first came out. Back then they didn't have CD's, you'd basically re-record on cassette and pop it in the tape deck you had in your Lexus or Acura


July 18, 2011
Waiting for the techno remix to come out :)