à;GRUMH... ‎– Live At Rock'in'Chair 1984

Titicaca Records ‎– TTKK 4001


Notes from the à;GRUMH... official website : "This is the recording of the two live performances given by à;GRUMH... in the original "mystical" line-up in the "Rock'in'Chair" record shop of our friend Leloup in Liège (Belgium) on 24th of october 1984 at 3.30pm and 6pm. The band is P3 lACSAP, S3 eVETS and J3 sEUQCAJ. Most of the performance is industrial improvisation. The sound is powerful and the performances are quite amazing, considering the small equipment in place (two monophonic synthesizers, a drum machine, a small organ and one delay. Performance One Track list includes : "Beuâârr", "Anion HCO3 3.5g/l (normalisation)", "Blah Blah (Centre Nodal)". Performance Two is "Anion HCO3 (Leloup Reprise)", "Theeeme for Blaine (Zoj)", "Radicalement Différent", "Bâtonnets (annulé par le public)", "LeLoup Loop" and "Applause on Music". In the audience, constant visual performances from heavily falling artist "Strike" adds to the quality of the sensaural memory. The recording is influenced by Pepper Vodka. Total time is 40 minutes".

Total running time is 41:34.
Handmade artwork may vary from a copy to another.
The masters of these recordings are very probably themselves on a long time engraved CDr (sound deficient).