Ігор Цимбровський* ‎– Прийди Янголе = Przyjdź Aniele

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August 22, 2018

Irop has one of the greatest falsettos ever. I want this tape so bad.


September 13, 2017
Are the cassettes that have been recently flooding the discogs market (see sales history) legit? All from the same seller I note.


July 16, 2017
It doesn’t make much sense to describe the music — just click on the link below and listen. But there is a short, raw story, from Vitali Bardetski who produced the album in 1995: «I don’t remember much when recalling what happened over 20 years ago. I met Ihor thru my older brother who was studiyng architecture at the polytechnical institute of Lviv. I believe Ihor was studying construction or maybe architecture too. I was much younger than Ihor and already managed a few pop artists. I used to spend most of the time in Berlin. Once my bro played me a demo tape by Ihor, and i got really excited and asked brother to introduce me to him. I proposed to go to a studio. At that time there were probably only 2 studios in Lviv. We recorded everything in a single day, all 100% live, no edits, nothing. Just some crazy delay — Ihor liked it sounding a bit «dubby“. The whole session was a pure magic. I just told our engineer «touch nothing now and relax». «Come Angel» — we recorded it twice as there was a malfunction of a tape recorder. I believe I paid something like 100 US$ for everything. That was actually a lot — my rent for a 1 room apartment in the very center was around 25 bucks a month. First we released it ourselves on cassettes with b&w sleeves copied on xerox. I met a crazy guy in Berlin (Gogo was his nickname). He was already working with some ex East Block artists and offered a mini tour in Berlin and the area around it. We came to Berlin and played a few gigs, really strange venues, mainly bars in squats, but it was lots of fun. I remember a couple of young ladies literally loosing conscience along with Ihor’s high frequencies. Financially that was of course a flop. We had been cleaning windows a few days to buy return tickets…»

source & pictures: https://svyazalamuzyka.wordpress.com/2016/09/26/cymbrowskyj