П. Чайковский* ‎– Лебединое Озеро, Балет = Swan Lake, Ballet

Мелодия ‎– 33С 01771—76(a)
3 × Vinyl, LP, Stereo
Box Set


Лебединое Озеро = Swan Lake, Ballet In Four Acts, Op. 20
Aa Introduction
Act I
Ab No. 1 Scene (Allegro Giusto)
Ac No. 2 Waltz
Ad No. 3 Scene (Allegro Moderato)
No. 4 Pas De Trois
Ae I. Intrada (Allegro)
Af II. Andante Sostenuto
Ag III. Allegro Semplice. Presto
Ah IV. Moderato
Ai V. Allegro
Aj VI. Coda (Allegro Vivace)
No. 5 Pas De Deux
Ba I. Tempo Di Valse
Bb II. Andante. Allegro
Bc III. Tempo Di Valse
Bd IV. Coda (Allegro Molto Vivace)
Be No. 6 Pas D'Action
Bf No. 7 Plot
Bg No. 8 Dance With Cups (Tempo Di Polacca)
Bh No. 9 Finale Of Act I (Andante)
Act II
Ca No. 10 Scene (Moderato)
Cb No. 11 (Allegro Moderato)
Cc No. 12 Scene (Allegro)
No. 13 Dances Of The Swans
Ca I. Tempo Di Valse
Cb II. Moderato Assai
Cc III. Dance Of The Swans (Tempo Di Valse)
Cd IV. Allegro Moderato
Ce V. Pas D'Action
D1a VI. General Dance (Tempo Di Valse)
D1b VII. Coda (Allegro Vivo)
D1c No. 14 Scene (Moderato)
D2a No. 15 Allegro Giusto
D2b No. 16 Corps-De-Ballet And Dwarf's Dances
D2c No. 17 Scene (Guest's Entrance And Waltz)
D2d No. 18 Scene (Allegro. Allegro Vivo)
No. 19 Pas De Six
D2e Intrada. Variation I
Ea Variations II-V. Coda
Pas De Six (Inserted Items)
Eb Introduction (Moderato)
Ec Variations I, II. Coda
Ed No. 20 Hungarian Dance "Csárdás"
Ee Russian Dance (Inserted Item)
Ef No. 21 Spanish Dance
F1a No. 22 Neapolitan Dance
F1b No. 23 Mazurka
F1c No. 24 Scene (Allegro. Valse. Allegro Vivo)
Act IV
F2a No. 25 Entr'acte (Moderato)
F2b No. 26 Scene (Allegro Ma Non Troppo)
F2c No. 27 Dances Of The Cygnets
F2d No. 28 Scene (Allegro Agitato)
F2e No. 29 Final Scene



a set of 3 records
Made in USSR

black labels with silver letter and tracklist in English

included two inserts with liner notes in Russian and English