Студия Неосознанной Музыки* ‎– 6 импровизаций на проводе

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01 6 импровизаций на проводе 28:38



Cyclophrenia is an affiliate of Studio of Unconscious Music (Kemerovo) launched in 2007. The key factor for the choice of its name, first of all, was the specifics of music manufacturing, and also the repetition & revolution of all (the term «cyclophrenia» also exists in the lexicon of psychiatry, where it designates the manic-depressive psychosis). Compositional basis of the overwhelming majority of Cyclophrenia’s acts is a sound loop supplemented by improvisational elements. And the beginning of the cycle is inevitably a touch, puncture, punctum – a sound-making proper by heterogeneous improvised means (cyclophrenic toolkit includes such diverse objects as guitar, screwdriver, piano, drill, egg, bayan, synthesizers, rice, flute, TV-set, candelabrum etc.) – and further everything moves in a circle of repetition in some suspended time, turning around & away from the point of its origin. Another specific method – relating composing by now – is the hours-long listening to a sound loop that enables to reach an effect of deep immersion into the revolution & repetition of all. The work of cyclophrenic enterprise is lead by Alexander Markvart.

An experiment Six Improvisations on a Wire recorded in spring 2008 belongs to the early stage of functioning of Cyclophrenia. The initial point of the cycle here is making a sound out of a bare wire, which is further being processed; no additional equipment is used at that. This opus is made of six improvisations of half an hour’s length played in one night and then sequentially laid over each other.