‎– Three Pillars Of Limbic Fission

Cassette, Album, Limited Edition, Numbered, C61


Hand-numbered limited edition of one.

Artist-duplicated RadioShack® cassette (Type II bias) with handmade labels firmly attached to each side of its shell. Hand-painted watercolour artwork is glued to both sides of the packaging and cannot be removed, with the front cover image continuing on the case's spine (which is textless).

Artist name as listed here surmised by how it most frequently appears on the packaging - the rear artwork and one insert consistently provide it as a capital K ensconced in a circle; an additional piece of album artwork which is glued inside the case in a manner simulating how a j-card would present (see third image) appears to articulate it as a capital K without a circle.

Nestled behind the cassette are two inserts:

•a trifold cardstock sheet with a piece of paper glued to it, the handwritten notes upon which identify the artist, album title, and timed sequence of the release (with the exception of an unlisted instrumental track at A7 which pads out the end of side one) along with two dates which possibly indicate the period of its recording (and from where the release date as listed is presumed); the anterior side features a triptych of two identical photographs of feet bookending a less readily-identifiable middle object.
•a folded letter on torn paper that directly addresses the tape's initial recipient when opened; the anterior side of this insert is blank.

The track timing for B4 is given as '∞' by the first insert; the correct duration is used on this page.

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January 21, 2017
edited 16 days ago

I've digitized this cassette owing to its purported singularity because it's really quite fantastic and I'd like the most people possible to experience it in the hopes that we can somehow find out who this person is and maybe convince them to issue it in a larger quantity for a certain segment of the record-buying public who would be very receptive to it.

Bandcamp: https://threepillarsoflimbicfission.bandcamp.com
YouTube playlist: https://www.youtube.com/playlist?list=PL-U73HzWusKmb6Zg2nmo9kdRzck59Ms6l