(((0))) ‎– Animales

Le Crépuscule Du Soir ‎– LCDS042
CD, Album


1 Untitled 17:24
2 Untitled 3:45
3 Untitled 4:47
4 Untitled 8:30
5 Untitled 5:45
6 Untitled 6:50


Comes in 6-panel A5 cardboard wallet.


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November 29, 2015
We first heard from the un-Google-ably monickered (((o))) via an amazing (and amazingly packaged) cassette released on the Auris Apothecary label, the tape housed in a silkscreened velvet bag, bundled with a chunk of Mexican obsidian, the music on said tape sonically beholden, as the name might suggest, to dronelords SUNNO))), but then again pretty much anyone trafficking in slow, glacial blackdrone dirgery has some tenuous sonic connection to SUNNO))), and of course slo-mo rifflords Earth before them, but as we mentioned in the review of that cassette, this Mexican dronescaper really only uses that tarpit riffery as a jumping off point, and references those bands in spirit, 'cause sonically, (((o))) is more about black ambience, blackened spectral drift, choosing to blur any semblance of riffage into lush layered textures and gristled expanses of undulating hiss and hum. The sprawling 17+ minute opener unfurls like a time lapse film of slow swirling galaxies, the more caustic crush of the opening few minutes giving way to billowing swirls of smeared melody and woozy shimmer, peppered with buried percussion, pulsing from within the murk.
The sound continues to smooth out, growing more and more serene and almost new agey, until all of a sudden, and quite unexpectedly, the track splinters into a weird dubbed out bit of beat driven churn, strangely skittery, almost house-y in fact, the beat drifting on lush swells of soft focus synth, before quickly sinking again into the softly roiling blackness, transforming back into a bleary black sonic smudge...
The rest of the record unfolds as unpredictably as we would have imagined, the second track is a dark bit of somber chamber music, funereal strings moaning forlornly, all darkness and shadow, while the track after that sound like some sort of subterranean field recordings, capturing whatever unknowable mysteries lurk just below the surface, dense, tense drones, thick thrums and muted streaks of keening high end all blurred into a softly heaving, quietly crumbling drone, wrapped around what sounds like running water, or some infernal machinery, mostly adding texture, some sonic grit to the black smears of sound.
The next two tracks delve deeper and deeper, flitting from deeeep black ambience, to crunchy distorted dirge and back again, both tracks laced with mysterious melodies, evoking all manner of dread, very cinematic for sure, a slow build to a soft black cacophony, that slips dreamily into something much more hushed and serene, before the final track, which starts life as a sprawl of hiss and chordal shimmer, peppered with strange sampled voices, like some sort of harrowing Godspeed ambience, only to have the beats return, this time much more driving and prominent, the motorik groove pulsing through clouds of hum and buzz and wreathed in chiming melodies, the whole thing very seventies soundtracky sounding, touching on Goblin and Carpenter, but coming at it from a whole different direction than all those retro synth wranglers. Housed in an oversized 6 panel full color cover, and probably quite limited...Aquarius Records 2012