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Disc 1 - 2SJ Oldies: Cassette Demos + Return Of The New & Improved EP
Beyond Good and Evil & The Bodyguard Soundtrack
CD1-1 In 2-D
CD1-2 Sensitive 90's Guys
CD1-3 Hippie-Critical
CD1-4 Evel Does It
CD1-5 I'm In The Mood (For Food)
CD1-6 World Barbeque
CD1-7 Periscope
CD1-8 Pit Boss
CD1-9 (I Was Born) Naked
CD1-10 Enter The Skinnee
CD1-11 Godzilla
Written-By – Blue Öyster Cult
CD1-12 Disclaimer
Return Of The New & Improved
CD1-13 The Best
CD1-14 Mindtrick
CD1-15 You're A Champion
Featuring – A.Mays
CD1-16 Skinnee Business
CD1-17 Seven One Eight
Disc 2: Sing Earthboy, Sing! & $upermercado + Bonus Tracks
Sing Earthboy, Sing!
CD2-1 Irresistible Force
CD2-2 Meadow Blaster
CD2-4 Skylab!
CD2-5 Artificial Flavor
CD2-6 Space Avengers Return To Base
CD2-7 The Ladies & The Fellas (Secret Track!)
CD2-8 Pluto (Is A Planet)
CD2-9 Wild Kingdom
CD2-10 The Best
CD2-11 Ball Point Man
CD2-12 In The Clutches Of The Diabolical Sgt. Stiletto
CD2-13 The Whammy
CD2-14 You're A Champion
CD2-15 (718)
CD2-16 The Good, The Bad & The Skinnee
CD2-17 Riot Nrrrd
CD2-18 Organic Machine
CD2-19 Mind Trick
CD2-20 The Whammy (Bonus Track: Early Version, SkyLab Rehearsal, 1997
Disc 3: Volumizer + Bonus Tracks
Volumizer - Original Capricorn Sequence, 2000
CD3-1 Horns Of Destruction
CD3-2 3 Minutes
CD3-3 Girl With The World In Her Eyes
Drums – Dose Big
CD3-4 Stockholm Love
Bass – Rusty LogsdonDrums – Gintas Janusonis
CD3-5 Big Beat Evangelists
CD3-6 Brew Ha Ha
CD3-7 Pass The Buck
CD3-8 Secret Frequency
Drums – Jose Pasillas*
CD3-9 Sugar & Candy
CD3-10 Loud Neighbors
CD3-11 Coming Home
Drums – Will Blair
Bonus Tracks: Volumizer
Volcano Release Tracks, 2002
CD3-12 2sj Gets Dropped
CD3-13 Grown Up
Drums – Kevin Cloud
CD3-14 Lost & Found
Drums – Matt Chamberlain
CD3-15 Lemon Drop
Drums – Kevin Cloud
Volumizer Outtakes & Demos
CD3-16 Static (Skylab Demo, 1999/2000)
Drums – Andy Action
CD3-17 Horns Of Destruction (Instrumental SkyLab Rehearsal, 1999)
Drums – Andy Action
CD3-18 Stockholm Love (SkyLab Demo, 2000)
CD3-19 "Song Going To Be A Hit" Intro
CD3-20 Lost & Found (SkyLab Demo, 2001)
CD3-21 Lemon Drop (SkyLab Demo, 2001)
Disc 4: Sexy Karate + Bonus Tracks
Sexy Karate
CD4-1 Get In The Van
CD4-2 Deal Of The Century
CD4-3 One Summer
CD4-4 Who Wants This?
CD4-5 Inside My Room
CD4-6 I Can't Hear You
CD4-7 Friends Don't Let Friends Listen To Rap Metal
CD4-8 Change The World
CD4-9 Love Like Mountains
CD4-10 Next Big Thing
Bonus Tracks
CD4-11 Orlando Or Bust (Outtake, SkyLab demo, 2002)
CD4-12 Freedom [Early "Change The World"] (Instrumental SkyLab Rehearsal, 1999)
Drums – Andy Action
CD4-13 Who Wants This? (SkyLab Demo, 2002)
Disc 5: Unfinished Business
Live, Rarities & Outtakes
CD5-1 Bullies (On The Playground) (Demo Circa 1991)
Featuring, Bass – King Vitamin*
CD5-2 Cracker (From Nebraska) (Unfinished Demo, 1994)
CD5-3 The Big Gren Bus (Instrumental Rehearsal - Boo Studios, 1994)
CD5-4 Jive Ass Honkees (Live At The Bayou, VA Beach, Summer 1995)
Featuring – J. Jonah Jameson, King Vitamin*
CD5-5 Fucked Since A Baby (Steve Spice 4-track Demo, 1995)
CD5-6 Well, It's Like This (Kleen Kitty)
CD5-7 I Like The Way You Smell [ Medley] (Live at 8x10, Baltimore, MD, 1996)
CD5-8 Superweeded (Adot & Spice 4-track w/ Thrift Unit input, 1997)
CD5-9 Don't Sue Us! ( SkyLab Rehearsal, 1997)
CD5-10 ESPN X-Games Theme (Rejected Submission, 1998)
CD5-11 Who Dropped The Ball (SkyLab Demo 1999)
Volumizer SkyLab Demos
CD5-12 3 Minutes (SkyLab Demo, 1999)
CD5-13 Girl With The World In Her Eyes (SkyLab Demo, 1999)
CD5-14 Coming Home (SkyLab Rehearsal, 1999)
CD5-15 Chicken Kurma (SkyLab Rehearsal, 1999)
Extracurricular Activities
CD5-16 Superglue (SkyLab Demo, 2001)
CD5-17 Science (SkyLab Demo, 2001)
CD5-18 Up All Night (SkyLab Demo, 2001)
CD5-19 Overture (SkyLab Demo, 2002)
CD5-20 Scooby Doo Theme Song (Rejected Submission For The Movie, 2002)
CD5-21 Who's Ready To Rock? (SkyLab Demo, 2002)
CD5-22 Think Of Us (SkyLab Demo, 2002)
Disc 6: Vid Bits: A Collection Of Videos + Bloopers
Music Videos
DVD-1 Riot Nerd
DVD-2 Grown Up
DVD-3 I Can't Hear You
DVD-4 Get In The Van
DVD-5 One Summer
DVD-6 I'm In The Mood (For Food)
DVD-7 Hippie Critical
DVD-8 Godzilla (Live At Manhattanville College, 1993)
DVD-9 One Summer Bloopers
DVD-10 I Can't Hear You (In One Shot)
DVD-11 Making Of Grown Up
JTube (2SJ On TV)
Dick Clark Battle Of The Bands, 1993 ABC TV
HBO Reverb (Live At The Electric Factory, Philadelphia, PA, 1999)
DVD-13 The Whammy
DVD-14 Riot Nerd
Documentaries & Interviews
DVD-15 American Heroes Documentary By Babette Boutin
DVD-16 Volumizer EPK
DVD-17 Music Link Interviews
DVD-18 A Brief History Of 2SJ - By John Ennis
DVD-19 A Farewell To 2 Skinnee J's By John Rose
DVD-20 ISLS (Imminent Skinnee Loss Syndrome)
DVD-21 Mindtrick (@8x10 - Baltimore, MD, 1996)
DVD-22 The Whammy (July 4th 1999, Washington, DC)
DVD-23 3 Minutes (Woodstock '99)


6 disc retrospective of 2 Skinnee J's oeuvre including 5 audio CDs that includes reissues of all albums and EPs, and 1 video DVD.