310 ‎– Lifeline

2 × DVDr, DVD-Video, Mixed


310 Live
Smallfish Records, London 10/23/00
1.1 Firing Line
The Knitting Factory, New York 6/30/01
1.2a Setup
1.2b The Claw Is Forming
1.2c Firing Line
1.2d Frosty Bardum
1.2e Pacific Gravity
1.2f After All
Arts Café, London 10/28/00
1.3a Pharmacy Within
1.3b Jet Pack Time
1.3c Pacific Gravity
1.3d NOD
1.3e Firing Line
1.3f After All
333, London 10/27/00
1.4a Pacific Gravity
1.4b Jet Pack Time
Brownies, New York 7/10/00
1.5a Pharmacy Within
1.5b Get Outta Here Reagan
1.5c Jet Pack Time
1.5d Downtown & Brooklyn Only
1.5e Firing Line
1.6 Extra Tour Footage
310 Retrospective Mix
2.1a St. Mesa Substation
2.1b Raincarnation
2.1c Under The Blue Words
2.1d Nothing To See Here #2
2.1e A Fare To Remember
2.1f Strangely No
2.1g Between The Red Ropes
2.1h Me Head Is Light
2.1i Two Endtables And A Telephone
2.1j Nothing To See Here #1
2.1k Aural Exiter
2.1l Nothing To See Here #9
2.1m Your Mother's No Good Here
2.1n Prewar Doorman
2.1o Six Month Zazen
2.1p Urban Mantras
2.1q 11
2.1r Nothing To See Here #14
2.1s Bones Like Tikkas
2.1t Indifferent Trains
2.1u More North Than Portland
2.1v Nothing To See Here #3
2.1w Persian Wolf



2 DVDr discs with 310 live footage from 2000/2001 (disc 1) and a retrospective mix of selected ambient tracks from 310’s releases spanning 1997-2003 (disc 2).

All audio was recorded live to DAT from 310's onstage mix and combined with video camera audio. With the exception of "The Claw is Forming" which is video camera audio only. Video footage for The Knitting Factory: Jim Cantwell. Video footage for Brownies: Jim Cantwell and Rob Pietri.