4 Hero ‎– Two Pages



Page One
Loveless 5:54
Golden Age Of Life 6:00
Planetaria (A Theme From A Dream) 6:04
Third Stream 6:03
Escape That 5:23
Cosmic Tree 5:37
Spirits In Transit 5:27
The Action 3:17
Star Chasers 4:53
Wishful Thinking 5:21
Universal Reprise 5:26
Page Two
We Who Are Not As Others 10:15
Humans 3:32
In The Shadows 6:23
Mathematical Probability 6:25
Greys 2:09
Pegasus 51 6:49
Worlds End 8:06
Wormholes 0:40
Dauntless 2:49

Versions (10)

Cat# Artist Title (Format) Label Cat# Country Year
558 462-2 4 Hero Two Pages(CD, Album + CD, Album, Enh) Talkin' Loud 558 462-2 UK 1998 Sell This Version
TKCJ 19 4hero* Two Pages (A Selection From Page One And Page Two)(CD, Promo) Talkin' Loud TKCJ 19 UK 1998 Sell This Version
TKCJ 20 4hero* Two Pages (Page One)(CD, Album, Promo) Talkin' Loud TKCJ 20 UK 1998 Sell This Version
TKCJ 21 4hero* Two Pages (Page Two)(CD, Album, Promo) Talkin' Loud TKCJ 21 UK 1998 Sell This Version
568 879-1 4hero* Two Pages(4xLP, Album) Talkin' Loud 568 879-1 UK 1998 Sell This Version
314 558 465-2 4hero* Two Pages(CD, Album) Mercury 314 558 465-2 US 1998 Sell This Version
558 465-2 4hero* Two Pages(CD, Album) Talkin' Loud 558 465-2 Europe 1998 Sell This Version
314 558 465-2 4hero* Two Pages(CD, Album) Talkin' Loud 314 558 465-2 Canada 1998 Sell This Version
PHCR-90005/6 4hero* Two Pages(CD, Album + CD, Enh, Album) Mercury, Talkin' Loud PHCR-90005/6 Japan 1998 Sell This Version
558 465-2 4hero* Two Pages(CD, Album) Talkin' Loud 558 465-2 Europe Unknown Sell This Version

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July 7, 2014
referencing Two Pages, CD, Album + CD, Album, Enh, 558 462-2
I am one of the biggest 4hero fans on the planet and have eagerly absorbed ust about anything they have produced in just about every genre and sub-genre they have produced it in under every alias from their solo work as Manix, Tek 9, Nu Era, et. With that said, this goes down as my least favorite 4hero release - both' "pages" for me are overwrought and lack the fun spontaneous nature of so many of their other records. I'm not saying this isn't a great album(s) in its own right. And I'm not saying the R & B style broken beat on page one sucks....it is probably the best music of its kind ever made and the first music of its kind ever made.......I just think they are at their best when they are doing raw hardcore, jungle, and Detroit-techno influenced recordings.


March 4, 2013
referencing Two Pages, 4xLP, Album, 568 879-1

if you really can buy this superb box for a lower price: nothing to think about. just do it.


April 16, 2008
edited over 4 years ago
referencing Two Pages, CD, Album + CD, Album, Enh, 558 462-2
This album is absolutely incredible.


January 2, 2006
edited over 10 years ago
referencing Two Pages, CD, Album, 314 558 465-2
This is a garbage release that does a complete disservice to this "Two Pages", arguably one of the best electronic records ever released. There's a reason why it was called "Two Pages" - because it was TWO CD's, each with a distinct vibe.

This is a musical mangling in the finest American tradition - think of the single-CD version of the Orb's "Adventures Beyond the Ultraworld" or the single CD version of Goldie's "Timeless." Trust me, take the extra time and money to track down the 2-CD versions of these - they blow away these "Reader's Digest Condensed Editions."


April 30, 2005
edited over 6 years ago
referencing Two Pages, 4xLP, Album, 568 879-1
Yes, we all have our personal 'classic' LP's, but this one really is worthy of this statement.

Before it came out in 1998, after a couple of the tracks had previously been put out on promo's and on the EP "Earth Pioneers", the anticipation for the release of the project as a whole LP reached fever-pitch amoungst the underground dance music scene on the streets of London --and probably Tokyo, Paris, NYC, etc-- so when it eventually hit the airwaves of the few radio shows who got it first (probably Gilles Peterson; who at the time was still doing A&R for his label Talkin' Loud, so had the obvious label connection !!) the reponse was massive, and though it could be said 4 Hero were a so-called 'underground' fenomenon beforehand, after "Two Pages" was released, this soon changed.
This became evident when the LP was nominated on the shortlist for the Mercury Music Prize in 1998. Praise indeed, as the Mercury is respected as being given to only the best albums of the year that any artist releases (whatever their field; folk,dance,rap,rock ...anything) and is voted entirely on the QUALITY of the music, and not on sales which are often due more to record companies preconceived marketing campaigns rather than musical worth.

The LP itself seems to have one main concept, if you can call it that. The 'two' pages seems to be the difference between one of light & dark, promise & futility, or put simply; opposites.
The first page, easily the better half at that, contains tracks that embody the beauty of 1960-70s black music at it's finest --Charles Stepney productions come to mind-- whilst planting them firmly in the 21st century. Live string & brass arrangments, mixed with constantly evolving drum & percussion programming which only two veterans of the drum&bass scene could have possibly achieved, make these tracks mindblowing in their sophistication to say the least!
It could be said that this half of the LP marks a new dawn between the live element --with actual musicians playing the acoustic instruments-- and the technical advancement machines have brought to producers on a production level, with the two sitting pretty together without any obvious seperation.

The second page, unfortunately, is not nearly as good, as Dego & Marc Mac have abandoned the live element virtually comletely, instead opting to show-off their prowess when it comes to dark and heavy beat & percussive production; much in the vein of their Reinforced stuff, as well as their more Detriot techno productions and the like.
Now this could be seen as a bit of a cop-out, and perhaps it is, but they really DO know how to get sounds from the studio that before this album was released no-one else had simply thought about, nevermind reached!

As a whole this LP is simply stunning and should be more widely appreciated for the opus it is.
It certainly opened the way for many dance scenes we have at the moment. The 'broken beat' scene in London was virtually formed on the basis of this album, with the style of the beat production 4 Hero pioneered on the LP being jumped on by admirers and ever expanded upon; Jazzanova & friends in Germany breakin' it down; as well as the amazing productions coming out of Japan from the likes of Jazztronik, Kyoto Jazz Massive & others. All with their own sound, talents, and twist on things.

Worth a listen simply for inspiration, but also if innovation is what your after.

(Also, a word to the wise. You need to get a copy of this on CD as well as VINYL. A nice sales ploy for the record company, I know...

Why? Firstly, the CD comes with multimedia extras; fun for a while... but mainly because the CD puts the tracks in their natural order, as well as some of the tracks endings being mixed nicely with the beginning of the next one; which works very well in the context of the album as whole.

The vinyl, on the other hand, has three extra tracks on the last side of the vinyl. I say 'tracks', but they are really just little ditties, which those of us who have a bad vinyl addiction can't go without now, can we ?!)


November 16, 2003
referencing Two Pages, CD, Album + CD, Album, Enh, 558 462-2

This CD is definitely one of my favourites ever. The tracks on CD 1 are all just so amazing. Best tracks on there in my opinion: Planetaria, Third Stream & Spirits In Transit, but like I said: actually all tracks are pure quality. I wasn't that impressed with the more mechanical and techno orientated CD 2 I have 2 say. Still pretty good, but not that nice as the funk & soul of the 1st CD.


November 5, 2003
referencing Two Pages, CD, Album + CD, Album, Enh, 558 462-2

Gotta repeat myself, the 1st CD of this set is absolutely wonderful. Marvellous orchestra tracks and fantastic vocals. Drum & Bass? Yeah, this is a piece of art.


April 9, 2003
referencing Two Pages, CD, Album + CD, Enh, Album, PHCR-90005/6

What can I say? Beautiful - nice and jazz cd1 and hard hitting cd 2. The boys have done it again, what an album, so live, and so fresh. If you don't know this, get to know it, its a nice chillout album at the same time as being a night starter.


January 15, 2003
referencing Two Pages, CD, Album + CD, Album, Enh, 558 462-2

In my opinion, this double CD is a work of genius.
1st cd uses a live orchestra blended with smooth & relaxing vocals, horns, strings etc - a beautiful cd.
2nd cd is more electronic, relying on keyboards and drum machines to create the infectious and deep drum & bass rhythms.