50 Ways To Kill Me ‎– 50 More Ways To Die For Satan

Sludgesicle Records ‎– SSR052
Cassette, Reissue


1 Throw A Razor At Me
2 Throw Me Into A Fire
3 Dig Your Hand Into My Ear And Pull Out My Brain
4 Suck My Eyes Out Of My Skull With A Vaccuum Then Stick A Dick In Each Eye Hole Into My Brain
5 Unleash 5000 Pregnant Rats Into My House So They Eat Me Alive
6 Set It Up So I'm Just At The Wrong Place At The Wrong Time
7 I'm Going To Walk Into A Dark Room Filled With People That Hate Me With A Blindfold On, The Second I Turn On The Lights, ATTACK!
8 Push Me Off A Mountain
9 Feed Me A Tomato Injected With Poison
10 Bash Me In The Face With Your Mailbox Then When You Go To Check The Mail In The Morning You Find My Teeth
11 After Touching My Penis Shaft, Leave Me In An Elevator-shaft So It Comes Down And Crushes Me Like An Ant
12 Make Me Suck Your Dick Upside Down So That Your Balls Poke My Eyes Out Into My Brain
13 Bring Me To The Zoo Feed Me To The Lions
14 Bring Me To The Zoo Feed Me To The Bears
15 Bring Me To The Zoo And Feed Me To The Snakes
16 Break A Bottle Over My Dickhead
17 Stck Your Arm Up My Butthole And Pull Out Poops In My Eyes And Make Me Cross Heavy Traffic
18 Take A Crowbar And Grind It Into My Face
19 Throw A Cellphone Off The Statue Of Liberty Onto My Head
20 When I'm Getting Open Heart Surgery Crowd Surf Knocking Down All The Doctors
21 Cover Me In Sludgey Dareah And Lock Me In A Cage With A Retarded Coprophiliac
22 Put A Pump Into My Stomach And Fill Me With Air Then Poke Me With A Safety Pin So I Pop
23 Cover Me In Butter And Lock Me In A Room With Rosie O'Donnel And Anna Nicole Smith, The 2 Fattest Slobs In Showbiz
24 Make Me Bite The Curb And Eat My Brains For Dinner
25 Suck My Dingaling With Razorblades In Your Mouth
26 Send Me To China To Lick The Ground So I Get SARS
27 Send Me Out Into The Cold With No Clothes And Icecubes Duct Taped To My Ballbag
28 Destroy My Pipe Lines So You Cut Off My Water Supply
29 Crack Open My Head And Eat Out My Brains With Chopsticks
30 Cut Down A Redwood Tree Right Next To Me So It Falls And Gives Me A Bop On The Noggin
31 Fart, Then Light A Match And Hold It Up To Your Sodomy Hole While My Face Is Right There So I Get Flamed To The Face
32 Smack Me In The Nuts With A Wrench Then Make Me A Poison Smoothie To Drink
33 Make Me Suck A Horse's Cock So He Shoots Gallons Of Dickwad Down My Throat And I Choke
34 Strap 100 Pound Weights To My My Back And Put Me On An Ice Skating Rink In June
35 Nails Me To A Cross Like That Piece Of Shit Jesus Christ
36 Cremate Me While I'm Still Alive Then Put My Ashes In Pepper Shakers So Stupid Fucking Humans Eat Me
37 Put A Detonation Device That Blows Up Inside My Anus And Send Me Off To Michael Jackson's House
38 Make Me Drink Gasoline Then Shoot A Lit Match Down My Throat With A Sling Shot
39 Jam A Dirty Piece Of Glass Into My Chest
40 My Dick Is So Huge So I Wrap It In Tin Foil During A Brutal Storm; I'll Go Stand Outside
41 Make Me Play Russian Roulette But Instead Of 1 Bullet Out Of 6 Loaded, All 6 Are
42 Feed Me To Gigantic Crocodiles
43 Take A Knife And Slash My Buttcheeks Up, Then Make Me Sit On Every Public Toilet On Earth
44 Make Me Sniff Glue For A Really Long Time
45 Make Me Fight The Karate Kid
46 Put Me In A Pool With Blood Thirsty Piranhas In It
47 Make Me Stay Up For Days So I'm Tired I Can't Even Lift A Finger, Then Put A Bed On The Train Tracks
48 Make Me Some Cement Shoes And Throw Me Off A Dock Into An Ocean
49 Hit Head With Computer Screen
50 Dress Me Up Like A Deer During Hunting Season And Send Me Out Into The Woods


Limited to 175 copies and hand-numbered