50 Ways To Kill Me ‎– 50 Ways To Kill Me



1 Intro (Being Born)
2 Hit My Head With A Hammer
3 Make Me A Tin Foil Suit To Wear And Then Force Me To Walk Around In The Storm
4 Throw A Banana Peel In The Path Of My Unicycle
5 Seal My Mouth And Nose With Superglue And Crazyglue
6 Put Me In A Gigantic Toaster And Watch Me Pop UP Burnt To A Crisp
7 Put Me In A Bathtub Filled With Acid
8 Poison My Soymilk
9 Chop Off My Nose (And Don't Give Me Bandages)
10 Shoot Me With A Gun
11 Stab Me With A Fork
12 Use A Gigantic Claw To Crush Me Like An Ant
13 Cover Me With Honey And Unleash The Bees (I'm Allergic To Bees)
14 Kick Me In The Nuts
15 Kill Me With Voodoo
16 Bury Me Alive
17 Make Me A Noose And I'll Take It From There
18 Pretend You're Taking Me Out To Brunch And Then Kidnap Me, Tie Me Up, And Make Me Drink Gasoline (Brunch-Crunch)
19 Wait For Me To Finish Building A Treehouse And Then Cut It Down Once I'm UP There
20 Lock Me In A Cabinet And When I Scream "Help I'm Suffocating" Just Ignore Me
21 Push Me Out A Window
22 Push Me Down A Staircase
23 On X-mas Make Me Be Under The Missletoe With A Girl Who Has AIDS And Cuts In Her Mouth
24 Tell Me To Get Into A Motorcycle Accident
25 Push Me Out An Airplane With A Fake Parashoot
26 Send Me To Iraq
27 Ask Me What My Favorite Horror Movie Is And When I Say Nightmare On Elm Street 4 Chop Off My Ear Until I Bleed To Death
28 Put A Razor Blade In My Burrito
29 Impale My Face With A Pitchfork
30 Beat Me With A Baseball Bat
31 Beat Me Unmerciful
32 Break A Bottle In My Face
33 Chuck A Cinderblock At My Face
34 Put My Nose In Heather Colona's Booty While She Eats Beans And Farts (Brooke Bonomi Looks Like Chewbacca)
35 Inject Me With A Needle That Mutates Me Into A Lobster (Then Put Me In Hot Water)
36 Froce Me To Be Within 100 Feet Of Jessica Motty's Filthy Cunt-Like Slophole Without Wearing A Condom Or Gasmask Or Radiation Suit And Watch Me Catch AIDS Faster Than You Can Say The Word Slut
37 Make Me Swim Around In Lava
38 Wale Me In The Crotch With A Plank Of Wood With A Nail Sticking Out Of It
39 Chisel At My Face Until I'm Dead
40 Slash Me With A Chain For Fun And Then Tie Me Up And Put Me In A Walk-In Freezer Till I Get So Cold That I Croak
41 Slash My Skull With An Axe
42 Have Me Sit In The Sun For A Long Time So I Turn Into A Human Raisin
43 Blind Fold Me And Guide Me Into A Highway
44 Bite My Ear Off
45 Rape Me In The Armpit With A Chainsaw
46 Throw Me Off A Cliff
47 Burn Me With Acid
48 Hit Me With A Lead Pipe
49 Duct Tape My Head To Explosives
50 Shave Me With A Rusty Razor
51 Slip Some Rat Poison Into My Bagle
52 Entering The Gates Of Hell