50 Ways To Kill Me ‎– Gnarly Deth Wish

Scene Destroyer ‎– SDR02
CD, Album


1 Put My Head Through A TV And Watch Me 1:16
2 Have The World's Hottest And Horniest Girls Lay Naked Covered In Money And Set Up Landmines Around Them So That I Step On One When Running Over There 1:31
3 Gag Me With A Spoon Until I Hurl Up My Internal Organs 0:14
4 Play An Atypical Game Of Pin The Tail On The Donkey Blindfolded, And I'm The Donkey! 1:34
5 Put An Awesome CD On So That I Headbang So Hard My Head Snaps Off My Neck Like A Pencil 2:08
6 Put Me In Prison So That When I Try To Escape I Get Caught In The Guard Tower's Spotlight And They Shoot Me 0:47
7 Decapitate Me With A Gnarly Battle Axe 1:03
8 Take Me To A Racidal Concert, When I Stagedive Everyone Will Move Out Of The Way. Also, There Just Happens To Be Spikes Set Up On The Floor In That Exact Spot 0:49
9 Tell God How Bogus Or Mental I Think He Is So That He Smites Me With Lightning 0:25
10 Tell The Devil How Excellent I Think He Is So That He Strikes Me With Lightning 0:17
11 Set Up Spikes On The Sidewalk, My Hair Is So Long That I'll Trip Over It And Land On The Spikes 0:58
12 Cut Down A Jumbo Redwood Tree Right Next To Me 1:18
13 Bring Me To A Barber Shop Where The Dude Is Drunk So That His Hand Slips And Cuts My Head Off 1:30
14 Throw A Banana Peel On The Floor At The Foot Court In The Mall So That I Slip On It While Trying To Roller Skate, Upon Impact My Skull Shatters Like Glass 1:30
15 Put Me In An Arcade Game So I Get Chased By An 8-Bit Ninja 0:52
16 Put Me In A Gnarly Spaceship And Send Me To Planet Kron von So I Get Attacked By Dorkords And Gluegords 1:25
17 Slit My Vein; It's Tubular 0:39
18 Tell Some Bodaciously Busty Babes To Stand On The Other Side Of The Road So That I'm Distracted While Crossing And Some Dillhole In A Van Runs Me Over Turning Me Into A Human Pancake 2:34
19 Bring Me To A Momentous Party Lurking With Creeps So When I'm Not Looking Someone Shoots Aids-Infested Dickwad Into My Beverage 1:22
20 Wedge A Detonation Devide That Explodes Upon Semen-Contact Up My Buttocks And Then Cross-Dress Me So That Some Dude Thinks I'm A Dudette And Tries To Take Me On A Date 1:30
21 Lace My Scrumptious Soda Pop With Arsenic 0:25
22 Lace The Highschool Pizza With Mega-Toxic Waste So That My Teachers And Classmates Become Space-Mutants Hellbent On Canceling The Return Of Christ By Eating My Brain 1:57
23 Print Me Into Money 0:50
24 Loosen The Screws On My Skateboard So That The Wheels Break Off Causing Me To Fall And Smear My Face Onto The Road Only To Be Licked Up By Dogs 0:41
25 Give Me Heroin 2:11
26 Mutilate My Guts With A Majestic Chainsaw Of Fury 0:52
27 Put A 50 Ways Album On The Turntable And Crank It So Loud That My Eyes Bug Out And My Mental Brain Bursts Into Gore That Resembles Confetti Laced With Spaghetti 0:56
28 Put Me In A Cannon And Shoot Me Into A Brick Wall 0:56
29 Churn Me Into Cream 2:30
30 Frame Me For Murder So That I'm Forced To Sit In An Electric Chair That Will Make Me Into A Black Skeleton With Spiky Hair 0:17
31 Blast My Brains And Face Onto The Wall With A Double Barrel Shotgun Of Doom 0:58
32 Cover Every Inch Of My Heinous Body With Nicotine Patches 1:00
33 Cover Every Inch Of My Heinous Body With Leeches 1:08
34 Convince A Horse To Date Rape Me So That When I Give Birth Out My Anus And It Comes Out As A Centaur, I Have A Heart Attack 2:00
35 Dress Me Up Like A Cow So That When Cowboys Brand The 50 Ways Grave-and-Thumbs-Up Logo On Me It Burns So Bad That I Pass Away And Enter Heaven 0:58
36 Feed Me To 130 Starving Cats 1:16
37 Catch Me In Your Store's Dumpster Seeking Fresh Trash To Eat, Get Offended By It, And Turn On The Trash Compactor 0:26
38 Hand Me My Guitar So I Shred Riffs Of Devastation, Causing Volcanic Eruptions And Lightning To Strike Me Down With Grim Force More Deadly Than The Lightning Described In Tracks 9 And 10 0:41
39 Build Me A Car With A Keyboard And Mouse Instead Of A Steering Wheel So That I Drive Through A Carpal Tunnel 1:41
40 Put Dynamite Sticks In My Birthday Cake Instead Of Candles So That When I Blow Them Out And Make A Gnarly Deth Wish It Comes True 2:27
41 Tie Me To The Train Tracks So A Most Unearthly Choo Choo Train Comes And Splits My Body Causing My Intestines To Stretch For Miles 2:40
42 Use Totally Abominable Black Magic To Turn Me Into A Chicken So That I Get Made Into Nuggets 0:46
43 Sand Down My Slap-Bracelet So When I Go To Slap It Onto My Wrist, My Hand Gets Cut Off And My Own Hand Flips Me The Middle Finger As I Perish 0:58
44 Strap Weight To My Body And Make Me Ice-Skate On Thin Ice 0:23
45 Have A Surfer Make A Noose For Me So I Can Hang Ten 1:25
46 Lock Me In A Freezer 1:15
47 Lock Me In An Oven 0:50
48 Pay For My College So That I Become A Most Triumphantly Wise And Skilled Doctor, Then When I Perform An Abortion, Radical Pro-Lifers Hunt Me Down And Slay Me 2:39
49 Decapitate Me, Hollow Out My Head, Put A Candle In It And Put It On Your Door Stop On Halloween 1:22
50 Leave Me In The Desert To Rot, For My Barbarically Excellent, Suicidal And Bloodthirsty Escapade Of Deth Has Now Ended... 2:57

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