1 The Pyramids At Giza, 9/23/4000 BC
2 From Taurus To Nuclear
3 All Is Ruin
4 And The Coyotes Could Tell
5 The Third Angel's Bugle
6 Wormwood
7 Brimstone
8 The Earth As An Epicenter
9 This Is The Way The World Ends
10 Dead Is Purely Coincidental
11 The Neolith
12 The Realization Of Infinity


The first cassette released by 5/5/2000 on Attention Deficit Recordings in late 1996. 5/5/2000 is the apocalyptic dark ambient/drone duo consisting of Travis Ryan (Cattle Decapitation, Murder Construct) and Nathan Berlinguette (Creation is Crucifixion, M. Kourie). 100 made.