A Bleeding Star ‎– LXXXVII: Forget About This Mess'd Realm For A Second & Enjoy This Nyxchill'd Smokin' Session

UAE Records ‎– UAECD1601
Box Set, Limited Edition, Black Box Edition
CDr, Album


1 LXXXVII: Forget About this Mess'd Realm for A Second & Enjoy this Nyxchill'd Smokin' Session 4:40
2 There's A Specter Starin' At Me from My Bedsheet's Cover...I Don't Care...I'm Higher than A Clocktower 3:22
3 'Should've of Escaped 'Vhen Ye Still Had the Chance...Now 'tis too Late...Let It Commence 9:45
4 Unlatchin' All that's Small-Lock'd-Black-Box'd In the Back of My Mind A Daze At A Time 4:39
5 Kill the Lightswitch...there's No One Alive Here...Just Rooms Fill'd With Daemonic Nightspirits 3:25
6 Switchshiftin' My Black Glass'd Astral Location By Teleportin' Back With Witchcraftin' Precision 3:45
7 The Subconscious Sea of the Mind & the Synchronicity of My Icefired Expeditional Dive 6:35


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The Black Box, containing CD, poster, screen printed parchment scroll and card.

Hauntingly Captured During the Evertwist'd Summer of {MMXV}
Absynthian'ly Recorded During the F'n Twist'd Summer of {MMXV}

{Chapter I} Contains Samples of {87} from {Puni} By the Skill'd Artist
{Monade} / Sir. Roberto Donato < monade.bandcamp.com (Check It)

For Optimal {ABS} Experience ::: {Darkness|Headphones|Intoxicants}
{BEST} Spinnin' Times ::: Midnight's Shift + (I-II) | 'Bloody Hours (III-VI)