ADULT. ‎– Anxiety Always



The Cold Call 2:50
Shake Your Head 4:23
Glue Your Eyelids Together 4:10
Blank Eyed, Nose Bleed 3:28
Turn Your Back 3:01
People, You Can Confuse 4:58
Nothing Of The Kind 4:38
Nervous (Wreck) 4:15
We Know How To Have Fun 5:23
Kick In The Shin 5:29

Versions (6)

Cat# Artist Title (Format) Label Cat# Country Year
EZCD-26 ADULT. Anxiety Always(CD, Album) Ersatz Audio EZCD-26 US 2003 Sell This Version
EZ-026 ADULT. Anxiety Always(2x12", Album) Ersatz Audio EZ-026 US 2003 Sell This Version
EZ-026 ADULT. Anxiety Always(2x12", Album, W/Lbl) Ersatz Audio EZ-026 US 2003 Sell This Version
URA 105 ADULT. Anxiety Always(CD, Album) Spunk URA 105 Australia 2003 Sell This Version
none ADULT. Anxiety Always(11xFile, AIFF, Album, RE) Not On Label (ADULT. Self-released) none US 2019
none ADULT. Anxiety Always(11xFile, ALAC, Album, RE) Not On Label (ADULT. Self-released) none US 2019


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April 15, 2012
referencing Anxiety Always, CD, Album, EZCD-26
Really changed my thoughts about music.


January 27, 2009
referencing Anxiety Always, CD, Album, EZCD-26
I really wish a non-vocal version of this album had been released. The synth programming and selection is absolutely fantastic on this, but the vocals do not work. Kuperus sounds like she is desperately trying to imitate X "Los Angeles"-era Exene Cervenka, but without the desperation, gloom, and intense emotion delivered by Exene's vocal style.

The electronics however are amazing. As one other commentator stated, they definitely project an awesome, harsh, 1980's punk rock/new wave sound with a modern twist.

I would strongly recommend X's "Los Angeles" LP to anyone that really likes this album.


August 24, 2005
edited over 16 years ago
referencing Anxiety Always, CD, Album, EZCD-26
Adult (no period, sorry) knows how to make comically dark, good quasi-retro electro... sometimes. They know how to make their tracks fuzzy and dirty without getting overly distorted and losing dynamicism... sometimes. I agree that this record has a few strong points. The programming is cool in places, and beyond that, they just have a strong and unique band image. That said, they're pretty hit-or-miss for me.

I like a few of these tracks a lot - the industrial funk of Shake Your Head is cool. Blank Eyes, Nose Bleed is simply a banging track with stylish lyrics (albeit stupid, but that's why they're stylish). Heard something about that beat resembling one from some Japanese band, but who cares. A few other tracks are ok but not memorable, and a few more really get on my nerves. One of the bad ones for me is "Turn Your Back." It just sounds too angsty and wannabe-rock, lacking the cool programming that makes their other tracks memorable. I'm into electro and some synth pop, but when things start resembling that unholy mutation of "electroclash," I stop listening. I've also heard one of their newer releases, "D.U.M.E.," and I can't stand it.

Adult tries to be more than electro - kind of a synth pop, indie rock mutation of electro. Their most recent stuff really isn't electro at all. That's shame, because I reckon their more straight-up takes are their better offerings. Then again, that could speak more to my preferences than anything else.


March 25, 2004
referencing Anxiety Always, CD, Album, EZCD-26

Adult. knows how to write good songs, there’s no doubt about that. But as for playing good song, they’re only so-so. The programming on <I>Anxiety Always</I> is spot-on; the synths they use are wonderfully retro-sounding and occasionally harsh. The music itself harkens to the darkness that the whole new wave moment seemed to miss back in the 80s. But the vocals definitely leave something to be desired. They might be going for the aggressive yet aloof growl (like Romeo Void), but it comes off as completely amateurish. There’s no irony when she sings nyah nyah nyah on “Turn Your Back” or about how much love hurts on “Kick in the Shin.” It’s a pity that the vocals take center stage; it’s the music itself that should be the star.


February 24, 2004
referencing Anxiety Always, 2x12", Album, EZ-026
The beat on 'Blank-Eyed, Nose Bleed' is interesting in the sense that it bears a suspicious resemblance to the beat of 'Copy' by Japanese band The Plastics! How ironic...

This is not a bad album, and aptly named too, because it does indeed sound quite angsty.


September 2, 2003
referencing Anxiety Always, CD, Album, EZCD-26
Second album of the very much hyped Adult. (seems to be unforgiveable if one forgets that dot) is not bad, but does not deserve the wide acclaim in receives IMO. The sounds are clever, the songs well constructed, but all in a 'flat' way: I miss some depth, some flow that can lift you up and take you away to say it cheesy, something that makes you forget you're doing anything else than listening to music.
Moreover, the voice of Nicola Kuperus is in-cre-di-bly monotonous. You can get your kicks out of this because it is so 80s, so retro-futuristic or whatever, in the end it is just plain dull and I can't listen to more than three songs in a row if she's singing in it, if I even manage to distinguish the songs from eachother.
Sounding a bit too harsh now, I think Adult. makes good music in a bad manner, and does deserve some attention, but not the hype by which they're surrounded.


June 6, 2003
referencing Anxiety Always, CD, Album, EZCD-26

If you're not familiar with Adult. then you should purchase their collections Resuscitation and Anxiety Always. Their two CDs reflect many influences, and one that comes to mind is how much "People, You Can Confuse" off Anxiety Always begins and would be a super-charged mutant friend to Kraftwerk's Radio-Activity album.

Nicola Kuperus is a fun vocalist, and she displays many different moods over her usual monotone vocals. She shows some energy on "Shake Your Head" with her vocals. Her vocals almost fit well with the female vocals found on Atari Teenage Riot, and I feel that the two groups are a pretty interesting companionship of sound. In a dream world, I'd see Adult. with Atari Teenage Riot with Kraftwerk with Devo in a large festival, with plenty of bratwurst and beer.

On the inside cover, the duo demonstrates their track "Glue Your Eyelids Together. Orders from the duo aside, I happen to enjoy this group of Nicola Kuperus and Adam Lee Miller. Who knows, you may like them too.