AM Syndicate ‎– Empire

Sickroom Records ‎– srr 032
CD, Album


1 Blind Podestrian Crossing
2 Kicking A Sailor In The Teeth
3 Hear! Hear!
4 Toxturs Aspero
5 Oboy Thou Trembling Creature
6 Ode To The Office Goat
7 Those Who Wave Flags
8 Democrazy For The World
9 Love Dumpster 3:54


AM Syndicate is an Austin TX based band formed in the Spring 2004 by Omar Chavez of Rhythm of Black Lines, Danny Wood of The Rise and later ...And You Will Know Us by the Trail of Dead as well as Yamal Said of Knife in the Water. After several line up changes and experimenting with as many as six performers, the band settled to it's original size and is currently a three piece with Percussionista and Keyboardist Golfball (yes this is her name) and Vocalist, guitarist, keyboardist, MPCist and song writer Omar Chavez and bassist Jimmy Rabbitt. The band has many influences but the most obvious ones include Blonde Redhead, Simon and Garfunkel, Lady Tron, Neutral Milk Hotel, Radiohead, The Brian Jonestown Massacre, and Bjork. Their sophomore effort, Liberation (recorded by Erik Wofford), was released in November 2007 by Austin, TX based Novastar Records.