ASDFGFA, Kalamari Mongoloid, Der Krauts ‎– Songs For Mr Sheep

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Downloadable from Christopher Bowes bandcamp.

Most of the tracks has their own artworks, due to they were being released one by one.

"Everything I write is for my sheep."

Informations about songs:
"Inner Sky" - track released 06 August 2011

"Shoot You In The Bum With A Cannon" - track released 14 December 2012

"Build a Navy" - track released 13 July 2010

"Concrete" - track released 16 November 2011

"Spiralism" - "Something I stuck together in 30 minutes. Rough sketch of some computer game title screen background music. Maybe.", track released 21 May 2012

"Dubwrecked" - is remix of Alestorm's Shipwrecked, released 01 September 2012

"Cats" - track released 04 May 2011

"Michael Wieling" - track released 16 February 2011

"The Wizard Rides to King's Cross" - lyrics available on bandcamp, track released 06 June 2011

"Calabi​-​Yau Space" - "This track was recorded years ago; decided to polish up the mix and give it another go!", track released 24 March 2012

"Rotunda Devourment" and "It's Called France" - released 01 September 2012

"Fantastiche", "Guten Appetit" and "Geburtstagslied" - "We wrote these three tracks for some school textbook (published by Oxford University Press). It's nice to think that a whole generation of British schoolkids has grown up learning to speak a 2nd language through this shite.", released 01 September 2012