AUDINT ‎– Martial Hauntology

AUDINT Records ‎– AUD001
Vinyl, LP, Triple gatefold package with: 180gm clear vinyl + 112-page book embedded into foam + 6 x 12" colour prints


A Toby Heys Delusions Of The Living Dead 21:02
B Steve Goodman (2) DRNE Cartography 20:22



Kode9 and Toby Heys' sonic research unit delves into untold sonic histories in this custom triple gatefold containing 112-page book, 180g clear vinyl record, and six 12" x 12" Dead Record Archive cards. None of these components are available to buy separately and the Box Set has been made in a limited run of just 256 copies, never to be re-pressed. Artwork by Optigram. Shipping for a release date of july 21st** 'Martial Hauntology' is the groundbreaking first release on AUDiNT Records - the sonic research cell staffed by Toby Heys and Steve Goodman (Kode 9) engaged in 3rd Ear Research. The pair have both independently worked in this field - Goodman via Hyperdub, the autonomous CCRU unit and his 'Sonic Warfare' book; Heys thru his audio-visual praxis and as research fellow at Manchester Uni. They were both recruited by AUDiNT in 2008 to investigate the properties of newly emergent super-directional speakers when coupled with infrasonic devices. Four years in the making, 'Martial Hauntology' collates that research for the first time, as well as outlining the history of AUDINT itself, offering a tortuous, hyperstitional account of frequency-based phenomenon in military and civilian spheres over the preceding 70 years. It explores the involvement of Alan Turing and The Ghost Army's pioneering use of 3 deck mixes in World War 2, thru the chopper-mounted loud-speaker terror of the US army's Wandering Soul campaign in Vietnam, to the deployment of High Frequencies as "teen repellants”, the military applications of muzak and the current use of hyper-directional LRAD speakers in Iraq. Alongside the 112-page book you’ll find a vinyl record encoded with two 20 minute chapters sound-scaped and written by Goodman and Heys and narrated by Ms.Haptic, presenting a unique reading of the affects of sound on 20th and 21st century populations. The first side of the LP features a mid-20th century spectral research mission across the Atlantic assisted by an illicit truth serum, while Side 2 goes on a ghost hunt in the vinyl recycling plants of South China. We can trace echoes of the project in the cultural, socioeconomic and geopolitical studies of Sadie Plant's 'Writing On Drugs' book and Adam Curtis' far-reaching documentaries as much as the speculative sonic fiction of Kodwo Eshun's 'More Brilliant Than The Sun', Graham Hancock's unconventional theories on altered states of consciousness, metaphysics and civilisation, and even the emergent field of archaeoacoustics. The project seems intended to galvanise and better help us understand the liminal realms of sonic perception where truth is often stranger than fiction, steeling us to a foreboding future of state-sponsored subliminal manipulation and psycho-acoustic warfare...