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February 11, 2007
edited over 9 years ago
referencing Who's Got The Flave Again / This Bassline, 12", ADR12

"This Bassline" is an absolutely killer deep, afterhours house track. The track begins immediately with you guessed it, the bassline. And boy is it nasty. The b-line is the only low frequency appearing in the track until a few minutes in where a deep kick drum is added to build the track even further. You also have a stormy dark sounding woOooOOoOooOo during the breaks that I feel adds a lot.

Best part of the whole package for me is the pitched down male voice over narrating how "sick" the bassline is...."can you feel that?....damn!!....its amazing!....this shit is good....this bassline is f*ckin dope....its gonna be a bomb...I can't believe it". Its cool because you know if you and your mates were on the floor hearing it for the first time that's exactly what you'd be saying! From a collector standpoint its a cool vinyl. THICK old school style plate that probably weighs twice as much as your average vinyl today. It has the track listing etched into it on both sides in primitive looking handwriting which adds to the whole underground vibe that the track is intended to create. My only gripe with this and other releases on Abe Duque's label is the mastering. The bass is muddy in some places and I find myself eq'ing the highs back to take some of their edge off.