Abe Sada (3) and Sub Ordnance ‎– Redux / Organ Grinder

Vinyl, 12", Red Vinyl



  • ArtworkKford* (tracks: A & B)
  • Mastered ByMalnos Feratu (tracks: B), Steven Hughs (tracks: A)
  • Photography – Ant Grey (tracks: A), Tabitha Purwell (tracks: B)
  • Recorded BySteven Hughs (tracks: A)


Heartless Robot Productions is honored to release ‘Redux/Organ Grinder’, the Split12” vinyl release of two Western Australian experimental acts Abe Sada and Sub Ordnance. On stunning red vinyl with an insert, this 12” celebrates the potential of vinyl and bass!

Side A of this release features a live recording of Abe Sada performing at SpECtrUm Project Space in 2009 with 25+ bass players. The insert is the ‘score’ to this work.
Side B is an improvised studio recording of Sub Ordnance utilizing drums, chainsaws, ruined pianos, tone oscillators, motor driven bass and voice.

Abe Sada is an ever-changing line up of bass players who perform improvised bass noise according to a loose set of rules, led by Perth sound artist and composer Cat Hope (Gata Negra, Decibel, Lux Mammoth). Using players from different styles and backgrounds, acoustic and electric bass, Abe Sada keep it low and work towards concerts where listening provides sensation, as well as aural experience, and present their performances as more like art installations where audiences are free to move around the players to enjoy different perspectives. This recording is made inside a gallery space where 25 bass players are performing, when the audience were listening from outside.

Sub Ordnance is a drum and chainsaw duo that formed in 2007. Due to location and performance tool limitations (petrol chainsaw with out door spaces) their performances are rare. Live this act can be loud but seem to hold an unexpected ambience with in the structure of their set. With this release their approach focused towards experimentation through the recording process. Sub Ordnance explored the process of layered improvisations. Slowly building each 13-minute uninterrupted track with a multitude of various instruments and non-instruments to create textures and dynamics through out the piece. The recordings were made in unconventional locations and hold a strong DIY/punk aesthetic. Sub Ordnance features Chainsaw artist Karl Ockelford (Pahlemik, Swapmeat, Abe Sada) and Charles Chase (Thumb).