Above The Law ‎– Sex, Money And Music

Beatology Records ‎– none
17 × File, AAC, Album

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1 Intro 1:42
2 West To The World 3:15
3 Strippers 3:49
4 Playas, Gangstas And Ballers
Rap [Featuring] – Heather HunterVocals [Featuring] – Al Mac*
5 Still Smoking 3:35
6 Extasy 3:29
7 Ghetto Platinum
Rap [Featuring] – Hazmad
8 Life
Rap [Featuring] – Kokane
9 Ball And Never Fall 4:32
10 Push 4:41
11 Sex, Money And Music 4:12
12 Kaos Radio 1:08
13 Precious
Rap [Featuring] – Mannish Flats
14 Gutta
Rap [Featuring] – Kokane
15 Flippin' Birds 2:27
16 Cold Piece Of Work 1:30
17 Freak In Me
Rap [Featuring] – Heather HunterVocals [Featuring] – Al Mac*

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May 3, 2010

ABOVE THE LAW Sex, Money & Music released 2009

Ok so according to wikipaedia this ablum was actually recorded in 2002 but since i deal couldn't be worked out with their label it was shelved and released in 2009. I have to admit that being from the west coast i will always have a deep love for the slow g-funk type beats, and this album is full of them. One thing about ATL is unike alot of westcoast rappers , they dont sound like they r recycling the typical west coast sound, then definatly go out of their way to make the tracks different then anything u ever heard before.

1. Intro - Nothing special , but i guess it does help set up the rest of the album, nice mariachie sample

2. West to the World - Man this song got everything ,i can see why they made in the next song after the intro.

3. Strippers - ok this song is vintage ATL , with kokane on the hook , the beat sounds like a bay area hypthy type sound but the bass line on this track can keep u bouncin even if u cant understand what kokane is sayin.

4. Players, Gangtas & Ballers - This is one of the things that first attracted me to the music of ATL is coming from a dark place, and comming up. Ok so this song is a positive type rap one, not like the krs-one positive raps, but more like " i been there too" . And hey lets face it, sometimes positive music ain't all that bad.

5. Still Smoking - First thing i noticed about this is the smooth blues guitar in the back and a good trade off of lyrics during the hook. Goes good with all the other tracks so far, a bit more laid back and mellow. Not sure who the girl singing is , sounds like traci nelson.

6. Extasy - This track picks up a bit, don't know who i would really compare this too, mabey a mac dre type song. But when it's only 3 and a half minutes in kinda flows by.

7. Ghetto Platinum - Another track with that wah-wah type sounding guitar but with an old school twist on it, its a little bit faster of a tempo much like song 6, but more raw old school sounding lyrics. This one os definatly one for a top down beat up type day. Ends kind of quikly though the song fades out pretty fast during the hook, i would have personally draged the fade out longer, or let the beat go on and give the dj's something to F with.

8. Life - If you a fan of the Geto Boys album Ressurection then you'll love this track, alot like track 4 , has an uplifting positive feel , but not the cheezy type. But if your having a bad day , listen to this.

9. Ball And Never Fall - This track goes back to west coast roots, with the mc taking a cocky standpoint, in my opinion if a rapper can't do a track like this then they are not a real MC. I could see this song being a good show opener. They beat is like a heartbeat, the lyrics for the girls singing the hook don't sound as well thought out as the rest of the lyrics, sounds like something they threw in at the last minute, song would have been just as good without her singing.

10. Push - This song almost sounds like an interlude , it has kokane singing the hook, and then just talking during the verse, kind of reminds me of a 2live crew , where luke would never rap and just talk. And at 4 and a half minutes , leaves ya wondering whens this going to be over after 3 minutes.

11. Sex, Money & Music - The synth solo at the beginning of this song will bring you back to life after the last track. Not really sure hot the r&b hook goes with the rest of the song, the rapping makes u forget about that and makes you remember why these guys have been on the top of the west coast game for the past 20 years. You'll nothing the drums and the bass sounds like they wee mastered seperatly the dont really sound like they blend with the rest of the song.

12. Kaos Radio - Another Interlude, this one is only a minute and the girls voice sounds pretty hot.

13. Precious - This song has sort of a flip-mode squad feel to it, nice change up. Another one for the hot sunny day when u have the top down and the beat up. Has a nice smooth hook to it though with an uplifting type feel, definatly a more matured ATL song.

14. Gutta - Yes! some turntable scratches , first ones i have heard on the record.Although they sounds like part of the loop at first, Always a welcoming sounds to any hip-hop album. This beat had more of an old school sounds too it, probably one of the first ones they recorded for this album, sounds a little bit like older sounding ATL music, but if your a fan of their first albums then you'll like this one, they lest the beat breath for a bit and the end of the song , the dj throws in some more dirty sounding scratches.

15. Flippin Birds - Sounds like a Jello Biafra wanna bee doing the intro for the song, should have saved that for then end . I would say it takes away from the rest of the song with has a smooth flow and some tight raps with kokane singing the hook. Not really sure why they chose to end the song so quikly like they did.

16. Cold Piece Of Work - Another interlude but really shows the production and musical talent of the crew. Sounds like a mariachie type sample they used but its slow and mellow.

17. Freak In Me - This song has the quality of a songle for sure, Its quit common for an artist to put a track like this a the end of the album, if u don't listen to the cd till the very end and hear this track, then you're missing out.

If your a new or old ATL fan or a fan of west coat hip-hop , then u won't be disapointed by this album, if this were the days when u had to rely on what was in your 6 cd stacker, then this would definatly be in mine. Other then the track PUSH I would give every track 4-5 stars.

But the whole album it defnitly 4.5 stars out of 5

And that's my word

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