Acchiappashpirt ‎– Tola

Canti Magnetici ‎– CANTO 09
Cassette, C23


A1 Tola 22:26
B1 Nastro vuoto per le onde tue ai ricordi 0:00


A side/ Tola
Tola is the tale of a girl who discovers freedom through the frequencies of a radio. It is a desperate attempt to connect with a world that Enver Hoxha’s totalitarian system in Albania had shamelessly canceled, as if there wouldn’t be anything but Albania. Listening to the radio was forbidden (accessible only to a chosen few, namely those who supported the regime). This is a personal experience that recalls when I secretly turned on a radio and found some “foreign” frequencies. I couldn’t understand a word, but I heard life beyond Albania. I felt sucked in by the radio waves until I disappeared into the frequencies. A kind of metamorphosis from human being to a free pure wave without boundaries.
(Jonida Prifti)

B side/ Nastro vuoto per le onde tue ai ricordi
This B side is about my story before the definitive degradation of rural Italy towards early 80s consumerism. The track concept is to bring the listener to push the rec button, to fix the moment, to record themselves, to capture the radio frequencies as we did as kids during the tedious afternoons after the Sunday lunch, fiddling with our relatives’ stereo while they were sleeping. The listener is completely free to be part of the tape, to end up again in an era where freedom seemed something to be conquered on the field rather than granted from above. Luckily the doorway to freedom is still just a rec away…
(Stefano Di Trapani)

Limited edition of 50